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  1. jfoster

    Bell Mag 9

    Has anyone tried one of these helmets and your thoughts?
  2. Hello Everyone: Very pleased with Bernie and HER staff at Precision Cycles in Denver yesterday. We drove 4 hours one way to find a cycle store large enough to offer several different selections of "IN STOCK" helmets and accessories. The entire staff was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about their large selection of products. We purchased new MATCHING Nolan N103 helmets with intercoms. We will likey be a repeat customer!
  3. No, not the hard way, I just did that but as a result I really should replace my helmet, so I'm thinking helmets are tested to see if they meet DOT standards, but how much more can they handle? I realize there is a point where it doesn't matter how strong the helmet is, 'cause you're going to be dead. A $60 helmet and a $600 helmet both meet DOT standards, all I've found so far is that the more expensive helmet is going to be quieter, more comfortable and may (or may not) fit better. Someone who wears a helmet when he/she has to to cross state lines for a couple of hours will buy the cheapo one, I'm more interested in protecting my noggin best I can, so is there a study which actually compares fail values for various helmets so that you can see whether you pay for the name, or if a specific helmets actually has better protection value along with comfort and fit. :scratchchin: Oh, I'm thinking a modular if it will allow me to put it on and take it of without having to remove my glasses (titanium frame)
  4. So, I have had several helmets hooked up on the wall in my garage. One set of black helmets have been in the same spot since 2003, when I got rid of my black 83 1st gen and bought my 99 silver. The last week I have noticed this tiny bird coming in and out of the garage. Sitting outside today, in between getting the garage set-up to get back to working on the bike in earnest, I heard a loud chirping coming from a tree outside the house. The bird seemed to be stressed about something. I just happen to glance over to the black helmets on the wall and notice straw coming from behind the helmet. I go over and look closely. Sure enough, the bird is building a nest in both helmets. I go inside and leave the garage door open. In about 10 minutes, said bird made a dash for the helmets. So, it looks like im going to have some new garage mates for a bit. Ill just leave it alone, but I thought its all pretty cool. Sorry, I cant take pics of it. My New Fuji Camera wont work with my Mac and until I find out why the Mac keeps rejecting the pics I cant download any here. Wonder whats gonna wander into my garage next........
  5. Anyone out there have a five pin headset they want to part with. I have a 2004 Venture R/S and too many helmets and not enough headsets. My newest helmet is a full face. Give me a price. Thanks.
  6. I have a Shoei RF-200 helmet with a slightly scratched C-10 clear shield. I'd like to get a new shield, but Shoei and Shoei dealers no longer carry replacements for helmets over 5 years old. In fact Shoei removes all FAQ's for helmets over 5 years old from their web site. I can find NOS tinted C-10 shields but the clear ones I can find (currently) are C-10A and the mounting tab seems to be slightly different. Does anyone know if the C-10A shields will fit where a C-10 is in use?
  7. Web Bike Worlds article on customer satisfaction for helmets seems to show 'you get what you pay for'. Having owned HJC, Nolan, Fulmer and Scorpion, I guess I fall into that category. The scorpion is by far the best I have worn. What do you think? The report is linked on the right side or click here.
  8. Has anyone tried AFX helmets ? I am looking at model 140, a new flip-up helmet. They are all on back order. Can get one for $116. On SS, so don't have the money for a new Nolan 104. tew47
  9. I saw this when I was checking out the link provided about the 12 cycl motor in the other thread. There are more cool bikes and helmets etc at the bottom of the page too. I kind of liked the Jaguar bike http://www.xoxobook.com/automobile/awesome-motorcycle-concepts/?utm_source=wahoha.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=wahoha
  10. Looking for some used youth helmets for 6, 7 or 8 year olds. Anybody have any laying around that are in great shape? Put a price on them and I will consider. Thanks
  11. I am planning a visit to UK in April / May next year. Primary purpose is to meet my first grand-child, who is due in a few weeks. We will be staying in Midhurst, Sussex, and Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire areas. Can anyone point me to a place where I could rent a motorcycle (and helmets) for a few days while we are there? I would love to ride to Bath, Bristol, and Cornwall. Thanks for any suggestions!
  12. I had been looking to get helmets with headsets so that the wife and I could take advantage of the VR sound system. I was wanting to go blue-tooth but anything decent was going to be a small fortune. The forum suggested looking for Goldwing helmets on Ebay or CL. I have been looking but finding helmets in the right size wasn't working out. A friend bought the Parrot SK4000 for $46 on Amazon. I did a search on here and found 1 post. This little device is perfect! I ended up buying one for each helmet. Installation was a breeze. The sound quality is very good but it really shines when talking to someone. I'm cruising down the road at 65 and they never even realize that I am on a bike. It has a remote or uses voice commands. Other than a software bug with automatic gain control, it has worked perfect. It even has a radio. In addition to blue-tooth support, it has an analog input port for my GPS or Ipod or whatever. Now if the wife and I want to talk, I just call her up on her phone. Most of us have unlimited minutes so its no big deal. I love the thing. I especially love it for $46! http://www.raymondstacy.com/parrot.jpg
  13. I just ordered a Bell shorty helmet from Competition Accessories and would like to know if anyone has anything to say about them. My Fulmer shorty has fit well but is needing to be changed due to age. I bought a Scorpion last fall but it fits terrible. For the $50+change to get the Bell (includes freight) I thought I would give it a try. I used Bell helmets in the 60's for drag racing and motorcycles but I am sure they are owned out of this country by now.
  14. If you are riding in a State that does not require you to where a Helmet, how often do you wear yours? Before anyone gives me the rant about how stupid it is to ride without one, I know it is unsafe and unwise. We wear ours unless it is uncomfortably warm with it on. We LOVE the free feeling without them. It's also safer to wear full face, but we choose the half helmets because we don't like the enclosed feeling of the full face. We don't see very many riders with helmets on when it is warm out - except for those on the Crotch Rockets. They are usually in full face and full leathers &/or body armor, even when it is 100 degrees!! I don't know how they do it. craigr
  15. Took a couple unused helmets to my cousin in Mapleton IA(he just got a bike, but no helmets). So from Lincoln NE to Mapleton IA and back taking the best roads we have here, it totalled about 340 miles. I know that isn't as much as some of you ride but for me and my bad back that is a HAUL. My girl had no real complaints either but we will see how we feel tomorrow. As we were pulling in the garage I notice a noise coming from the rear...creak,creak,creak... thinking it's the pins that everyone talks about. Not happy that it has an issue at less than 2500 miles... but debating if I should just do it myself or let the dealer have at it. I really don't like the dealer here at all. I just hope the pins is all it is. Great day here for a ride! Frank
  16. Greetings ! I am in the process of buying two Nolan N-102 helmets for me and my wife to use on our trip to the USA this coming June. Saves me the extra luggage bringing our helmets from Iceland. I want to have Bluetooth in the helmets but am not sure what to get. Here in Iceland I have the Nolan Bluetooth device in my helmet and it works pretty good apart from that the speakers are lousy to say the least when you play music from the Zumo but I have loaded some music files into the device. Maybe the problem is the transfer of music data from the Zumo to the bluetooth device ?? The GPS and the phone on the other hand has very good sound quality and people I speak with on the phone can hardly believe that I am riding a motorcycle and speaking with them on the phone. Was wondering if any of you have a bluetooth set that would fit the Nolan helmets and has a good sound quality going wireless. I want to be able to be hooked to my GPS, being able to talk to my wife (the other helmet) as well as answering the phone. Is this possible ? Can both helmets answer the phone or can only one helmet take the signal?? Any advice on the bluetooth highly apreciated Would like to avoid going with wire hookup. Friendly regards, Jonas / StarFan
  17. http://www.motorcyclistonline.com/features/122_1103_the_merits_of_helmet_use/index.html
  18. Need a helmet? 2011 Motorcycle Helmets cops hate I never cease to marvel at the Free Enterprise System. When a product reaches the point where it's nearly impossible to improve its functionality, someone will still come up with a way to make people want to ditch their old one and get yours.
  19. Just ordered 2 new tires and 2 new helmets from Motorcycle Superstore. Almost the last thing we "needed" before our 2700 mile ride trip this summer. Got the Dunlop Elite 3 for front and rear...and the HJC IS-33 helmets in Wine to match (as close as we could) the Black Cherry '06 RSV. $495 for the total order ($130 ea/Helmet and $102 front/$130 rear). Not sure if it's a good price but I couldn't really find much better anywhere...free shipping and no tax though...so that helps.
  20. I'm looking at getting a couple of new helmets for the wife and I. We usually wear half helmets. We would like to start using the headsets since we have the RSV. This is the helmet we like that the stealership has...I like the flipdown sunshades...Anyone have experience with this or suggestions for another one like it? http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/1/1/38/6973/ITEM/Scorpion-EXO-100-Solid-Helmet.aspx?WT.ac=SLIsearch Thanks!
  21. I get weekly emails from Motorcycle Gear (old name was New Enough) and they have a great sale going on for new HJC CL-Max Helmets for $64.99. This is a full face, flip up helmet. I bought one for the hubby last year and it's a nice helmet. Just wish I would have gotten that good of a sale on it. Anyway....just wanted to pass along a great deal. I tried to copy and paste it here but to no avail. Website is: www.motorcyclegear.com Deb
  22. If there is, I'd like to ask for a little of your knowledge. Our son is just starting out airbrushing on motorcycle tanks, helmets, etc, and has asked for a couple of items for Christmas, but I'm a little confused and need your advice. Thanks, Deb
  23. Has anyone compared the two models? I have it narrowed down to those two choices. With the price at my dealer they are about the same price so that is not an issue. We will use it to listen to music and intercom. We have the HJC IS-33 helmets, I believe they are called 3/4, have the flip-down face shield (not modular). Thanks! Picture of our helmets: http://admin.helmetharbor.com/Images/StoreImages/2/51644_3.jpg
  24. I purchased the Sena intercom last week and installed them onto our helmets. They seem to work well. My problem is I prefer to wear earplugs. The helmets speakers are ok but, to much wind/road/engine noise. Can I retrofit a set of earbuds? I think it would be the perfect solution. Intercom with ipod quality sound.
  25. I need some help here. I just bought new matching helmets for the wife and I. Don't remember the brand right now. We used to wear those little beanies when we rode the "slick97spirit" (honda shadow, hence the screen name) . Anyhoo, the wife has always complained alot about helmet itch. With the new and safer 3/4 helmets she is really complaining to the point of wanting me to trailer on our trip to Myrtle Beach this summer. Says she is not sure she'll be able to take it that long. Surely there is something that can be done. I've tried everything I can think of. I've bought several different types of doo rags, both cotton and polyesther and nothing seems to help. I know someone on here has dealt with this at some time in the past and found the cure. I guess I can just tie her on, turn the intercom down to 0, and take off.........
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