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  1. I always use Google to search out answers to my mechanics problems. Because you allow robots to scan your forum posts, my answers showed up at the top of the page.
  2. I need to make sure the engine is not seized first. Once the pistons move again I will look at the carbs. Yes, I would like to get ahold of that video and the info on having the carbs rebuilt. This is naturally not an overnight project. Winter is around the corner and am hoping for a very cold season. Keeps the bugs down. I'll work on the bike as I can. I want to thank all of you for your advice and thoughts. Thanks again.
  3. Looks like my next move is to take out 4 carbs and either replace or rebuild them. After that, I'll take off the cover plate and make sure the engine can turn over by hand. I forgot to mention the bike has not been started in 5 years, so I'm glad the starter didn't work.
  4. Saddlebag, your right. The gas is coming out at the back of the engine between the pipes. I am assuming that RDawson post "Could be catastrophic" and Marcarl "no small issue", meaning it could catch fire when trying to start it? I've never had a problem like that yet. LOL, but there's always that possibility. I don't know if the motor is ceased up from sitting. I will pour in some Seafoam in the spark plug hole before I try to start it up next.
  5. I bought an old 1988 Venture Royale 1300. Put a new battery in it and tried to start it. The instrument panel went through it's check and the only error I saw was a bicycle pump still on. I am sure that means the compressor is bad. I made sure the kill switch was not on and pressed the start button. No start, no sound, nothing. I do hear the fuel pump come on every time I turn the key on and it leaks like a shive from between the exhausts, but there is no solenoid clicking nor is there sound from cranking the starter. I will keep at this till I get done restoring it. Any help pointing me in the right direction, would be very much appreciated.
  6. Welcome to Venture Rider. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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