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Found 22 results

  1. I was looking at the front of my 2006 RSTD next to my 2009 Liner. The liner light looks SOOOO much better. Is there an aftermarket headlight assembly replacement for the RSTD? Any pictures of bikes with this done? Also looking for passing lights to match them. I was looking at the Yamaha lights and bar, but heard about power draw on the light bar as well as all the other options. Whatever headlamp I decide on, I'm going to get some passing lights that compliment it.
  2. Where can I find liner snaps for the EXO-900 transformer helmets? There are plastic snaps that attach the liner to the helmet. The receiver/female piece on several is broken. Replacing the liner will only replace the male part. I can not find any online. Any suggestions?
  3. well got the heated vest that is awesome, but now deciding whether liner is more practical or heated glove. Cost are apples to apples! So let me know what you like and why, inquiring minds want to know!
  4. Ok, summer is here. It hit 80 today. I bought a Scorpion textile jacket last fall and it does it's job well. I rode in temps down to 12 degrees with the liner in and it was warm enough at that temp. Take the liner out when it is between 40 and 70 degree range and that is great. But today........80! Not good! Been looking for a mesh jacket for a while for the upcoming hot days and there are a lot to choose from. Everytime I find something I think I would like it's not available in my size or sold out. I watch Motorcyclegear on a daily basis. I just want something that breathes and offers a fair amount of protection. Don't really need a rain liner as I carry a rain suit in the bag at all times. So I'm going to ask what are your comments on what you wear. That might help me narrow my search down a bit. Mike
  5. I'm thinking hard about adding another bike or trading my Road Star and I was pretty much decided on a Yamaha Roadliner or Stratoliner; but then I started researching the Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 and it's definitely in the mix now. I was just wondering if anyone has owned both or had a chance to ride both to compare them in power, riding position and comfort. I've been on a Liner a couple of times and would be happy with one but I'm understanding that the Vulcan gives a little more room to stretch out and a lower seat height. Anyone?
  6. ok.....just got back from Daytona.........i had to use my heated gear, gloves, jacket liner, pant liner.....what would cause the charging system to , at one time , to be showing proper voltage ( 13.8) with everything on....then later , voltage down to 12v...and then back up to maybe 13.2 ,,etc...and i'm not talking about the thermostat cycling off and on.....if i turned of the pants and jacket, the voltage would go to normal......gerbing heated clothes..and i have the updated stator.........the way i understand the stator, is that it's basically has "3 phases "...so , one could be acting up ?......what else...
  7. Bought the Gerbing gloves and jacket liner today at the MC Show in DC. I am so damn happy. I typically ride down to around 40 degrees with no problem but now can ride hopefully down into the 20's. I hope I don't regret not getting the pants liner but my legs are generally warm enough with my insulated pants. I hope to install them next weekend and finally get some more riding in this winter.
  8. When I was fortunate enough to win the $100.00 gift certificate for New Enough I needed another riding jacket. I ordered the Cortech Tour Master Mod Denim Jacket. Well it arrived today and it is nice. Armor in the back and arms and you would never know it's there. Removable liner and was able to order it in the tall size and it fits perfect. Thanks again Don for having the contest.
  9. Found this pix in Condor's thread...and it's a great one. You've got Wild Hair on the left and Black Owl on the right. The hubby and I were lucky enough to be on this trip with these two "old farts" :bighug:last summer out at the Cody Roundup. When I saw this picture....all I could do was giggle. So, give it your best shot....who's got the best one liner? http://www.cast-aways.com/codypics/IMGP2554%20(Medium).JPG
  10. OK...no pictures yet, but maybe tomorrow. Now some background. I love the size of the saddle bags, but the little rectangle depressions in each saddle bag are kinda useless and the RSV toolkit barely fits in there. So I thought I would see what I could do to make it more TOOL friendly and also less disruptive when I have my saddle bags packed. Here's what I decided to do with the RIGHT SIDE saddle bag to make it more organized. First I went to WallyWorld (no not my house...Walmart), and purchased a plastic tray (kitchen area)...which was 6"x15"x2"...I think it cost about $10. Next, I took the foam rubber liner out and traced it on some HEAVY card board and cut it out with a sharp knife so that I had an identical copy of the liner (except in cardboard). Then I velcroed the tray to the bottom of the saddle bag and butted the end up against the BACK of the saddle bag (actually not butted...I left about 1/8th of an inch)....so that the tray sat off centered and towards the back. I took my cardboard copy and laid it in the saddle bag and marked where the FRONT of the tray was located on the liner. Once I had it marked, I took out the cardboard liner and cut the liner along the mark I made for the tray. So I now have two card pieces...the back end and the front end. I cut another piece of cardboard 6" wide and 2" tall. (this was to be my hinge. I attached the small cut piece to the back piece with duct tape and left about a 1/8th inch gap and then attached the front piece and also left about 1/8" gap and again secured it with duct tape. Now I had a single piece of liner made out of cardboard that had a "step" or hinge towards the front. I secured the hinge so that it would be flexible and yet still strong by using more duct tape. OK...so now I am done with the liner and set it into the saddle bag OVER the long rectangle tray and then the front portion rested on the bottom of the saddle bag. PERFECT FIT!!! Now, to make it look better I had bought some trunk carpet at AutoZone and I cut a piece larger than the liner and then spray 3M adhesive over the top of the liner and then mounted the CARPET to the cardboard and pressed it all in place. It works PERFECTLY and takes up only a little more space than not having it all, BUT gives me a placed to "hide" my tools, gauges and other maintenance items I don't use that often. It looks MUCH better than the original liner and is much more efficient use of space (for me at least). I will add pictures tomorrow. Wally
  11. Haven't riden in quite a while, but the Nolan on the shelf was looking pretty ugly with bug juice remains and dust all over it. So not having anything fun to do for the time being I got out the can of Pledge and gave it the once over. Cleaned up well. Then I looked at the liner. Whew!!!!! Not a pretty sight. Lots of DNA laying everywhere. I'd never done it before but Nolan says the liner is removable for washing... so I did eventually get it out of the shell. Tossed it in the washer on gentle with a couple of towels. Came back a couple of hours later and dug the liner out. I wasn't going to toss it in the dryer... I ain't that dumb.... so shaped it close to what it originally looked like and set it aside to air dry. Some of the thin foam parts were chewed up on the edges, but not bad, so next time it's going to be a hand wash job. The labels were no longer black and unreadable, and it cleaned up pretty well. The hardest part was getting the liner back into the shell, but eventually I got it figured out. Next time I'll take a pic... Put the helmet back on the shelf, and lookin' good!!
  12. has any one tried or sprayed the spray on bed liner on the inside of there Piggy backer trailer??? Just wondering if it would be compatable with the material that the Piggy Backer is made from, I don`t want to turn it to Jello....
  13. Spent last evening in the garage installing the wiring for my newly acquired heated jacket liner, gloves, and dual portable remote on my VR and Ultra. If you saw an earlier post which I asked for input from all the heated gear users here, I ordered from http://www.warmnsafe.com/ I rechecked my connections this morning and went for a little ride towards Altoona, PA. ended up a 107 mile round trip on the Ultra. The air temp was 43 degrees as measured by the gauge in my fairing. At 70mph on RT99/220 I was chilled, turned on the jacket liner to full power and within several minutes I was too hot. Turned the knob slowly to 1/8 power and results perfect , with my feet out on the highway pegs, I was comfortable. The gloves at 43 degree where to warm when powered on even with the adjustment knob at the lowest setting. So they should be perfect when the temp drops some. The great part no bulky clothing. I was wearing a long sleeve t-shirt, heated liner, and leather jacket, chaps, 3/4 helmet with shield up. My riding season has just been extended! Now to take out the VR and see how the charging system handles the added electrical drain. Looking back, I should have made this purchase years ago....thanks again for the responses Regards Dave
  14. I bought a pair of these riding pant cause they were low priced ie:$50.00 and had alot of features. Like hip pads,knee pads, quilted removable liner, zipper for jacket etc. These pants are warm down to the 30s and lower with the liner in. The knee pads don't stay put well thou. right side stays for me left one doesn't want to stay over the kneecap. Material looks and feels good has extra heaver mesh on skid zones. Reflective piping is very bright and it had ankle zippers to help getting them off and on. All and all these are a good part time cold weather MC pant. They are bulky and alot of the stitching of little thinks like the liner stays and belt straps are weak.One belt side has broke already, I guess I can sew it back on. For the money, I think they are worth looking at if you just want a pair of warm and padded pair of waterproof pants in your collection of gear. That you can wear every now and then when its nasty out. I don't know how long the will last. But they are very comfy except for the knee pad moving around on you.....
  15. If any of you big guys need a jacket, I just placed a Fieldsheer High Temp 4XL jacket on Ebay, item number 120409437170. It is a mesh jacket that has very good air flow in warm temperatures and has a warm, waterproof liner that can also be worn alone as a jacket. With the liner in it is very comfortable down into the 20's. The jacket is in perfect condition and has been used very little. Here's the link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Fieldsheer-High-Temp-Mesh-Motorcycle-Jacket-4XL_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trkparmsZ72Q3a1205Q7c66Q3a2Q7c65Q3a12Q7c39Q3a1Q7c240Q3a1318Q7c301Q3a0Q7c293Q3a1Q7c294Q3a50QQ_trksidZp3286Q2ec0Q2em14QQhashZitem120409437170QQitemZ120409437170QQptZApparelQ5fMerchandise
  16. Today,for a Patriot Guard Mission, I rode over 220 miles in temps that hovered slightly above 20F. Never again am I gonna freeze my tail off like that on the road again! Ordered mahself a heated jacket liner and heated gloves within 20 minutes after getting home and thawing out. Now I have to figger how to make my scoot more safe/stabil on snow/ice.....
  17. Does anyone have experience with the Tourmaster Synergy line of heated clothing? I have a Warm-n-Safe jacket liner and I am not totaly happy with it. I am seriously considering a Synergy jacket liner and gloves and I would like to hear from someone with first-hand experience. Once it gets into the low 30's my Warm-n-Safe jacket must be cranked up 100% and it puts a real load on the electrical system. I've read reviews that indicate the Synergy works fine on low or medium settings. Thanks, Dennis
  18. I was wondering if anyone can provide any recommendations around a good full face helmet. I have been reading a lot about the value of a full face versus the 3/4 and I am thinking about changing. Some areas of concern for me: venting wicking material liner removable liner headset capable liner sun visors weight safety rating I would appreciate any recommendations or any links to some good helmet review info. Thanks:confused24:
  19. I just bought 2 of these jackets. 1 XL for me and 1 WLG for the wife. For anyone looking for a great 3 season all weather jacket, I would highly recommend it. Honda of east Toledo has them at their ebay store for $239 which is the cheapest I could find it anywhere. They list for $299. New Enough has them for $269. I got ours from Honda of east Toledo and would recommend doing business with them. Here's a link and no I do not have any financial interest in them or Firstgear.-Jack http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/FIRSTGEAR-Kilimanjaro-4-0-Jacket-BK-GY-LGT_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ6750QQihZ017QQitemZ270186931871QQtcZphoto Here's a rundown on the Jacket. The Kilimanjaro 4.0 jacket is the fourth generation in a jacket that has been a favorite among commuters and touring riders for years. The main things that set this jacket apart are the full-coverage 3/4 length design and the extensive storage built into the jacket. A 3/4 length style like this can provide great coverage from the elements, especially in cold weather. The main zipper of the jacket is “two way” meaning you zip it up normally from the bottom, but you can also raise a second zipper slider from the bottom which will help with comfort when sitting on a bike in the riding position (you’ll know what I’m trying to say when you try it out). The storage system on this jacket is fantastic. I count at least seven pockets, including large cargo storage pockets on front that have little organizing features built in as well. Plenty of room for all your touring needs. For cold weather, you get a removable full-sleeve thermal liner. The liner is a great design since it serves as a light casual jacket when removed. This dual-purpose capability is handy for those with limited packing space. Take the “View Larger Pictures” link above to see what I mean about the liner design. When the weather warms up, you can leave the liner out and use the zippered vents (two in front and one in back). For crash protection, you get a full set of CE approved armor. The armor is a combination of firm plastic covered in a soft foam material. It’s very substantial and should provide good protection in case of a fall. The back armor is a soft flexible “memory foam” type armor.
  20. WOW, New Enough has ladies Joe Rocket Phoenix jackets for the best price I've ever seen. I just ordered Debbie one as she likes the all mesh better than the mesh/leather that she has. It also comes with the waterproof liner too! Plus we get to donate a $1 to venturerider.org during checkout! http://www.newenough.com/ladies_joe_rocket_phoenix_3point0_jacket_page.htm
  21. Does anyone here ride with a heated jacket liner? If so, how did you run the electrical connections and what type/brand of jacket are you using? Since I try to ride to work when ever the temps are above freezing I'm thinking I could extend to those high 20's days with a heated jacket. What are your thoughts? Dennis
  22. Here in the Northeast it gets pretty cold but not always snow. I want to be able to ride all season as long as the roads are clear. What im looking for is a good quality garment. Gloves and vest or jacket liner. I want to be able to connect the gloves to the vest or liner or use the gloves alone. Last but not least I want to be able to adjust the temp so I dont bake myself. Tell me what you use
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