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  1. I am planning a 'sickle trip for next summer. We plan to ride from Illinois to Niagara area then to Adirondacks, Vermont, Quebec, Maine, New Brunswick, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, etc. and back home. About 3500 miles. We plan to camp every night except if it is raining or very cold, then Mom and Pop motels are preferred. I have obtained state highway maps from all the states we will be riding through except for New York. I've spent considerable time online trying to get an official state highway map from New York, but the links
  2. As many of you are aware, I have a 1986 Venture Royale. I use it for personal daily transport (yeah, it goes to Walmart), for pleasure rides with my wife on the back, and for Long Distance Riding. I am not alone in this, not even on this Forum where there are several contributors who do the same or similar. It occurred to me that there must also be many who think "Mad sods! Catch me doing that!", and others who actually like the idea but are not sure what is involved. LD Riding is not for everyone but there may be some wondering what it is like, and how they can dip their toes in t
  3. OK does anyone know of a good place to buy tires in Canada:snow2:. I am getting tired of getting ripped off for the price we have to pay up here in the great white north . I am planning on getting a set of Avons for my 07:thumbsup2: I will gladly order from the USA but most places can not be bothered to ship to Canada:confused07:
  4. Ever since I bought my bike it's had Samson pipes on it that are on the LOUD side, I pulled them off and put the stock pipes back on and now can hear the engine and road noise Things sure are quiet! I do have a little chirp coming from the clutch area, I don't think it's the whine so many complain about. Were planning about 3000 miles with the International Rally being the start and thought it would be nice to actually hear the radio and CB without having to wear ear plugs all the time.
  5. Anybody planning on going to the Moonshine (IL) lunch run this year?? http://moonshine-run.com/Moonshine/ Frank D.
  6. Are any of the Houston members planning to ride motorcycle escort for Wreaths Across America (Houston Link). It is next weekend, 12/10. SCHEDULE 6:00am Staging Begins at Wal-Mart Porter 7:00am Safety Briefing 7:15am KSU 8:00am-8:15am Arrive at Houston National Cemetery I've ridden this the last couple years and am planning to make it this year too. Here's a video from last year. I'm the guy about 2/3 of the way through in the right channel. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c38DciT3IWE]Wreaths Across America Houston Patriot Guard Escort 2010.mp4 - YouTube[/ame]
  7. The wife and I have an opening of sorts and are throwing together a trip out to California for 3 weeks (roundtrip). We have a son attending school in Berkeley and we will tow our bunkhouse "pop up" as our hotel. Time constraints and getting the businesses set are making planning difficult. Just not enough time. We are planning on leaving East Texas Friday and head??? I wanted to hit Utah and pick up an extra wife or two. I will have to play that one by ear....but seriously, I did want to head north as the weather seems to be okay at the moment. I will play that by ear. A friend in Color
  8. I am planning a visit to UK in April / May next year. Primary purpose is to meet my first grand-child, who is due in a few weeks. We will be staying in Midhurst, Sussex, and Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire areas. Can anyone point me to a place where I could rent a motorcycle (and helmets) for a few days while we are there? I would love to ride to Bath, Bristol, and Cornwall. Thanks for any suggestions!
  9. I am planning to do the LSCT this summer and I think it should be easy to do in 8 days, counting the day to the Circle Route from North Central Illinois and the day spent going home from the Circle Route. IOW, I think we will spend 6 days on the Circle Tour. I am interested in your experiences on this Tour (on a motorcycle, of course). We (Deb and I) don't plan on making any "Iron Butt" runs while on this trip. I am currently planning for the longest day to be 265 miles from Marathon, Ontario to Grand Marais, Minnesota. Any suggestions for places to stay and for places to eat and for places
  10. Canada Day is this upcoming Friday and is a HOLIDAY for the Great White North venture riders. Any one planning a day ride?
  11. Tentative plans are to leave NorCal early Friday morning, the 22nd, and overnighting at the Motel 6 in Wendover Utah that night. The next morning heading to Cody via Rock Springs Wy, and getting there late afternoon. It'll be a couple of long days in the saddle, but you can collapse and recouperate all day Sunday... Anyone from the area planning on doing the trip are welcome to join up. Breakfast will be at Brookfields Resturant I-80 at the Madison Ave exit in Sacramento....
  12. I was wondering if any VR members were planning to attend A friend and I are planning to head up from Columbus OH early Saturday morning He is getting a new camper and I plan to get a few things as well Weather permitting B&F Specialties Open House Feb 20 - Elk Grove Village, IL My contact info is in my profile... Dave
  13. i am planning a ride in june for walkins glen. n.y. if some one can remend a motel in that area. like in or near ithaca,n.y. planning on week of 6/5. any one like to ride with us or around the area more than welcome.leaving from salem,ohio:backinmyday:
  14. Well I am positive that my bike will be fully operational shortly. I will tool around here for a bit with it then take a nice long trip. Now being as I have a few variables that I cannot control the date cannot be set yet. But I am planning on making a trip to southern Kentucky around mid summer. A few questions, how do I find and either print or load into my GPS the help/ coffee break list? Do members mind a rider just calling up saying " Hey up for a cup of Joe?" I don't, but I am a little off my rocker. When putting this into my GPS (the tom tom from a previous thread) I found that it wi
  15. I was wondering if anyone is planning to attend either of these swap meets on the 16th and 17th of April. http://www.washingtonvintagemotorcyclists.org/WVM_Swap_Meet_flier-1_2011.pdf http://www.classicbikeswapmeet.com/swap_meet.html If the weather is good my buddy and I are planning to take the bikes and attend both, if the weather isn't cooperating we are going to cage it. My lovely wife says she will join me for her first bike ride that weekend! I'm excited!!
  16. So call me crazy, but I've had this '06 MV for two months and I want to go for a nice long ride. My wife's niece is getting married on May 5th in Detroit Lakes, MN, so I'm trying to plan on leaving Carlsbad CA on Friday April 29th, have to be back to work on Tuesday, May 10th. Up I-15 north to somewhere in Colorado or Wyoming or Montana and east-northeast to Fargo/Detroit Lakes. Any ideas, comments, psychiatric care, or whatever is appreciated. I figure it's about 2K miles each way, planning on about 500 per day. If the weather that area is currently getting continues, it's probably not g
  17. A few of us are planning a trip to the Badlands, Rushmore and some Wyoming riding (or anything else around there). But we are wondering about the timing of our trip. We plan on leaving July 22-31 and the Sturgis Rally is going to be from August 8-14. Will we have any difficulty getting rooms from July 24, 25 and 26? Opinions? Also...we had planned to stay in Rapid City, SD and use that as a "staging" place for all of our day trips. But after looking at the map, I am thinking that Custer, SD would be a better staging place...they have motels and it makes the southern part (badlands, Wyomi
  18. North Atlanta Trade center... I had hoped to set up a meet and eat and ride to this event, but things have been nuts at my house / work lately (not a bad thing, just a thing). Anyway, anyone else planning on going tomorrow? Supposed to be sunny and low 60's in the afternoon. The wife and I are planning on going for a while in the afternoon. A link to the venue-show
  19. I'm beginning to plan our next big ride for next summer. We're planning to make our way to Eugene OR and take 5 or 6 days to ride along the coast to Monterey CA. Does anyone have any suggested routes or must see places that we shouldn't miss. We'll probably travel in July. Thanks, Dennis
  20. Hello Anyone,Everyone, Etc.... Whoooo Hooooo!!! I am planning a " Bike & Hike " to the Florida Caverns in Marrianna Florida. November 6th. They have some Hiking Trails on the property which I am planning on Hiking, as well as the 35-40 minute tour underGround. I will be taking US-90 west all the way. It is actually a nice ride, and will pick a different route for the return trip. Probably leave my house in Bryceville at 7:15 am ( If I can get my Night Owl wife outta bed ) meeting my friend ( Rodney C. also rides a 09' Venture) in McClenney Florida at the gas station next to Hardee's, on
  21. Planning to ride out to the Dragon in late Sept and spend about 6 days out on the road. IF anyone is interested in riding along or meeting up please post here. Dates can be OPEN but, as of now, my vacation starts Sept 25 for a week. Now, also I would like recommendations on where to stay and what to see in the area including NC/Tenn/Va. I am interested in Riding the Dragon of course but, also want to ride the Blue Ridge and Cherolaka Hwy, as well as any other recommendations here. I dont think I want to spend all the time right down the street from the Dragon (hwy 129) as I know there are a l
  22. Anyone have one laying around they aren't using and might like to sell cheap? I have a really old Baron's tach mounted to the brake reseviour appx. 9-10 yrs old (goes up to 12k rpm which they no longer sell). I have talked to V7Goose and Bummer (thanks guys for your help and suggestions) and seems it has kicked the bucket. I really can't afford a new Baron's tach and am planning on doing one of Ponch's kit in the future, but in the meantime I would like to replace the one I have since it doesn't work properly anymore w/ another one.
  23. OK all you graphic artist types, we're looking for a new logo for the Cody International T's and Patches. Here's an example of what we came up with for the '09 Round Up.. Now the planning committee would like to get some fresh ideas..... We're burnt out.... In one month.. 10/14... we'll pick the best of the best. http://www.cast-aways.com/codypics/black.jpg
  24. For all of you who plan an attending, please sign up on the calendar....I must get a handle on the food and refreshments to buy...I know there is at least 10 of you who are planning to attend and did not sign up yet... My cook (buffalo bodnar) wants to shop this comming week.... hope he buys ice cream
  25. I really hate to cancel the Maintenance Day but due to a couple of circumstances I feel the need to do so. I'm kind of mechanically inclined but not enough to be the oversee this event. Others who were planning to help aren't certain they can make it so I feel it is best to call it off early instead of waiting until a week or so before the event and having to make the call. If one of our members wants to step up to the plate and take over I'm more than willing to let this group use my four garage stalls for that day. Another small factor I switched over and am riding a Goldwing trike.
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