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  1. I have read the posts on turn signal issues but I am looking for flasher relay and not finding it. Left side upper fairing ?????? Any one, thanks in advance (1989)
  2. Did the member list go away with the old site ? I've looked every where, can't seem to find it but then I have a hard time finding the floor on occassion - ‹(•¿•)›
  3. I need some of your expertise. I have looked through the site and on the net and I can't seem to find anything definitive on where I can get a set of driver floorboards that will fit the Mk11 (86-93). There must be a a model or a means to fit boards to the Venture. I do have a set that fit the Mk1 but these project into the space required for the chin. Finding these on EBay is near a miracle. Does anyone have any experience on a "universal" set or a savy means of adapting a board set meant for a goldwing etc. to fit? Thanks guys!
  4. I was sold these as going on a MKII 1st Gen bike and since I have a MKI as well I can verify it goes to neither... any help out there with finding their proper use? http://www.bergall.org/temp/venture/floorboards/mc1.jpg http://www.bergall.org/temp/venture/floorboards/mc1a.jpg http://www.bergall.org/temp/venture/floorboards/mc2.jpg
  5. I never thought id be saying this but life style changes have caused me to look for a sidecar.... ive really like the hannigan styling... but finding one used may be a problem..... any other suggestions???
  6. RJD

    Avon Venom

    Well I was changing the oil and decided to replace the rear tire. Someone mentioned recently that Avon was replacing the Venom. Is that available yet? Thats one question. Another is, where is everyone else finding the best price. I want to get it ordered soon. thanks, Bob
  7. I think that any MKII parts bike would be ok for my 91 VR. I'm just wondering if besides finding another 91 VR if there might be a priority in prefered MKII years. Like would a 92 or 93 be better than one 90 to 86? Then in the 90 to 86 are there certain years that might better than others?
  8. I need help finding replacements for the four hard rubber round washers that mount between the luggage rack and the trunk lid on an 08 RSV. I removed the rack to do some power polishing and the washers seemed to have grown legs and walked away. I have checked every local hardware store and those they have are either too small/large, or wrong strength and curl up on edges when tightened. Local dealer says I will most likely have to order another rack just to get the washers. I don't think so! Any help is greatly appreciated.
  9. Please I need everyone's help in finding my ride it's a 2008 Medium gray Yamaha Royal Star Venture with a Hannigan trike kit. Last located in Ga. Here is a picture of it. Please help. :080402gudl_prv:in finding it for me. A reward may be offered. :rotf::rotf:
  10. Does anyone know where I can find a T bar handle to put on the trunk of my trike? I've seen them on others, but can't remember who had them or where I can purchase one or two. I want to change out the lock on the trunk and would like to install a T Bar handle instead of just a lock. Any help would be appreciated! thanks Don
  11. Decided to replace the speakers in the '91. Got a set of 4" 3-Ways for $23.00 at Wally World. When I pulled the grills this morning and the left grill came out in pieces. I think I can get by for the time being, but I don't think this grill will last too long. Any help finding a replacement will be appreciated. Y'All Ride Safe... And have a good 4th.....
  12. Hi guys, Nice forum! I am a new Venture owner and loving it! I just picked up a Gen 1 VR (86) and I could use some help finding a part. Overall the bike is in great shape but it was dropped by the previous owner and caused some fairing damage. http://www.raymondstacy.com/vr1.jpg I have spent the last few days checking Ebay, CL, Google and I haven't had any luck finding the piece. Any help that you can give me would be very much appreciated. Ray
  13. Quick question. Where do you guys buy basic parts such as air filters ? ('99 RSV) Just the OEM will be fine. Having a little trouble finding them here in Aust. & sounds like a fair wait for them so may as well order them from overseas myself. Tony
  14. For those that need it, here is a form that may come in handy...... I gave one, to my previous superviser today, after finding it......
  15. I posted a while back that I needed a favor of someone living around Bend Oregon. Well I had someone that responded via text. Was willing to help out. Then I got a text from someone else that contained a phone number. The sending number was blocked so I have no idea who it was from. The phone number has led to me finding my father after a 23 year absence. Whoever sent that text, you are an GREAT PERSON!!!! I owe you a debt that I can never repay. I a not even sure how you knew what I needed. Shaun
  16. Restoring an 86 XVZ1300 and am having trouble finding someone who will work on a bike older than 10 years.
  17. Imagine finding this guy in your deer stand.
  18. Tried to search for this already, and didn't find any threads on this subject, so forgive me if this topic has already been discussed. Headwraps / doo-rags I am finding in my old-er age, and in this VERY hot southern Alabama summer, that I am sweating a lot more under the helmet. I am typically outdoors 6-8 hours on my ride in the heat of the day (yes, I am drinking plenty of fluids). I have never been one to wear any type of headwrap before, but I am finding I need something to soak up a good portion of sweat. I can literally lean over and it looks like a waterfall of sweat pouring out of my helmet. So my prerequisites are: 1) soak up sweat, and 2) keep head somewhat cooler. So what do you prefer / suggest? Will the basic cotton work? Or would I have to keep 2-3 in my bags to wear each day as one gets "full"? What do you think of the Dupont CoolMax products? Any specific brand, vendor, website you would recommend? Thanks in advance for your inputs.
  19. Finally got bike back from shop after replacing front and rear pulleys and drive belt on my 2000 Road Star. Boy do I miss my 87 Venture more and more!Have sunk more money and downtime into this bike in the 2 years I have owned in than the 7 years that I had the 87! Still looking to repair the87 but not too much luck in finding parts or parts bike--every time I do it is gone before I can contact about it,,then I hear that someone finds one really cheap later. I do have a line on a few parts but they are in North Bay and may have to take a ride on holidays to get them.
  20. I am having trouble finding a thread on here (there probably is one and I apologize for not finding it). I am going on Sunday to look at an '88 Venture R that I would really like to buy. Are there any suggestions on what I should be looking for as far as trouble signs? I do like to tinker to a point, but want to be able to confidently ride the bike right away this summer. Thanks! Todd
  21. Can some one help me with the part No for the radiator plugs I am having trouble finding it in my manual and (where dose:confused24: one look?)
  22. OK what do I tipe in to find out more about bub Exhaust. I know there is more on hear then what I am finding in search . Bub Exhaust.
  23. Today I've been invited back for a second interview, drug screening and possible job offer for a real job back in my field of expertise, Facility Maintenance Management. I've been out of that field for a while (10 Years) being a self employed sub-contractor and have been actively seeking to get back in the job market for the past two years. I don't mind telling you that it has been rough for me over the past few years like it has been for so many others and many of us. Being at this stage of life with an abundance of experience but no Degree it has been a slow process finding a job in my skill level. Most all jobs even the most basic unskilled entry level jobs require a degree to be considered. Those of you with children emphasis the importance of a college degree. I have been close to my economic collapse lately facing loosing my house and the possibility of being homeless. It has been so disheartening that emotionally and spiritually I have been finding strength in my faith that things would work out in God's time. I can see providence at work since this job would be a perfect fit for my past experience and desire to find a position that would allow me to do meaningful Dragon Slayer work. This facility is an Assisted living facility for medical rehabilitation and hospice patients. This job would mean so much to me that I am asking for all of the prayer and crossed finger action I can get in hopes that your sent hopes and prayers will help make it happen.
  24. the rear tire off the bike. in another thread i posted about finding the rear tire flat and finding a pop rivet in the middle of the tread. i have to wait until next week before i can order a tire, so in the mean time i could do a carb tune, but i don't want to put the tire on & then off again when the new treads come in. Has anyone done this or should i just wait. dale in La
  25. Can you all help me with finding a good GPS mount for my RSV? Maybe pictures of yours. Thanks
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