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  1. Ok so I have searched for tips to rmove saddlebags, but I have not found any. I need to replace the rear brake pads and I can't figure out what all I need to remove to get the bag off? Any tips or suggestions????
  2. Hello all, In trying to help with bleeding of the linked brakes I bought a brake line with the bleeder from an '89 Venture Royale on ebay. It didn't come with a mounting bracket for the bleeder, and I can't figure out from the parts house diagrams what I need to mount it. Can someone take a picture or point it out to me on a parts diagram? I figure I may be able to find one in a parts or bolts lot that are listed on ebay. This is the line I have, bracket would be for the top end of the line. Thanks, Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good ride! Richard
  3. Sorry for posting here, but new to the site and trying to figure it out. I just bought an 06 Venture that needs a new kickstand. I was trying to post it in the Classified section but couldn't figure out how to post a new ad. I couldn't find a little button that said something like "post new thread" or anything. Any help for a noob would be great...and if anyone reading this has a kickstand in good condition they are trying to get rid of, please contact me! Thanks
  4. I purchased a set of E 3's last summer and love them. I have about 6,000 miles on them now and the tread still looks new. I am going from Ohio to California and back in August and will be about an 8,000 mile round trip. Trying to figure out if I should put a new set on before I leave or will my current set get me there and back safely?
  5. Both are 1977 models the blue one is mine and the red one a friend of mine. We still ride them quite a bit. This was from a ride we did last month. People sure can't figure out the 2 stroke street bike thing.
  6. I just can't figure this one out. My bike is going thru gas like crazy. There are no puddles or even spots on the ground. There is no gas in the oil. There are no wet spots on anything. I live 20.2 miles from where I work. I had to stop for gas twice on the way home yesterday. Temps were in the 60s with the sun shining. I get off work at 4:30pm. It was almost 11:00pm when I finally made it home. The leaves are sure getting pretty this time of year. I just can't figure out where all the gas went.......
  7. I have a 1996 Royal Star XVZ13 something. I cannot for the life of me figure out what bike I have.( XVZ13A/AC/AT/ATC/LT or a LTC. I have a service manual but I seem to be broken when it comes to reading the CODES or when to start or stop reading them. Under my seat above the little tool kit it reads... 4NK1-010 C Does the C stand for? Also confused as to why inbetween my VIN code it has a 2 inbetween the two parts. I guess I am actually trying to figure out if I have a California model. I can't seem to find any parts to make it California legal..thank goodness. I bought the bike used and am confused. Thank you all, and if more info is needed just let me know. Thanks All!!!
  8. Damn, I hate letting the dealer work on my bike. I prefer to do my own work. After some great tips here on how to replace my steering bearings, I thought it was a bit much for my knowledge base and tool box, so after a good deal from the dealer (350.00) I took it there. Three days later I go pick it up and WOW! What a difference. On the way home, I notice my modulator is not working, so I figure they moved the sensor under the tank. Upon further examination, the eye is where it should be, so now I figure they must have turned the switch off while it was apart. As I start looking, I grab the passing lamps and they move? They got about a half inch play in them. Go get a wrench to tighten and it's tight as hell, both of them. Sooooooo, I remove both bolts to find that neither one was in correctly, BOTH stripped, deep in the fork frame!!!! Damn damn. Once I split the faring, found indeed they had switched the modulator off and also ther is an electrical connection not plugged in and I have no idea where it goes too? The two holes for the passing lamps are totally stripped and is my supposed to be leaving for a. Two week trip to Fl next Tue. I do hope they take responsibility of it and fix it (just don't know how). I guess drill out the holes and install helicoils. It seems that the two brackets on the inner faring were too low and didn't allow the bolts to go in correctly so the mechanic just forced them. I cannot get them to raise and am afraid to crack the faring. I tried to pry them up a bit, but they hardly budge and it seems to,stress ihe faring. Damn, I'd hate to have to take the cage on vacation................... Just venting. Thanks
  9. Someone just HAD to send B2dad some new bling for his bike..at least thats what I call it. He calls it LIGHTS...go figure! (thanks Mike) Patti PS. they sure are bright tho! :ice_thy-vi101212101
  10. I really think that it's going to be nothing short of changing out my compressor cause everytime it gets up to the chosen pressure when it stops it then does a long expelling of air and I can't figure out what is making it do that. Just recently I took the whole controller apart and soldered the connections that were broken. Just what are some suggestions out there people.....
  11. I just got a text message from a member named John with a SC phone number that is stuck in Kalispell, MT with light isues. He has no acess to WiFi or a way to contact this site. Is there someone up that can call him at 843-251-7789 and see if you can help him figure out his light problem. I'm waiting for more info from him as to his handle and what bike he rides. Let my know if you reach him. Mike
  12. Ok Dano and Rose... Got her loaded up this morning and will be headed your way.... I'll get it to our place and figure out the rest of the trip... Thanks for all the help Wayde.....
  13. Here is the deal, had a customer come in , he is 5'3'' at best with a 28 inseam so he said , figure it was more like 26... anyway how much can a venture be lowered?
  14. For those of you who have trunk bags, I love to get recommendations. Thinking about a long trip and figure we. might need more storage. Looking for easy mount/dismount, rainproof and of course spacious.
  15. I've been out riding with some friends this week we covered 2800 miles in 8 days. Lets see who can figure out where we went with some pictures.
  16. Does ANYBODY know who has the trailer Aussie Annie used in N. America last year when she dropped it off in the state of Washington??? IH Truck Guy is in Seattle right now ready to get it IF we can figure out where it is..... You can reply here or call me on my cell at 317-370-0139 THANKS!!
  17. I've been working on the carbs and they seem to be coming to life. I was going to see if anyone local had a carb tune or similar synching tool, but figure I will need it again after I change my diaphragms later on down the road. The diaphragms are good but original so they will do for now. Thanks, Ray.
  18. I'm in the middle of trying to remove my carburetors. Its kind of tough getting the carbs off of the bike. I've got the owners manual and it really isnt much help. i figure one your threads can help, maybe with picture. anyone with any insight would be much appreciated!
  19. I am helping a friend get his 1986 Yamaha Venture up and running again. It's been sitting for 2 1/5 years. I need to remove the seat and for the life of me I cannot figure out how. It's embarassing but I just can't figure it out. Plese help
  20. My brother and I put this custom go cart together for my 13 year old Nephew for Christmas, he said, "Gee Thanks Uncle Earl, but I really wanted an XBOX"! Go Figure! Anyone want a screamin' BumbleBee Go Cart for Christmas? I'm so mad I'd sell it for half what it is worth! Earl
  21. Anyone have a left over 2ndGen OEM Venture line LED light bar template and wiring instructiions still laying around. Bought a NOS bar locally but the paper work was long gone. I could probably figure it, out and make a template, but thought I'd try this first....
  22. Kelly Wilson ( WilsonTAMU83 ) is in the Hospital under going tests for severe stomach pain, he went in to the ER Sat night and they are running every test that can to try and figure out what is going on, so far they havn`t found anything. please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers, and send a extra up for the doctors to be able to figure this out. Thanks,
  23. Hey All. Just purchased a 86 Venture Royale in pretty nice shape for a sweet price ($400.00 bones). I drove her home and knew the battery was questionable but i ran it dwn while messin with it? I cant even figure out how to get to the battery! Is there an easy way or is there any place on the bike to quickly jump the battery??? Tnx, RR
  24. I know I'm still a newbie here but I'm trying hard to fit in an get to know people. What i would like to see is an easier way to figure out were folks are from. I do not recognize many of the state flags or cities listed in folks profile or when they post. Is there something I'm missing or a place on this forum to go with a map an stick pin of peoples location. Trying to figure out who is close by my location and the places I would like to travel to. I have about wore out my atlas an my eyes trying to find this information. No i don't have a GPS
  25. I hope the bike turns out to be decent . Im going to check out an 05 RSV tomorrow armed with some knowledge picked up from the folks on this site , hopefully Ill be able to figure out if its worthy or just a dud. Wish me luck !
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