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  1. Wow Puc, get all these stories in book form, printed up to sell and you could get a second gen Venture for new chapters to your book.
  2. when you get done thinking I'd like to ink the calendar for that day. I do know the way down now.
  3. You do know it's just a myth that their faster.
  4. Remember it's a first gen so be careful.
  5. Hope to get the date right this time , had a pre ride last year. All was good though.
  6. Happy New Year. Now check the bike mileage and write it down. start the year off with keeping a log of everything you do to the bike. I'm not good at keeping track of gas but I DO WRITE DOWN UPGRADES AND OIL CHANGES.
  7. Have a 07 and wife has no problems. He must have got it and the wife is loving it, out riding ?
  8. Sometimes you just need a Hot dog. Could be at the next meet and greet. :banana::dancefool::clap2::mo money:
  9. Let's get some facts straight , we decided on the name Bad boy for the RSTD it's not a RSV. some eye doctor may be needed. yes it's black. Pam will only ride on the Bad Boy as my other bike is a Connie (Kawasaki concours) Blue in color which I traded the sportster I won for it. So when I get a chance to go by myself I'll ride Connie ( ) . I ended up in Detroit on my little ride ( turned into 70 miles ) on Christmas Day and the big guy is wearing a Michigan State Jersey I thought would be proof of the ride. Could have turn around and took a picture of the tunnel to Canada but that would have only confused someone. On my ride never did see an Ice cream place open. We did have footlong hot dogs Thursday for dinner. and the season for riding may not be over yet for some of us..
  10. Hey hey you could pull the engine off the machine and put in in your new scooter.
  11. Could be about a fire claim someone is trying to collect on so they need to raise the rates on everyone.
  12. The mind is a wonderful thing. She had me when she was on her knees.
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