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  1. Does anyone know how to deal with the gear shaft when removing the stator cover from a 1983 yamaha venture. How do you remove the gear shaft in the bottom right and corner to take the stator cover off? Pulling hard doesn't seem to be the option because I am going to to damage the rubber boot from the shifter linkage.
  2. My 83 just started flashing the battery emblem when I start it up. After several minutes of running, the battery emblem goes out and does not appear until I shut off the engine and restart it. I'm suspecting first the battery, then the charging system second. How do I go about determining which is at fault? Thanks ahead of time for the help.
  3. And the hits just keep on coming. So the battery showed up today (thanks skydoc_17) and I put it in and she fired right up. Just as a double check since I was there I checked for charging voltage and I only had 12.30. I increased the idle and it only went up .2-.3 volts and the longer it ran the lower the voltage dropped. My background being with cars not motorcycles I'm asking here, where do you start with these? Is there fuses for the charging system on these or do I go straight to the regulator?
  4. Got my bike all put back together with the new stator today, still no charging voltage at the battery. Pulled the connector off the R/R (was smart enough not to bolt it back in place) and checked for battery power, ground and voltage. I have everything at the connector now and charging voltage went up to 125 volts when I ran the idle up to ~4000 volts. Everything looks good stator side and with battery power and ground at the plug I have to assume the R/R is bad. Just looking for verification that I didn't miss something before I order one.
  5. Looking for a Voltage gauge for RSV. Wanting something that mounts clean and looks good. Added heated jackets for me and the wife and want to keep tabs on the charging system while using them. Anybody have one on their bike that they love?
  6. Currently on my 84 I have a few lights added to the oem setup. I have: 1. the rear light bar which has 8 Baron mini twin running lights 2. a pair of 50 watt driving lights 3. a small amp for my MP3 I have the factory radio turned off. When I drive around with just the amp, the OEM lights & the markers on everything is good. If I turn on the driving lights on the charging drops below 12 volt at 3000 rpm. if I shut them off goes to 13.5. Obviously the light are too much for the charging system. I'm going to replace the bulbs from 2 - 50 watt to something lower. Can somebody tell me what would be the max wattage I should use?
  7. OK folks I want to go to the East TN to camp out next so I need to fix this quick. Back in March I started out to Norfolk on my bike got about 75 miles away and it stopped charging had the wife bring me the battery out of my other bike so I could get back home. Got back home and the bike was not charging took all the connectors apart cleaned them and the bike was charging just fine went another thousand miles and the bike was fine until I rode it to work one day and it was dead by the time I got to work. Charged the battery at work to get me back home, when I got home it was charging I checked the rectifier and it seemed to be a little out of specs so I replaced it with one Steel Horse Cowboy sent me (thanks again). Well today I pulled my trailer around for about 60 miles and I noticed at the red light I was not charging however when I turned off my driving lights it was charging again got it home and it was still charging but only about 13 volts. I have an extra stator (that Steel Horse Cowboy sent me) but I would like some confirmation before I dig into it. The voltages test fine when I have it loose but its not under load at that point. Thanks all and it sure is nice to be riding again. Joe
  8. I went to start my 07 RSV this morning, all dressed and ready to ride. Starter sputtered, making sounds like dying battery. End of ride. Bike has 33k on it. So here're the symptoms that I've measured so far: Battery open circuit voltage is 12.3 after trying unsuccessfully to start the motor. I put it on my charger, and got a green light after five minutes. Open circuit v now 12.8. I put the battery back into the bike and it cranked normally. I measured the v across the battery with motor running. At idle I get 13.7. At very high engine speed (no tach) I get 13.9. It never gets above 14v, and only varies between those two points, 13.7 to 13.9 at any engine speed. Book says should get above 14v charging, up to 14.5. Does this below-14v output, and the fact that it varies only .2v, point to a stator or regulator problem? Interestingly, I had a year-old battery fail, and also spit battery acid out into the battery box, some of which then dripped down onto my swingarm. It was a Westco. I suspected an overcharging situation then, but if anything, my charging output is lower than it should be. The new Yuasa that replaced it four months ago has worked flawlessly until this morning. I suppose the new Yuasa could be defective, but how odd to have two battery failures within four months? One suggesting overcharge, the other undercharge? Erratic Regulator? I'm checking connections now. Thanks for all help.
  9. I'm posting this for a friend. 83 venture standard. Bike was not charging the battery. Tested the stator, it was grounded, only getting 5 amps ac, average on all 3 sets of white wires, tested the r/r, it also tested bad with open diodes. He installed a new stator and r/r, both ricks motorsports parts, however he got them from dennis kirk. I don't know if they are the same parts that Rick on this website sells or not. The bike is still not charging. Volt meter reads 12 volts not running, when it is running, it drops to 11.5 volts. Even when running up to 2000 rpms, battery voltage does not go above 12 volts. Just for information; he has a gel battery. I thought I read somewhere that gel batteries do not charge like flooded batteries. Does anyone here have any ideas or something else to look for?
  10. Got my charging system working and did a 300 mile loop today to test it out and one surprise I got was that my fuel mileage had increased by 6 MPG. I did not know a charging fault would cause a decrease in mileage. Has anyone else noticed this? I plan on adding a voltage gauge or monitor later but in the mean time I bought a cheap battery/charging monitor form Advance and plugged it into my passenger outlet. Real easy to check when you stop at a red light.
  11. The charging system on my VR is not putting out like it used to do. At an idle the volt gauge would read about 13.8 v but now even at 5000 RPM it reads only 12.7 v. Pulled the stator and RR connectors apart, cleaned and greased them with no apparent change. Ohmed the three white wires and got .5 across any or all of them so that seems to be good. Have not checked them for AC yet though. Downloaded the Electrosport diagnostic chart through a link found on this forum but that does not seem to relate to my Venture. Refers to 4 wire colours but mine has only 2 colours - 2 black and 2 red. The RR looks like the stock one although it is still installed so can't see much of it. As I type this, it just occurred to me that the red and black pairs are coming from the RR but perhaps it is the wires on the other side of the plug that should be 4 colours. Never even thought to look. Can anyone who knows what I'm talking about clarify this for me? It's dark out and I have to go to work tomorrow so don't feel like going back out to check. I have a Shindegen RR to replace the stock one and am keeping my fingers crossed that the problem is there and not in the stator.
  12. I installed a Battery Bug voltage meter along with a new Deka battery on Friday last week. When I installed it the Battery monitor told me it was at 100% capacity. I keep it on the Battery Tender all the time. This morning when I went out to the garage it was reading 99% and I took the bike for a short ride and now it is down to 97% but is reading 14.2 volts charging. I'm wondering if this is normal or if there is something wrong? I installed a new high output stator two weeks ago as well. Is this normal? Or should it say 100% for quite a length of time before it begins to tell me that the battery capacity is going down or could I have a charging problem? Thank you for your comments and help. Chris
  13. I recently bought an O'neal Tirade bluetooth Helmet from Racers Edge in California. The bluetooth is built in so that drew me to this helmet. It uses the Blinc III system. I ordered an xxl helmet and I got an xl helmet in an xll box so I sent it back. They paid shipping. I got the second helmet the other day and went for a ride on a very windy afternoon. Here's my initial thoughts: FIT: It is an XLL and I have a big head. Fits nice and snug and the cheek pads press a bit on the cheeks. Not too bad but perhaps with some wear I won't notice it. NOISE: Very windy today and very little wind noise inside the helmet. I was impressed. SINC: Very easy. I have an Android. Phone: Called my wife and she heard me well and I heard her well. When a phone call is received it only comes through one speaker. I received a call while I was riding and the person seemed to not notice I was on a cycle. It was a telemarketer so I didn't ask her how I sounded! MUSIC: I had Air1 on my phone and it played well through the speakers. I need to get some mp3 songs on my phone. I noticed the speakers plug into the charging unit so a person could easily upgrade the speakers. CHARGING: The plug for charging is under the lining at the back of the helmet. Not real convenient. I do not know how long a charge will last. I guess it depends if you are listening to music or just using it for phone use. OTHER: You have to learn how to use the side button to get to the menu you need. I haven't used it enough to figure it out. INTERCOM: It does have an intercom and you can set it up for a rider. I don't have a rider so I don't need a second helmet. Overall: Well, so far so good. For $240 shipped I was willing to take the risk. It it a sharp looking full face helmet. If you are thinking Bluetooth you might look into this helmet.
  14. ok.....just got back from Daytona.........i had to use my heated gear, gloves, jacket liner, pant liner.....what would cause the charging system to , at one time , to be showing proper voltage ( 13.8) with everything on....then later , voltage down to 12v...and then back up to maybe 13.2 ,,etc...and i'm not talking about the thermostat cycling off and on.....if i turned of the pants and jacket, the voltage would go to normal......gerbing heated clothes..and i have the updated stator.........the way i understand the stator, is that it's basically has "3 phases "...so , one could be acting up ?......what else...
  15. With the key off I have power to the clock but as soon as I turn the key to the on position I lose all power. I was having problems with the charging system and I was told to check the plug between the alternator stator and the voltage regulator for burned connections. I accidentally tried to start the bike before plugging this connection back together and it made a weird buzzing sound and that is when this whole loss of power when the key is on problem started. So Now I need to fix this problem before I can finish repairing the charging problem. Does anyone have any suggestions? Where to start? I'm kind of at a loss on this one. I tried searching the forums for a similar problem already posted but wasn't able to find one.
  16. Actually looks pretty cool. Might come in handy for folks who are pushing the envelope of their charging capacity. http://www.webbikeworld.com/r4/dispatch-1/
  17. I ride my bike every week (2004 RSV); in the last couple of months my battery has lost juice and won't crank. As we speak I have it on low charge. Advance has checked the battery and says it just needs charging and nothing is wrong with the battery itself. The battery is two plus years old. Any ideas out there. When I crank up today I will have jumper cables with me but that ain't the solution.
  18. yooper needs retifier for 1990, already put in new stater but still have charging issues HELP yoop
  19. Ok I have a situation with my charging system. Let me see if I can properly explain the problem. Recently I replaced the voltage regulator with one from electrosport. This is what my system is doing. while riding home from work at night I can see the head light, passing lights, and tail and running lights fade like they are only on battery, and then with in 3 seconds brighten back up to normal charging. it oscillates like this mainly at least as far as I can tell at higher speeds and in top gear. Does anyone think that this is just a bad regulator or my stator going bad? Please help! Jet man
  20. I just installed the Argus Battery Bug and it works great. 100% battery capacity and voltage reads between 13.7 and 14 while running. Drops down to 13.2 when parked. At the same time I disconnected my Signal Dynamics charging indicator to be replaced by a digital meter. Here is where im seeing differences in the charging rate and where my questions lie. As stated, the Argus is showing full charging. This gauge mounts directly to the + &- side of the battery for a direct read. The digital gauge is wired to a ground and the + lead is tapped into the ignition wire under the fairing. This is where im getting a lower reading from the digital gauge. 12.9 while running down to 12.2 fully loaded with all switches and lights on. Yet the Argus BB shows the charging volts at the battery in the 13 range. Did I do something wrong here? Why would there be such a difference in readings? Is there a better place to hook up this digital gauge other than the ignition wire? Its the pink with yellow striped wire. My driving lights are also tapped into this line. Help!!!!
  21. After all of the charging system woes I had over the last year I thought they were back after a 6 month hiatus. My Signal Dynamics idiot light starting to indicate (by color) that I was only charging in the 12v range and if I switched on my driving lights I was in the 11 range. Here we go again, or so I thought.... Today I pulled the seat and with my trusty DMM attached, I had 12.98 off, 13.82 at idle, 13.94 at 3000 rpm and with full accessories turned on had 13.56 at 3000 rpm and 13.48 at idle. Sooooooo, im gonna toss that idiot light and try and find a better meter. Im looking at the Kisan but the cost is putting me off. Maybe a Battery Bug will do.
  22. Is there a differance between the 83 and the 86 charging systems? Is the rectifier/stator interchangable? How about coils? Are they the same?
  23. I am back from Mexico, and the bike performed well- except my sticky thermostat. I pulled it, blocked the radiator with a heavy cardboard, and learned a lot about the bike's performance. My earlier issues of the stator not charging in heavy traffic- gone! At least on my bike, there is a direct relationship between charging voltage and the temperature displayed. For example- when the temp of the engine gets close to the red line- the voltage dropped to 12 volts. When the engine runs cool- the voltage is 14 or more. As the temp climbs- the voltage drops. When it runs hot for a while- the bike stops charging, and it is hard to start if I turn it off. So- Is there an alternative to a 180 degree thermstat? My bike likes to run cool! And a cooler T-stat may give me more wiggle room to the overheat condition in heavy traffic. Thanks!
  24. After I put the battery back in yesterday I did a static Current draw test. It's pulling about 3.3 milliamps with everything off. Then I hooked it up, started it and did a voltage test. Seems like the thing is charging at 13.92 volts at high idle and 13.88 at low idle. This was before everything warmed up. Does this sound about right? I thought it sounded a little low but I believe that's what it's put out since I checked it when I put the new battery in it about a year and a half ago. I'm going to check the connectors on the regulator and clean if necessary but I just wanted to find out what others are getting. Thanks:sign20:
  25. My passing lights are set to be off with the headlight on normal. They come on with the high beam selected, which is rarely used with my driving. Is there an easy way to change this so that the passing lights are on all the time? Could this contribute to a charging problem? How do most of you run them? Thanks. Jdix
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