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  1. Found the proverbial oil puddle under the shock. This will be the second shock I have replaced on this bike and haven't even hit 50,000 miles. Anyway, has anyone ever used a shock off a RSTD pre 1999? I see that these are not air shocks. Or, does anyone have one that came off an RSV and is in good working order that they would want to sell? Can't afford a new one or a Works shock. I have been watching ebay and the only one so far that comes up is used for $399. You can get a new one for another $60 including shipping. Thanks in advance for any help. Charles
  2. paysaw

    Iron Butt

    I did my Iron Butt Ride yesterday. Left here in Mississauga and went west to Sarnia.West to Flint MI. North to Sault Ontario. East to Sudbury, east to North Bay.Then south back to Mississauga.Not a great time of 21 Hours as I had many social stops.I met some interesting people along the way including a school mate I had not seen in 38 years. I will post pics later.It was a great day and a great adventure. Ray:322:
  3. I have engine noise in headset when intercom is on, the noise will go away if rpms are low enough. any thoughts? I've asked around town here but know one knows a thing including the dealers.
  4. Hi all, I hate to be the new guy wanting help, but hey, that's probably why most people find this site. I just bought a '99 RSV and trusted the seller a little too much. Apparenty he lied about having a dealer service done a 30,000 miles including the valves. I called the dealer and they had no record, and emailed him. He admitted he lied. Sooo, now after gathering myself and considering suing the prick, I have much maintenance to do on the bike including the valves (it has 36,000 miles on it with some engine noise that makes me nervous), changing fluids, (since I found my clutch fluid almost empty today after the bike was lurching forward with the clutch all the way in), as well as other needed things. Is there a maintenance day planned in this part of the world in the NEAR future? I really don't want to spend the money it looks like I could have to in order to have a reliable bike I trust having my wife on, and I use this bike as my daily rider to work... Or perhaps someone in the area who would be willing to show me some things?
  5. i'm getting alot of folks interested in my cushman, which i was'nt expecting. it's for sale but not quite yet. there are a few bugs that i need to iron out before i sell it. here's the scoop. it is a 58 pacemaker. that looks original on the outside almost. it has a honda 390 cc clone engine that is built to the hilt. with a comet cvt automatic transmission. it is electric start, has a custom made hydraulic disc brake in the front, overcize polished aluminum wheels with tubeless motorcycle type tires. it is absolutely gorgeous, and has a $2000,00 dollar two tone paint job. silver and medium blue clearcoat. the bugs i need to iron out have to do with safety. i overbuilt the engine and it is just to fast for the particular model it is. i took it to georgia last summer and had a few close calls in the curves. it will probably run over 70mph like it is. i would'nt want anyone getting hurt. when i get time i want to detune it a little. smaller carb, and stock head. it is very well engineered. i built it last winter and rode it about 400 miles. i put $6000.00 in it not including my labor. i will want $6000.00 for it firm when i sell it. i have folks waiting in line for it that have seen it. i just can't sell it until i have it perfect. that may be awhile cuz i'm bulding an eagle for my buddy so it has priority. i got some pm's about pics i will work on that. every part in it except the frame forks and body are brand new including the engine and drive train.
  6. Last Chance to place orders. The window will close Sunday night 22 May. Width Size 3 1/2 inch 5 3/4 inch 7 inch 9 inch If you need a very specific size up to 15 inch wide, they can be made to your specific size request. Sample pricing is a single 7 inch patch will cost less than $10 including shipping. The pricing will be much better, for so far we have over 50 patches on this order. After Sunday I will get the prices and then contact each person of their cost including shipping.
  7. These are used to set torque per manual specs on all Ventures. $25.00 including US shipping $28.00 including Canada shipping. Every where else $31.00. Actually they have been available fairly continuously, but I got a new batch in today. The bike is under going brake surgery this winter and needs your support. These make really great tree ornaments. and can be used as stocking stuffer. http://www.venturerider.org/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=3582&title=steering-head-bearing-ring-nut-wrench&cat=33 Gary
  8. One of my front turn indicator beauty rings (chrome ring between the lens & housing) split over the winter. Wondering if anyone has an extra. I have one turn indicator visor, free (including shipping) for any member that needs one. PM me with info and I'll get it shipped off to you. Thanks, Jim
  9. Hi everyone I have an '06 rstd with the very loud chirp which having tried different oils including amsoil with no success, have approached my dealer about getting an 'I' basket and althought the the 'I' basket number is good that they would have to get it from overseas and would cost around $450-$500. with no guarantee that it would be the 'I' basket, and as been said by some that it didn't fix the chirp. My request is does anyone have an 'I' basket available or can get hold of one and if so how much not including freight that would make it bit more financially better to risk. I read on a post from some time back I think from Kit with 'crickett' that he had the 'I' basket fitted but then fitted another which cured the chirp, was the 2nd basket fitted another 'I' basket? Would be thankfull for any help. Alan (from Adelaide Sth Australia)
  10. Has anyone on the board ever upgraded their '99 CB and Radio antennas to the newer style. The pics and diagrams in the service pdf aren't all that great and leave a lot of questions. Just wondering what you had to do to get'r done.... I have the complete setup including the brackets. I'm not all that interested in doing the Marshall Antenna Mod, so those suggestions are gonna fall on deaf ears... Any insight would be appreciated....
  11. The Browner keeps on going and going and going...and now it's FOR SALE... NO reasonable offer will be refused. I'm giving someone else the chance to get the Venture smile with a minimal investment. You will ride a rattle free bike thanks to "living room" maintenance done by a perfectionist who took 100s of pictures to prove every job. Seriously interested parties can PM me for a long list of upgrades and OEM new parts installed in the last 4 years, including in the last 6 months: new clutch plates on a PCW racing kit a complete carb rebuild including gaskets and diaphrams. and a new throttle cable
  12. Slideshow of Harley pics found on Yahoo news, including several shots of Putin on a trike. http://news.yahoo.com/nphotos/Harley-Davidson/ss/events/bs/080410harleydavidson#photoViewer=/100815/ids_photos_wl/r2057557310.jpg
  13. There is a Kitty on the prowl and she's out to find her friends. Lol Thanks to everyone who was in Ohio last week. It was such a wonderful trip and I meet some of the best people ( including Beer30) %). Watch out though. This Kitty has been know to steal Ventures . . . =D
  14. My wife and I put thease decals on the bike in less than two hours including three breaks. http://s219.photobucket.com/albums/cc231/TEW47/ tew47
  15. Has anyone seen a 12 inch short yamaha star windshield in any dealers around you? Everyone is out of stock including Yamaha. Screaming Red
  16. I'm looking for a used set of bars from a RSV or TD. Willing to pay a fair price. Please email me with Price including shipping to 03773. Thank you Reaney in NH
  17. I just installed J&M communication system in my & wife's helmet. I can't figure out how to get intercom to work. Everything else seems to work including CB. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  18. first off trying out my new notebook don got me set up and this is my first post. we are having a good time. what a party. lots of good folks here including our surprise arrivals, brad, and lonna. going to hit the hay now.
  19. FROG MAN

    Hey Don

    I see MaMamo is not listed as a supporting member. I don't blame you for not including her with my $12. TROUBLEMAKERS should have to pay more. I would negotiate for about $100?:rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:
  20. I have an advantage as I only live 91 miles away from freebird, a little East and a tad South. Being a newbie to the board and to my RSV I didn't have a clue what to really expect. I got there around 10:30 and of course the first thing I did was look up our host and shake his hand. It was quite an experience, I'm not sure how many people were there when I got there but they were coming in all day. Funny thing was - there were riders from everywhere, I walked around and looked at plates on the bike, but there didn't seem to be any strangers including me. It was nice to put a face on a board handle, problem is, my memory is about as long as my hair and by next week I'll have lost the faces again. Maybe a second year and a little more interaction on the board will help my memory. THANKS DON !!
  21. I know I'm slow, but where is the "Assistance List"? I've spent the last 30 minutes searching for it and I quit. The FAQ doesn't recognize it nor any of the searches I've done. I've seen numerous mentions of it (including Moderators) but no links (or none that work). Help!
  22. berg

    Need help

    I`am working with Rick B to rebuild my seat as my wife has some back problems . He has suggested a late model pillow top verous my current rstd seat . He feels he can do a better job for her confort. Is there anyone out there interested in selling a used pillow top seat including passenger. Would appreciate any help i n this area, Thanks
  23. All, I have owned or frequently driven a variety of full dressers over the last 25 years, including an XS1100, 1983 1st gen and the last being a 2003 GL1800A that I had to sell to put on a new roof in the last state I lived in. I am trying to decide between a new GL1800A, K1200LT, and Venture. The pricing of the Venture and what it comes with are really attracting me, but the many posts (including '07 and '08 models) about the clutch Chirp and Gear Whine bother me, not so much because they occurred, but because it appears they cant be completely fixed and the respective dealers end up saying that is just how the bike is. Have these problems been fixed or not? If I buy a 2009 RSV and have the problem, can it be completely fixed? I would not be a happy camper spending that amount of money and having to live with such noises.
  24. Has anyone here ever heard or read a magazine for Bikers titled Bike Baggers? It claims the following: BAGGERS was created for folks like you who enjoy not just the bike, but the journey as well. Each issue includes: Fantastic new product reviews that cater to comfort levels and bike performance Tested road trip routes, including tips on where to stay and what to expect Expert bike care tech tips, including full spec sheets and step-by-step, do-it-yourself explanations
  25. http://www.luckenbachtexas.com/icws233w4/eventdetaildisplay.cfm?eventID=2073 Just in case anyone in the San Antonio area is interested in old Motorcycles I am riding out to the Harvest Classic MC Show at Luchenbach Saturday..I went last year and it was pretty cool to see some bikes I grew up with..including an old Honda Dream . Also reminised when I saw some BSA 650s and old cushman eagles! Also there is live entertainment.Tom
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