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  1. Looking for local hobby Venture mechanic in Western Michigan that can replace a starter on a 2007 RSV. Thank you for your help.
  2. So after having a bad experience with a local shop trying to tune my carbs by ear, I decided I would tackle this myself or hopefully with some fellow VRs. So understand this, I have no mechanical background and am clueless on this. Im leaving to Colorado with my 83 first Gen in August (last week) so will be hitting this quickly. My thought is to try to do all at once. So I was looking for help from here to create a checklist of things to do. 1) first on the list is the new TCI from Dingy. After reading many post it seems like this would be a must an because I felt like some of my bikes symptoms are related. Plus it sounds way better than the possible diodes cording in the 30 year old OEM. 2) I believe it sounds like it would be wise to replace the "sliders and diahprhams" in the carb. Sounds like I need 4. Is there a current best place to order them from? 3). Plug and remove the 4 boxes of the Ycis ports. This one is still hooked up. 4) Skydocs's needle shim kit. Question is do I order 4 kits or does 1 kit take care of all the carbs. 5) sea foam of coarse. 6) I guess new plugs are in order since I have been doing the sea foam. Any recommendations what kind. Long story short, the bike ran good before shop adjusted carbs other than lower mpg. Some of the list is preventative maintaince and if I'm there might as well do it. Any suggestions would be great. I'll be ordering a Carbtune too. Last thing, anyone know someone in the Southwest Missouri (Branson) area that could mentor this process on the day of. I would certainly make it worth while. Or possibly someone wanting a Branson vacation :-). I dont care care about popping wheelies but would like to know of this "power". Mainly wanting better mpg. Good thing is there is no fuel leaks on the garage floor after riding it. I have some pro video and photo equipment and would love to document this process for other noobs like myself. Then I'll be filming my adVENTURE to Colorado too thanks in advanced.
  3. Well, just got my 83 First gen back from a local shop and the whole ride home I've been sick to my stomach. I took it in for oil change, spedo replacement, and to synch the carbs. He said that the carbs are mechanically synced and that wouldn't be necessary. He did say he adjusted the screws to smooth it out. Boy now I'm messed up. This thing went from running 80% good to 45% good. Feels like it is missing or even possibly fouled out. I can't take it back till Monday but I feel like I messed up by allowing them to work on this carb. I described the synch tool with the four liquid levels but apparently that didn't work. I hindsight I should of ordered the new tci that Dingy sells. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how I can communicate to this shop on Monday and if there is anyone in the southwest Missouri area that I can hire to get the carbs back right. Trying to be patient. I'll look in the morning to see if something came unplugged or what but I pulled it out of the shop like this. On top of that they had it for a week and a half. Thanks. P.s. It has ran great for several years now but always felt like it was only on 3 cylinders after doing the cold start test with the occasional back fire through the carb. But even the. It ran better than this. I was getting about 26mpg. So in hindsight it might just be the tci.
  4. has anybody replaced the stem (top and bottom) bearings on an 1800 GoldWing. I understand that is being done to Trikes because the factory bearings don't hold up to the triple tree revision. Is this a job for a real mechanic ? me being just a play mechanic
  5. I don't know what else to do. My 98 Royal Star keeps pissing gas out of the overflow tubes. I cleaned it, put new jets, new needle valves/seats, and it still pissed gas. I finally got so frustrated that I took it to a local mechanic and he said the floats were way off, charged me $280 and I thought that I was good to go. NOPE!!! I live three and a half miles from his shop. I don't own a trailer and my buddy that does was not available so I rigged a 1L jerry can up thinking that would catch enough gas for 3 1/2 miles. NOPE!! I had to dump the can three times, so that is 1L of fresh out of the pump that day gas per mile! The mechanic has had it for a week and he called me yesterday and said that they had the carb bank on the test bench and hit it with a heat gun and the gas was boiling at 104 degrees, making the floats drop, and pissing gas again. He does not have any solutions. I have no idea where to go from here other than just put the bike up for sale. I WILL loose my ass if I sell this bike not running. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated!!
  6. The pickle picker upper. My wife is tired of me borrowing her pickle picker upper. Anyone know of a mechanic version of the pickle picker upper?
  7. I have read some much and learned a ton on this site. I live in the Metro Vancouver, BC area and have 99 RSV suffering from leaking forks. I have them out on the floor and have purchased all the replaceable seals, bushings, oil, as well as new progressive springs. Now work got super busy for me so I'm worried about getting the forks rebuilt in time for riding season. Yes, I'm a little intimidated too. Does anyone know a decent mechanic that can rebuild these for me so that I can get them back into the bike in the next few weeks? I don'd mind paying, I just want it done right since it was quite a bit of work getting them out and I have no desire to do it again. Much appreciated! Peter
  8. Does anyone know of a good mechanic in the Denver area who can install progressive springs in my 1987 Venture Royale?
  9. For those that read every post, you'll remember that I got STUCK up in Custer, SD last weekend because I was having issues with my 2009 Venture. The rear wheel was "creaking" or "clicking" when the bike was in motion. I got several great responses here and some from friends regarding the possibilities of what could be going on back there. In the end (no pun intended), I decided NOT to chance it and called my brother in Arkansas to come after me with the trailer (only 2nd time this bike was ever trailered)...so 20 hours later...he shows up in Custer, SD. He got there at 2am on Saturday morning and we set the alarm for 530am to leave back for Arkansas for another 18 hour drive back home. Once I got home I took my bike (not to the stealer), but to my regular bike mechanic who is also the one that put on a new set of tires the month prior to my trip to South Dakota. Here's what I found out (remember I am not the most mechanically inclined person)...but evidently Yamaha sets their rear ends up differently than other bike manufacturers and their "alignment" process of the rear wheel appears to be "sloppier" than it should be. My mechanic kept saying he didn't know why they didn't use "dowels" to help in aligning the rear wheel (by the way, that's all greek to me). Anyway, he stated there is even a technical bulletin (see link or attachment below) that explains the problem and gives a solution. My mechanic also told me that his contact at one of the larger Yamaha Dealers in Arkansas told him they have even seen (heard) of this "creaking" on brand new bikes and also bikes that have never had a rear tire change. I am posting this so that others that may or may not have this problem can find it easily. I hope this helps someone else. Here is the link to the bulletin. http://www.arkansasbiker.net/Service_Info.pdf Wally
  10. I'm coming up on 28k miles and need to get my valves done. One local stealer quoted me $700 just to do the valves. Any one know a reliable / honest mechanic in the central ohio area? I've wrenched on a lot of bikes but this valve train is something i don't want to do by myself as I've never done one. Thanks Zinger
  11. Can anyone help me with finding a good mechanic close to Columbus, Ohio who can get my 1987 1300 venture royal started and running and road ready. It has had a lot of work done to it and has a new TCI, but the current mechanic is tired of working on it and I must pick the bike up. pls contact me if you can help, I can be reached by email. jgsmith_57@yahoo.com Any info you have would be helpful and welcomed, Thx in advance.
  12. Anyone have some experience with this bike? Local Yamaha mechanic bought one and is wild about it. Whats it like? Iowa Guy
  13. We had a great time, no bike accidents that we know of. Great seeing the familiar faces and several new ones. Quiet a few of us stayed at the Season's Inn, the owners were very nice and biker friendly. They had fresh bike towels every morning, allowed us to party outside with no complaints, but we did pack it up by 10pm. Taz, your apple cider was a great hit. Slept like a baby. Honey Bee (used to be Warrior), well what can we say, between the bees knocking you down and Honey Buns chasing you, we're just worried you may not make it home in one piece. Ken, thanks for letting me test ride your bike with that Vmax rear end, when I get the money I will be switching, dang what a difference in the ride. Pete and Joel, great meeting both you. Joel can teach all of us how to keep that 2ng upright scraping pegs, not to sure Mechanic wants to lean like that though. Pete, sure did like the way your Vision lit up at night. Sling, Peggy, Konnie, Eck, Riderduke, TC it was great being with all of you again. You all Ride Safe Mechanic will have pics up by tomorrow. P.S. No, I did NOT leave the Mechanic at a gas station this time.
  14. Yamaha of Cucamonga I have read many posts about “stealers” and how they aren’t all that good. Well I would like to give the highest kudos to Yamaha of Cucamonga. I recently rode coast to coast with Run For The Wall. We depart from Rancho Cucamonga on the 18th of May. I got to Rancho on the 16th for registration and visiting new friends. Well the RSV was running like a turd, well maybe not a turd really but it was running really badly. I would have to increase the RPMs to 3000 just to get it to move. This is my first 2nd gen so I thought, although strange, maybe this is just the way it is. So on the 16th of May as we were driving in traffic I thought I’d just increase the idle and see what happened. Nothing happened still a turd. I started looking for a dealer and found Yamaha of Cucamonga. I took the scoot in and was told that it was firing alright on 1 and 2 but 3 was only hitting about 25% of the time and 4 was cold, not firing at all. The mechanic, Bill, did a carb rebuild and cleaning. He found clogged primary jets and missing O rings in the 3 and 4 carbs. Once he completed the carb rebuild and took it for a test ride he identified the fact that I had modified the air boxes which screwed things up there as well. Well after spending $450.00 and leaving happy, 5 hours later, we feel the money we spent was more that worth it. The Venture didn’t miss a beat for the next 6,500 miles of our trip home. We probably would have wound up beside the road somewhere had I not gone and gotten the problem fixed right. Oh yeah, one more thing, Bill saw my blocked off AIS and told me that the Venture wouldn’t backfire if it were tuned properly, it hasn’t back fired since he complete his work on it. It back fired all the time before he worked on it. If you are ever in So Cal and need a good shop, go by and see Jay Conaway, the owner, mechanic Bill Colvin and the guys at Yamaha of Cucamonga. P.S I will only take it to a Gold Star mechanic.
  15. A few years ago I met a bike mechanic who only worked on ventures,lost his name,but if I recall he lives outside Edmonton and just worked out of his garage,does anybody know his name or how to contact him,thanx
  16. Restoring an 86 XVZ1300 and am having trouble finding someone who will work on a bike older than 10 years.
  17. The mechanic straightened up, wiped his hands on a rag and asked, "So Doc, look at this engine. I open its' heart, take the valves out, repair any damage, and then put them back in, and when I finish, it works just like new. So how come I make $40 k a year and you get the really big bucks when you and I are doing basically the same work?" The cardiologist paused, smiled , leaned over, and said.........."Try doing it with the engine running."
  18. Long story short, a licensed mechanic was fired at a bike shop that I had my neck bearings replaced and forks serviced at not long ago, by that mechanic.. All this came to a head after I had to remove the fuel tank from the bike this weekend to change my tach. He had so badly cross threaded the tank side mounting bolts that the shop owner had to come over and fix the threads on the bike so that I could re-install the tank to the bike.. no joke, the level of incompetence of a person to have to use that much ham fist torque to munge up those bolts.. my gosh.. I mean seriously, what is the thought process of that person as he's forcing those bolts in?? So badly munged were the bolts that they were BENT.. After a closer look, several other things were noticed not done right. The shop owner had fired the licensed mechanic for incompetence and other problems.. unfortunately my bike was one of the last bikes he'd worked on and now I'm worried. The shop owner, a much respected person for his upstanding character, without hesitation assured me he'll do what is needed to get my bike sorted out if there happens to be a problem with it.. One problem I discovered is that the air valves at the top of the forks point to the sides instead of to the rear of the bike.. I'm not sure if this is a very BAD thing, or just an annoyance thing. The shop owner said he would take the bike in, sort that problem out and check for anything else that might be amiss... Question is, does it make a large difference if the air valves point to the sides or to the rear? I can still get an air pump line to them.. there's enough room.. I feel bad for the owner, that one mechanic almost sank his shop with such incompetence..
  19. I am looking at a 1st Gen Venture Royale, 1990 model, but it is out of state and I have been communicating with the owner. Everything was looking good until he mentioned the air compressor was disconnected (or not working) and some small cracks in the fairing, but offered to take some pictures of it. Well, the cracks don't look small to me and they don't look like an easy fix. I talked with a M/C mechanic who does alot of VR work and he felt, without seeing the pictures, that being plastic versus fiberglass, the only way to really fix it and look good, would be to find replacement parts. The mechanic I talked with had seen the bike and rebuilt the carbs and other items, but the owner didn't want to pay for the other items to be fixed. So, the mechanic doesn't know the cause of the compressor problem, and therefore can't estimate the repair. I am attaching the pictures, I hope. Can anyone tell me what would need to be done to fix the fairing or compressor? If nothing reasonable is available, I may have to walk away from this one. Thanks for any input!
  20. Here are the pics taken by Sleeperhawk Mechanic, not too many http://s7.photobucket.com/albums/y262/venturerider/Sleeperhawks%20Mechanic/2010/Sleeperhawks%20Mechanic%20N%20Georgia%20Halloween%2020101030/ As you will see, tuns of curves, by the end of the day, I am tired of curves, need some straight lines. :rotf:
  21. Here are the pics by Sleeperhawks Mechanic, not many. http://s7.photobucket.com/albums/y262/venturerider/Sleeperhawks%20Mechanic/2010/Sleeperhawk%20Mechanics%20BBQ%20Lexington%20NC%202010/
  22. Anybody ever have a new stator put in, the mechanic breaks something, and then you have to pay for it???
  23. Ok I have been all over this forum and I am more confused than ever LOL. I am looking for a decent tach for my 99 RSV. Simple hook up as I am no mechanic and price worthy. Any suggestions out there for me? TIA guys you all rock.
  24. Well, I still don't have it mounted but I did pick it up and look at it AGAIN. I just hate to try to act like a mechanic on the weekend, maybe tomorrow ?
  25. My brothers father-n-law (Bill) has an 07 Midnight TD. He called me and stated that his bike was getting hot. Very hot on his legs, almost unbearable. Since then he spoke to a Yamaha mechanic about what he had. The mechanic asked if he made any changes recently. Bill informed him that he switched his oil from Yamalube to Rotella T 15-40. The mechanic said that, the oil was his problem. Today he changed the oil back to Yamalube and said that it is no longer running hot. So basically he states that the heat was coming from the lower end of the engine. I know many folks on this forum use oil other than Yamalube, so have anybody had this experience before? I am running Rotella in my 07 TD, and have not noticed any issues.
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