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  1. haven't found a utube vid or anything on removing the rear trunk how difficult is it I see only 2 nuts inside the trunk at back and 4 tiny ones in center that don't look like they could hold anything down?1987 vr
  2. Thanks that answers the weight question ,will have to have carrier strrengthened to add tank to where the trunk went.
  3. Sorry should have noted that bike is attatched to a sidecar so dont have to worry about being top heavy only how much weight the carrier for the box can take
  4. anyone know how much weight the trunk rack can take.i want to remove trunk and add a 10 gallon auxillary tank
  5. how do i get hold of sky doc17,i believe he's the fellow selling better clutch parts.i tried sending pm but putting skydoc17 in address wouldnt go through.
  6. fuel pump not running where is it and how hard is it to change do i have to take the gas tank out?
  7. my suspension panel is blank except for a P in upper right hand corner i have engine running in neutral and pushing buttons does nothing owners manual doesnt really say exactly what to do it did work before but i dont remember the sequence i used if there is one i tried with engine off and key on and nothing on panel.
  8. my clutch is slipping when in 5th gear and nailing it.what clutch plates are you guys replacing stock with? the lever is not adjustable and although i've never had a problem with any other machines it seems to be a long pull to get to the levers,also the pull is very hard almost harley like which seems wrong with a hydraulic clutch?. i was averaging 38mpg with the rig all of a sudden it dropped to 30 and the clutch slip seems to occur at high speed,could it be slipping even at lower speeds and not feel like it to cause a 25% drop in mpg? are there adjustable levers available for the vr? thanks
  9. 1987 with 36k with sidecar was averaging 38-40 all of a sudden dropped to 21, 26.2, 31.7, 28.6 , 29 no long idling no excessive speed rig coasts fine no brake drag i thought if there is a return line do to fuel pump maybe it broke or was leaking but there is no gas smell or residue. is there a return line line and any suggestions to look for for milage drop could it be clutch?doesnt seem to be slipping.
  10. i put cree 10 watt lights on my ninja 250 that are incredible as far as visibility to cars go. since installation no one haspulled in front of me.i just recieved a set of cree 18 watt to install on the venture sidecar. will be adding a osram european halogen to the headlight.these european bulbs are different then the usa silverlights and are stock wattage but throw much more light.
  11. i am anal about filling my gas tanks on all my vehicles i find filling the venture to be very time consuming to fill all the way to top is there a secondary vent on the tank that may be clogged it leaves at least 1/2 gallon to be filled when it first hits the filler neck as it goes down soooooo slowly?
  12. im not sure wich is which as far as reserve vs on as the arrow is missing
  13. I think the shift linkage is ok I think the mount is bent outward causing the angle????
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