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  1. As I scan the "watering hole", I keep seeing threads for things such as large and improved polished fork "wind" deflectors and keeping the "wind" off your knees deflectors and windshield squabbles on height to stop the "wind" and more! I just wonder, Whatever happened to the idea that on a motorcycle the whole experience is "to be in the wind" to smell the fresh air when you pass a pond or lake, to smell the fresh tilled fields and burning autumn leaves. Fresh cut hay and fields of clover are ever so pleasant. There's something to be said for the breeze on your skin,,,in your face.... It seems a shame to hide behind full face helmets a windshield, knee guards and fork deflectors all trussed up in designer "wind and water repellent" riding suits!,,,crap,,,if I wanted to be so isolated from the "wind" I guess I'd just as well cage it, but then,,,,I'd miss that unmistakable "sound" ! OH YEA I LOVE "THAT SOUND",,,,,,,,and,,,,,,,,,,"THE WIND" ,,,,, (It sings if you listen)! Renne:backinmyday:
  2. Does anyone know where I can buy chrome lower wind deflectors that mount in front of the forks? Like to replace the clear deflectors.
  3. Does anyone have the lower fork air deflectors and brackets that they want to unload? Roger:mustache:
  4. The bike I just purchased is without the lower air deflectors. It is a 1999. Does anyone no where to get replacements with mounting brackets. Roger:fingers-crossed-emo
  5. I've checked the Classifieds, and didn't find anything there, but does anyone know of a good site to check for replacement lower wind deflectors? On my recent trip to DC, one of the brackets broke and I lost one somewhere along the line, and need to replace it, but given the condition of the other one, I figure I'd replace both. I can get the replacement mounting bracket fairly cheap from Yamaha, but the deflectors are a little pricy. Thanks.
  6. Wanted to thank Buddy Rich for the quality knee wind deflectors I received from him last week... Mounted them and rode the bike in to work today.... Wind turbulence way down, I think I'm gonna like 'em.....
  7. I have a set of wing deflectors that came with this bike and have never seen before and was wondering if anybody has seen them on a 84 Venture Royale and where do they mount. Any help would be appreciated on this. Thanks in advance. Al
  8. was install the wind deflectors in the crash bars... So far have replaced the right crash bar (almost) and replaced the broken tabs on the right lower fairing. But then I found an intake leak behind the right air filter, and the drain tube not connected to the rear of the right air box. Well there is no dirt or oil in the intake piping now... Maybe I'll have the wind deflectors on by kbran's MD
  9. I've had my Kury Longhorn Pegs in the perfect position since I got the RSTD. A few months ago I added the lower wind deflectors (Yamaha). I cant seem to come up with the right adjustment for the pegs now without interfering with the deflectors. Their either too close or too low. Does anyone know of pegs that extend farther out to clear the deflectors but still allow for some height adjustment? Option 2: What do I use to trim the deflector? (If anyone else has done this, can you provide a picture? I dont care for this option because of the price paid for lower wind deflectors.)
  10. I just don't get it. Maybe it's an age thing? Maybe someone can explain it to me, without getting into an arguing match. I see thread after thread about how the wind is touching someone, and they want to get it off. Gargantuan windshields, upper deflectors, lower deflectors, side deflectors, leg deflectors...etc... Part of riding a motorcycle is that feeling of freedom, and getting a little wind in your face. Without the wind, it seems like you might as well be in a cage. I don't want a pi$$ing match. I just thought I might be able to discuss this with friends, and maybe understand it a little better, that's all.
  11. OK, so I ruined my upper deflectors that mount to the inside of the upper fairing when it's split (not the ones down below the lights on the fork). I've got the plastic protrusions that they screw into rebuilt with Plast-Aid since I messed them up with Loc-Tite last month, but the deflectors are irrepairable. Other than ordering OEM replacements at the dealership - for which they want a fortune - does anyone have any ideas on where I can find these? I've searched a number of web sites, and all that seem to pop up are the lower deflectors. I'm interested in both new or used. FYI, the OEM part numbers are: 4XY-2834V-00-00 called Protector 1 4XY-2834W-00-00 called Protector 2 Thanks!
  12. I have been asked where to get lowers for a 96 Royal Star, seeing as they did not come with them. Anyone know of a set of lowers made for the early RS.
  13. While I had my fairing split to work on replacing my headlamp bulb and doing some cleaning and general maintenance, I removed my deflectors to clean them real good. I reinstalled them last night using a touch of Loc-Tite Blue on the phillips-head bolts and snugged them up without overtightening. This morning when I replaced the bulb and went to re-assemble the fairing, the deflectors literally fell off their mounts. It appears that the Loc-Tite disintegrated the ABS plastic protrusions that the screws mount into on the inner fairing. It's hard to describe, but the plastic turned to black crumbles. I've never seen anything like it. Has anyone ever experienced this with Loc-Tite Blue? My inner fairing will no longer be able to hold the deflectors, unless I can rig something up. This sucks. The pic shows the right side deflector mounted as of last night. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  14. Do they still have products for the 1st gen bikes? I couldn't see them listed on their website. I need to replace my lower foot deflectors. Does anyone have some for sale? I like to use them in the winter to keep my toes protected and warm. Iowa Guy
  15. As promised here are some pics of the polished front fork deflectors that my friend came up with. They are made of 6061 T-6 0.125 aircraft grade structural aluminum and are highly polished. Yes, they are also one piece....no seperate bracket needed. I have had a mock up set on my RSV for over a month with no bracket issues. The ones in the pictures are representative of the finished product with two exceptions. The final production pieces will have a slightly larger mounting base with elongated holes so the whole deflector can be slid side to side for a better fit and the polishing will be much better. This was a quick polish job so they could be displayed on the bike at the Daytona M&E. Another feature is the extra width and length of the deflector. They are wide enough at the bottom to clear the front fender rail bolt. Also, no screw holes..completely smooth surface. Im quite happy with this set just the way they are but I know the final set will be much better (read that shinier). Now the nuts and bolts: The use of 6061 T-6 aluminum is not cheap. For a good product you need good material and you cant do much better than the 6061 for finish and strength. A minimum of 20 orders would be needed to cover material costs. So, if you like what you see and want to commit to an order let me know, either here or in a PM. Price for both deflectors is $79.00 plus shipping. Once the minimum of 20 is reached I can contact those who committed to arrange payment. Dan is a close friend who happens to have access to the right tools and wanted to offer me a nice piece for my bike. We discussed possibly making extras and offering it to our VR members. Thats how this came about. So whatdya think????
  16. I am interested in those crash bar mounted wind deflectors that I have seen on a few of you guys' RSVs. The best price I have found is $162 at Cyclepartswarehouse.com. They are $199 in the Star catalog. Anyone found a bettrer deal?
  17. Goes anyone have a stock right side deflector and bracket assembly they would sell? Maybe someone who has upgraded to aftermarket deflectors? oops. could a mod edit the subject to -right-
  18. Finally put the polished fork deflectors on the bike the other day, thanks Ruffy! They look(ed) great. Took the bike out for a ride around the block or two for the first time of the year, to see how things were running. Kept hearing a metallic rattle/clang when I hit larger bumps, particularly going over curb to/from driveway. I determined it was the fork deflectors banging against my chrome front fender rail. Upon further inspection, I noticed what you see in the photo, the lower part of the fork cover is dented, from bottoming out on the fender rail attachment point. Sooo, I quickly removed the fork deflectors, a bit scratched now! I then purchased a progressive air pump and took forks from 0 to 5 lbs each. I haven't put the fork deflectors back on yet. My bike is lowered (forks raised) about 1 1/4", which raises the fork into the fork covers by that much. Guessing that's what caused this? Soooo, I'm thinking I might want to raise it a bit, to maybe 3/4" total. Also attached a photo with the "new" seat (thanks Godlover). Thoughts anyone? Rode in today, beautiful day, no problems.
  19. Heading out with the bike to give those new knee deflectors a try. Its a frosty 70 out with the wind gusting to 25 mph. Should be a perfect test......Hope the ice cream dont melt too fast....
  20. So, I was going through my parts bin and came across these. These are the original mock-up deflectors that Dan had made based on the original style. As a goof I added the diamond plate tape just to see what it would look like, since I was going to toss them anyway. They dont look too bad and I really hate throwing anything away, so, if anyone here wants these before I toss them, let me know. They are made out of the same 6061 material we are using for the deflectors that we are selling but this set was based on the stock design, not the larger set that we have.
  21. For those of you who have ordered and received their deflectors, I just thought id pass this info on to you. I just tried this on my set and it does a great job of maintaining the shine. It brought the shine back to when it was new. http://eagleone.com/images/spacer.gifhttp://eagleone.com/images/spacer.gif http://eagleone.com/images/products/Never_Dull_Polish.jpg
  22. Can someone please tell me who it is that sells the deflectors to keep the wind off the knees? Winter is coming and they could come in handy for those cold rides. Thanks....... Art
  23. OK, first I just want to say that this thread is only an update for general info, so please dont add to this thread. I would like to thank those who have purchased these deflectors. And for their great patience with this project. We have shipped out 16 sets so far. It also turned out to be a very labor intensive project which requires hours of sanding, machine first then up to 2000 grit sanding by hand. Just about all of the finishing is being done by one man, Dan. Right now Dan is a bit under the weather and he needs a few days to recuperate from his illness so there will be a short delay in finishing the remaining sets on the first run. Hopefully Dan can resume making these by this weekend. Sorry for this inconvienence.......
  24. While in Madill Oklahoma @ a gas stop on our way up to OKC a gentleman came up to me and was telling me about Yamaha having adjustable upper wind deflectors. They replace the clear plastic fixed deflectors attached to the bottom of the fairing on both sides. He said there in the new accessory catalog. I got on line and looked and did not see anything. Has anyone heard of these???
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