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  1. no..i checked the CB turns on and off...No sound from the CB either
  2. Hello..members. I recently started the bike for a day trip,when i turned on the radio.NO SOUND AT ALL. I put on AUX plugged in my phone NO SOUND!Removed the fairing checked the wiring,side cover checked fuses,NOTHING. The unit turns on and i can change stations...the SP lit up so i know its on speaker mode, i have no idea, your help is wanted..lolol
  3. I read BUT didnt understand it...i got it now i will have to "break" the glass and remove it that way...thanks
  4. Does anyone know if the " silver bucket" inside the headlight assembly comes out ...im installing a "led" headlight from "trucklite"???????????
  5. HID kit arrived..going in for the install...wish me luck..lol
  6. How do you remove the cover for the rear speakers...imm trying to replace them!
  7. Can anyone inform me of which " xenon or hid bulb to install in my 03 venture..i dont want to replace the housing ..just the bulb on my headlight and passing lamps...thanks.
  8. Thanks that helped a lot...project finished!
  9. Today i tried to install an after market taillight...i answer a call from my job and forgot what wires went where!!!!!!!!!!!...help!..i have a blue and yellow from the bike ,my aftremarket has 2 green(one has a yellow stripe) and a brown.
  10. I'm leaving on Monday...maybe I can meet up with a group in Toledo
  11. Is the meet in Oberlin,Ohio?
  12. Has anyone made plans to hookup with other VRs for the trip east.I'm coming from Illinois,it would be nice to ride into WNY with company.
  13. Does anyone have an idea of who's riding from the west..past Illinois to the Rally.I figured it would be nice to ride as a small group.
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