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  1. I just wanted to say how much I love this site. It has become an addiction. When I first get get up in the morning, when I get home; and before I go to bed; I have to check to see the latest posts. I know you are saying; this woman has no life. Yes, that is true, I have no real life. However, this web site has brought me many hours of enjoyment. I have made many new chat friends, and had a bunch of fun. I just wanted to say that. I love this place! Let's ride. Peggy:7_2_104[1]:
  2. We may not be rich, but I am blessed in so many ways.
  3. The response to the ad I stuck on Craigslist about Olivia has been really interesting.. Lots and lots of inquiry's, some just responding to say - "COOL BIKE", couple comments of "YOU ARE ASKING WAYYYY TO MUCH MONEY" and some along the line of - "cant believe you would sell it so cheaply - gotta be something wrong here".. Typical stuff I guess.. The most intriguing though have been two in particular.. Both of those have been folks who just sent their phone numbers and asked me to call,, which I did.. Interestingly enough, these gentleman, one in California and one in Michigan, seemed a little squeemish about the integrity of Olivia's history... As a result of that, I have been on an internet crusade to discover the real Olivia, trying to accumulate info supporting whether or not her previous owner had the military history as I was told... Being the sort of person who normally looks for the "silver lining" within dark clouds, I wasnt surprised to find myself actually enjoying the process I am going thru in this research.. That silver lining turned to gold and I about spit my coffee all over my puter screen as I read thru the online Obituary that I discovered while researching the deceased owners history... I was humbled and honored as I read thru the accomplishments this gentleman presents.. I gotta admit though,, even though it was only a mere gut feeling that told me that somehow Olivia was gonna show up within George's obit,, I was NOT surprised to find this to be the case!! To know from experience and being around her that to know her is to love her and the soul of that love can run very deeply!! Deeply enough that she could even find her way into the sacred obituary of a WW2 Vet who obviously loved the time he spent with her!! RIP George!! George Flemming Obituary - FRASER, Michigan Its fun swimming in the pool of life where giants have swam,, hope ya enjoy it as much as I do folks!! Puc
  4. Question: when do the love bugs come out in fl.? Found it: *late April/May , late August/September and December. Planning a trip in March and do not want to hit them in peak season.
  5. Hoping you enjoy our day together here in Vegas! Love ya.
  6. May Peace and Love Be with you all year long. Be Happy! [emoji319][emoji319][emoji319][emoji319][emoji319][emoji319][emoji319][emoji319][emoji319][emoji319][emoji319]
  7. Guest

    MSF Course

    Hey, Started the MSF course last night, and gonna be there all day today and tomorrow. I've been riding since I was 12 and am still learning stuff... LOVE IT! Just want to encourage anyone out there who hasn't taken it - get it! Cheers,
  8. Saturdays forecast.....56 degrees and sunny....gonna go for a ride ....Road salt ? thats why they invented a hose to rinse it down with.....YA HOOO !!!!!!!! " I LOVE GLOBAL WARMING"
  9. I would love for Sleeperhawk to have this! [ame] [/ame]
  10. Taters and myself wish you all a blessed holiday season filled with love, happiness and prosperity....MERRY CHRISTMAS
  11. Hope you are having a great birthday Mike and I hope Shirley is being good to you. ps: Linda says love and miss. Hope to see you soon. pss: She also says "Mike, isn't it nice to be younger than our mates"....ha ha. psss: She also says "Sorry about that Shirley", forgive me, love Linda. (She made me do it) RandyA
  12. :cool10:I am thankful for the wind in my face, the road in my rearview, and freedom...... I love you guys have a great day....
  13. I have an issue with my '86 that I believe is either the TCI or a Pickup coil. What I'm looking for is a know good TCI to borrow to troubleshoot my bike. I dont want to necessarily buy it, but borrow it to see if my issue goes away. If someone has a good TCI from an '86 to an '89 and is willing to let me borrow it for a week, I'd love to chat with you. I'll obviously pay for shipping both ways, if someone can help me out please PM me....Thanks
  14. Anyone that is interested in a biker friendly spot going donw Hwy 36 I can highly recommend West Of The Brazos. Its a great little joint in Damon Texas http://www.westofthebrazos.com/. Good little stop if your cruising down to Freeport for the day. I love their burgers and a cold beer! Check em out next time you head out that way!
  15. My grandsons got to see my new toy today and they are all over it...........I may have a problem in a few yhears............like who goes and who stays................
  16. Better Half would like armrests for long vacations. Anybody have armrests on your RSTD? Any suggestions. I have seen a product online called Love Handles. Anybody know have this product? Thanks
  17. To my Sleeperhawk. You are my partner, my sweetheart, my confidante, my adviser, my comforter and friend. You are my quiet place away from the rest of the world. All the stars, moon, sun and each and every beautiful thing of nature remind me of our relationship, our love, our romance, our chemistry. Each and every moment of life is like a celebration with you. Nothing in this world could ever be as wonderful as the love you’ve given me. You make my days so very bright and just right, just knowing you are my true love. I am glad that I am able to share my life with you. You have made my life complete. Always and forever … that’s how long I’ll love you. Happy Anniversary, Honey!
  18. Hello all, new to the forum and the cruiser world. I have been riding crotch rockets for all my life, but due to recent surgeries that is now over, and I can't be any happier. I MUST ride, I love it to death, and I am so happy to have a big ol cruiser now. It's a world of difference in comfort and style. Freebird said I shouldn't disclose my age though. I am now the proud owner of a 1996 RSTD. Got it for a great deal and the bike is flawless. But I have encountered an issue. I have been searching the forum and believe I have come to the r/r connections, but I just cleaned them and I am having the same issue. The problem I am having is that on occasion when I started the bike, the speedometer would bounce around and lights on the cluster would flash while revving it up in neutral, but would run at idle like the electricity is dying. From my previous ownership of bikes, I immediately ran out and bought a battery, charged it, slapped it in and same issue. Then listening closely every time I would cycle the key, I would hear the main relay, kind of "fizz" if you will. Searched the forums again, and determined that I needed to clean all the battery/ground connections. Did so, still same issue. So then I bought a new main relay, and replaced it. and everything was awesome for about 4-5 days, now the same issue. Every time I did something I could ride the bike for a day or 2 and then my little gremlin came back. Now I cannot ride it at all. . So anyone have an idea, I'd love to hear it. I have attached an image of my new love, also have attached a picture of my exhaust, anyone have any clue what type of pipes these are? The PO put them on, and I bought it from a dealership.
  19. Jack may get upset with me doing this - as often he is a very private person - but "we" all are family and I would ask if we could make a moment for he and his family. I received this e-mail from him this morning: Dear Friends, Last evening at aproximately 8 o'clock Nadine lost her battle with liver cancer and peacefully passed on to a better place. We were married for 45 years, and she was the love of my life. In passing she was surrounded by family and friends. Memorial service will be held on July 21st at Trinity Life Center, Sacramento Ca. More details to follow.. Jack Barbara and I send our love and prayers to you and your family, Jack. May Nadine rest in peace.
  20. Not sure why there is one on the bike. I hate hitting it while riding and would love to disarm it. is there a way to do this? I can understand more so on maybe an ATV or something. but why on the venture? please make me understand this . If you crash/fall off or something , why couldn't you just turn the key off? I myself would love to just disable it. has anybody done this ? Darn thing is just in my way. seems about as useless as the cassette player. thanks, Jeff
  21. Back on November 4th 1967, two very young people decided to tie the knot. I was blessed to marry the magnificent Nadine I. Templin, and she remained the love of my life for the next 45 years. Wife, Mother, Teacher, Councilor, Friend. Last night she lost a battle with liver cancer, and there was nothing I could do to fix it. She was surrounded by family and close friends, and slipped away peacefully. She’s now in a much better place, and God has inherited a mighty warrior of the Gospel. Rest in Peace Sweety, I love you…..
  22. So .... Having completed the IBA SaddleSore 1000 on my XS750, I am in desperate need of something comfier ... Mrs Twigg is all for this idea I found This: http://i1092.photobucket.com/albums/i418/twigg2324/1986%20Yamaha%20Venture%20Royale/IMG_0465.jpg It has done 56 000 miles, and has a few issues, mostly cosmetic, but not all. It needs some love, and I shall give it some. It needs minor things in the main, but they add up to quite a bit of work, so I will be busy.
  23. Got a bit fed up waiting for the Bub's - they'll be 5 weeks at least. So went to my local chrome shop. These are Highway Hawk universal slip ons. They do them longer too, but as he had these in stock, I thought for the price, £110, I'd give it a go. The bracket that comes with them is long & adjustable, so that bit was easy, & they just slipped on. I love the sound! I will post a video on you tube of a drive by as soon as the rain stops. I'll also try to post a video in the right section. Meanwhile here's some pics. http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p567/treecol/002-1.jpg http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p567/treecol/001-3.jpg
  24. that I may be going to work as a salesman at our local MC dealership... IF you are a praying person please pray that I will get this job IF it is Gods will...This would be a dream job for me.. The $$$ is good but not important at this point in my life, it's finding something that I love to do... I love MC and people associated with them so this could be a great fit.. I have been semi-retired but I find that I have to much time on my hands, I've worked all my life since 13 so it's hard to go from working to not doing much.. so I need something that will keep me busy...thanks in advance for your prayers and support
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