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  1. I need some help from the gear heads, I know the diode between the side stand switch and the side stand relay is bad. I can not locate it anywhere! For an update, I have replaced the ignition module (in case it was causing the relay to short out) I have replaced the side stand switch, the side stand relay. I noticed the fuel pump was getting hot after running just a few minutes so I have disconnected it and ran the line from the tank straight to the carbs.
  2. As long as it is in neutral it starts and runs great, as soon as I put it in gear it dies with clutch still pulled. when I try to start in gear I get the response of a safety failure, I have replaced the side stand relay twice now. I know it was bad because I was getting anything and no neutral light, first replacement neutral light came back and it would crank but not start. the third time I tried I heard a pop and then nothing again. I order another relay and a new ignition switch. It would turn over but not start, I checked and was getting good spark but no power to the fuel pump from the new relay. In order to get it running now I had to put in a relay and bypass the side stand relay to get power to the fuel pump so I'm sure it is gone again. Suspect I have some issue with the side stand switch (even though it seems to function properly) or the side stand diode that by the wiring diagram is separate from the relay is bad. Something is causing the side stand relay to short out and I found some wires on the switch that appeared to over heat.
  3. Well I have a little to update, with the seat, tank, side covers, front fairing, lower fairings all off I pulled every connection I could locate apart cleaned and re-installed. Also pulled all grounds and cleaned them then reconnected them. Dielectric grease on all of them. Ordered a new ignition switch and side stand relay, finally got them in and sadly was not up and running. Pulled all four plugs and checked for spark, all good. Not getting fuel, I did the feed right from the tank to the carbs and got it running today. I checked the fuel pump and it is working just not getting power to it, so I put a separate relay on it to bypass the factory one. Now it will run great in neutral however it will die when put in gear, I double checked the side stand switch and even tried to bypass it. I have tried to restart with the side stand up but when in gear it will not run or allow to start. Any suggestions?
  4. Sounds similar to my original issue, bad ignition switch.
  5. Thanks for all the advice, I made up some test leads from the old kick stand relay. I put an inline fuse in so I could prevent damaging something else, I believe I have narrowed it down to a bad neutral switch. Not sure how or why it would cause this kind of problem but I plugged the power into the Lg socket and don't have any issue until the neutral switch is plugged in, it blew a 3, and two 5 amp fuses. I have a new kick stand relay on the way, I will let everyone know if this is in fact the problem
  6. Thanks Flyinfool, did that the first time I had opened up the areas of the fuse boxes. Recently pulled all the fuses and inspected the fuses and connections to make sure they were clean and didn't have any foreign objects that could possibly negate the purpose of the fuses.
  7. The smoke was coming from the negative post on the battery, I had wondered if I didn't get good contact or just hadn't tightened it good from the previous time but all checked good. Battery has been checked since and still shows good, I have started running continuity checks to ground but with the way the system works it is proving to be a nightmare. The fact this is all happening and have yet to see any fuse blow is confusing
  8. Maybe this is a more appropriate question, the last time I rode when it quit on me as I was trying to start it I checked voltage on the battery before starting 12.7 volts when I hit the starter button voltage dropped to 1.86 and then it started smoking. I stopped all work on it then and trailered it home. I believe I have something shorting out that is causing the blown diode problem but think it has to be something in the starting sequence. Fuel pump, carb heater, ignition coil, starter? Has anyone encountered any similar situations or maybe an idea of where to look?
  9. I posted on here around Christmas, discovered I had a bad ignition switch. Well now that the weather has been nice enough to get out and work on it the switch has be replaced although I was not getting anything other than the radio and dash. I went through and checked all the switches in the starting sequence and all checked good, thinking there must be something in the wiring between them I discovered the lead and ground on the kick stand switch had gotten hot enough to melt the wires. I cut that section out and replaced the wires, I also checked the kick stand relay and discovered I was not getting anything from the Lg wire. I picked one up, as soon as I installed it neutral light came back and it turned over for the first time since December. I set the tank back on and hooked up the wiring and fuel lines, tried starting with good rotation but no success. Figuring it has set a while I tried again, this time when I hit the starter button I heard a little pop and lost everything. Checked the kick stand/ starter cut off relay again and blew a diode going to the Lg wire again. Looking at the wiring diagram I am left to believe it is something in the ignitor unit assembly that is causing it to short out, my diagram does not break down the ignitor unit so I'm not sure what I should see on it when checking ohms or continuity. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated
  10. I have a 2008 RSV, I pulled up to a stop light one day when the light turned green I let out the clutch and the bike stalled out. When I looked down I had no power, I checked the main fuse and battery both were good. My neighbor looked on his phone while I was checking these, he said the ignition switch was notorious for going bad. I pulled the ignition switch cleaned it up, I put it back together and it worked fine. I rode for a week with no further problems, then getting ready to leave for work the same thing happened. I used a volt meter and checked the ignition switch sometimes it would make connection sometimes not, when I got the bike home I looked at the ignition switch again. I could get power and even got it to start a few times however I could never get the neutral light to come on. I put a universal switch on and get power to everything except I still do not get a neutral light and it will not turn over. I have checked the clutch switch, kick stand switch, neutral switch, automatic kill switch, manual kill switch, and the starter button. I suspect it is the ignition cut off relay or the ignitor, I have had no luck locating the ignition cut off relay and not sure if there is any way to test it if I did find it. Has anyone experiences this problem? I have a random short in the radio, not sure if it is in the remote head or the main radio. I did find it shorting out so I disconnected the radio, after looking at a wiring diagram I noticed what looked like a wire going into the radio so I pulled the fuse and reconnected the radio. This does not seem to effect anything I have looked at.
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