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  1. Thanks for the useful comments. I have been following the other post similar to this one and I am going to invest in this change next spring. My bike will also be a dedicated sidecar rig for the next few years, so I may install a car tire on the rear while everything is apart. Yamak, our rigs are so similar we will have to keep each other up to date on how this modification worked.
  2. God has blessed me with a great life and loving parents. I have many memorable Christmas’s to choose from. I have also been blessed with my wife and son so by far the best Christmas was after my son was born. This picture was taken from his first Christmas and seeing his face light up is the best gift anyone could ever ask for.
  3. Thanks for the information Dingy The use of my 5th gear is more limited now with the sidecar. So maybe this swap will be good all around for my application. As far as my fuel mileage, the sidecar has already killed that. Expressway speeds my MPG is flat out embarrassing.
  4. Now that I have a sidecar on my 2004 RSV, I notice the need to feather the clutch considerably more than before just to get it to move. I have read that some of you put V-Max gears in your RSV to make 5th gear more useful. My question is for those of you that have done this does it make much of a difference in first gear, just trying to get rolling?
  5. I don't see how this kit would work for a 2nd Gen. See this post for pictures http://venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=74052&page=2
  6. I apologize for taking so long to post this. Anyhow, I bought a used Champion Escort with full intention of buying a manufactured set of mounts specific for the RSV. I first contacted Champion directly and inquired about buying mounts. They offered them for $1000.00 a set. Money doesn’t go into my wallet very easy and it leaves even harder so I had a hard time with the price. But I was able to look at what they offered and I wasn’t impressed. A majority of the forces reacting from the sidecar are on the rear lower and upper mounts. Champion mounts one piece of tubing to the side of the bik
  7. 100 klm/hour = 62 mph The original poster is within the working range of the cruise control.
  8. This is a CAD model of what I have done. There is not much frame detail but the frame rear lower mount clamps to the frame in 2 places and bolts to 2 other places on the frame to prevent rotation and I also bolted it to a bracket on the crosstube. I don't know what this bracket was for but it was there so I gave it more strength. I think I fixed the other pictures. http://venturerider.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=72563&stc=1&d=1351739944
  9. This is what I did on the upper front. It will not help you much because you don't have a split on the left side of the frame. [ATTACH]72559[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]72560[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]72561[/ATTACH] This is what others have done. [ATTACH]72562[/ATTACH]
  10. K9, I did just what you are doing earlier this year. I can give you a ton of information if you tell me what you want. What sidecar are you mounting?
  11. I designed mine for a 04 RSV. I will send pictures when I am at a PC.
  12. Good luck on your quest.
  13. looks like a great setup. I made one last year, not as nice as yours but I added lights. I just plug it into the wire harness for the trailer. This worked great while we were touring Colorado, but haven't used it since. http://venturerider.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=71607&stc=1&d=1347668256
  14. To answer your question, YES. That was one of the highlights of my trip. Silverton is a town you must stop in and then head north and enjoy. Ther is no shoulder and no place to stop for a little while. Oh Yeh no guard rails either. There is so many great roads in Colorado and the million dollar highway is one of them. I should have been back there 2 weeks ago with my good friend.
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