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  1. Cheers, lots of good advice as usual. I'll do a search on ebay & see what I can buy. At the moment it's the only 'annoyance' but only minor!
  2. Do any of you over here in the UK have any idea how to change the radio so I can pick up Uk channels? My '08 Venture was imported from the US new. So far I can only recieve the odd channel very badly. I know that Dobels Honda change the US import Goldwings, but they won't spill the beans! Thanks if you can advise what to do.
  3. treecol

    new pipes!!!

    [ame] [/ame] I hope the link works as I really don't know what I'm doing!!! Got these as a temporary sound fix!!! Really pleased with easy fitment & sound till my Bub's arrive. Highway Hawk universal slip ons.
  4. Got a bit fed up waiting for the Bub's - they'll be 5 weeks at least. So went to my local chrome shop. These are Highway Hawk universal slip ons. They do them longer too, but as he had these in stock, I thought for the price, £110, I'd give it a go. The bracket that comes with them is long & adjustable, so that bit was easy, & they just slipped on. I love the sound! I will post a video on you tube of a drive by as soon as the rain stops. I'll also try to post a video in the right section. Meanwhile here's some pics. http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p567/treecol/002-1.jpg http://i1156.photobucket.com/albums/p567/treecol/001-3.jpg
  5. Are there any pics with instructions for how to remove my screen from my 2nd gen, on the site? Did a search & can't turn anything up. Don't want to snap anything!!! So I'm asking the experts!
  6. Really apreciate all the help, this is a great site. I'll shop around now i have an idea what will fit & will post pocs of whatever racks I end up with & perhaps & "how to" for any adaptations. Big thanks again guys!
  7. A really big thanks to all of you here. been asking lots of questions & you've been so helpful. Great forum to be on
  8. I had a look at the bulbs the front are double filament, the rear are single. So are your turn signals on all the time on the FRONT only, whilst the REAR only flash when you turn & then are off? If that's the case, I can look for the wiring as I obviously have the right bulbs. Thanks for all the help so far.
  9. Thanks, that's exactly what I was trying to find. Not a bad price either. Much apreciated.
  10. The opposite!! Sorry perhaps I didn't make it clear - I want the turn signals on all the time - as they would be on your bikes in the US.
  11. Done that, only comes up with trim rails. Maybe there aren't any for the Venture...If anyone has any for other bikes, I'd apreciate advice. Thanks so far.
  12. Could do with the manufacturer if anyone can remember who does them. Have done a search & nothing came up.Think we may have to move to the States, everythings better over the pond!!Cheers.
  13. When my bike was imported new to the Uk, the turn signals had to be changed so they only flash when turning & then are off. But I know from your bikes & my previous 'Wing, yours are on all the time. Do any of you know how this is done? Is it by the wiring, if so where would it be, or by a special bulb or something. Greatful for all your knowledgeable help.
  14. Where do those who have saddle bag racks get them?? It is hard in the UK to source good parts & so far can't find any. Was hoping for tubular ones to match the rack on the trunk. Thanks if you can assist.
  15. Ordered my Bubs just over a week ago, aparently, they are making them and it'll be another 5 weeks at least before I can get them. But I will report what I think & hope to do a youtube post of the sound.
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