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  1. Help please. Me and Deb went for a ride to Pittsburgh PA sunday just to shop a little. On the way back the speed-o just quit. Looked in our classfied and at pinwall but just can"t seam to find one. Does anyone have a speedometer cable for my 84 venture royale around for a reasonable price. Me and Deb want to go to moundsville wv on the weekend of 8-24 to see the moveing wall come into town. Thanks Dan.
  2. Before I send them to the garbage, Are there any good reason to hang onto plastic that are broken, with chunks torn off, way beyond reasonable repair. As spare for my 89 VR of similar color.
  3. Hey guys I've got my 99 RSV all apart and I am ready to get it painted. I live in Hickory NC and am looking for someone who would do a good job at a reasonable price. Any suggestions? Also, what in you opinion is a reasonable price to have all the parts painted from a RSV [front fairing, lower fairings, tank, side covers,fenders and saddlebags(not doing the tour pack)]. I want everything sanded and painted back in only one color. So a little help on pricing and any painter suggestions will be appreciated! Pics will follow afterwards.......
  4. I know there are a couple threads about this from 2-4 years ago. I saw the ones at Aces High Leathers ( for ). Was a Reasonable costing bottle holder ever identified? If so, pics and a link would be awesome! Stay hydrated!!
  5. HI, I'm looking to get back to riding after a several year hiatus. I'm looking at a 99 Venture, and wanted to ask if I could impose on the great members here to tell me if it sounds like a reasonable deal? It's a 99, wine red over silver, from the original owner. It's got 31K miles. It's got passing lamps, saddle bag rails, luggage rack, turn down pipes, the Harley lights added to the back brake lights, the original seats but an added riders backrest. All the electronics work, including the intercom system. The only two things I know about being wrong are the left wind deflector has a crack, and there is a small leak from the clutch cylinder that appears to be from around the O-ring. The tires and brakes were apparently put on new about 4K miles ago. I'm going to try to attach a couple of pics, I hope I do this right. Can anyone suggest anything I should check on or make sure of with a 99 RSV? Would this bike for $6000 be a reasonable deal?
  6. Now that I have the "Taylor Trailer at Atlantic Beach, I will be riding down more often; just discovered that my cover for the bike is too small and I need one to cover the "big" bike. Any ideas where I can buy one at a reasonable price ASAP?
  7. Does anyone have any experience with Mastertech Motorsports in San Antonio, Tx? I ask because I need a carb sync and they offered to do the sync for $65. Seemed reasonable and the gentleman I spoke with seemed to know alot about the VR. Any and all comments are welcome.
  8. I have a motorcycle friend who just made a custom tool so that I can grease my speedometer bearing. He has a milling machine and lathe. He will be making 20 of these for the ordes I've received so far. Were were talking and I asked him if he would be interesed in ideas that members might have a need for tools, brackets, or other creative ideas. He is willing to intertain these ideas with possible solutions. He can make all sorts of things made out of various material and also anodize them if needed. One of his local customers is the Boeing Company so his machines has a lot of capabilities. His cost bases are very reasonable. Let me know if anyone has an idea and we can present them to the group to see if there might enough interest to move forward. He has a couple older Goldwings he is restoring and it really fun and interesting sharing stories of ideas. He is working on another idea of mine and as soon as I get a working prototype I'll share it with the group.
  9. If anyone would like to give us a hand, Gary and I will be having a Pork in the Pines work day at his place to get ready for next year. The primary project will be fabricating a new pig roaster plus assorted odd jobs. So, if you are free (or at least reasonable) on Saturday, October 29th, we could sure use your help. Russell
  10. I was informed today that the VR engages the front brake when you hit the brake foot pedal. I had no idea this was so. The mechanic said the full bike brake rebuild is quite a hassle and will take him 8 hours. Does this sound reasonable to you guys or should I just dive in and do it myself? Thanks
  11. Good day. I am about to tear into my bike to do a few, (hopefully last in a while), fixes and tunes. While I was in there, (taking the thing apart is getting old), I want to change to solid motor mounts. Where is a good place to get them for a reasonable price? Thanks.
  12. kyle


    just wondering if anyone else here uses " boats.net" to buy OEM parts ??? I have bought some stuff this winter and thought the price was good and shipping real reasonable. shipping only takes a few days. just curious.
  13. Hey Folks, This is a great sight and I am enjoying it tremendously. I might be one step closer to actually owning my very own venture. I have found a 08 with approx. 12,000 miles. Seems to be well taken care of. I think it still has a year left under warranty. I was wondering what would be a reasonable price for that bike? I don't want to insult the guy with an offer, but at the same time I don't want to spend any more than necessary. Thanks for the help, Melvin
  14. KarlS


    Has anyone here bought anything on QuiBuds? I haven't signed up yet but have been watching items and it's unbelievable how cheap items sell for and shipping is reasonable. Wanting to know if anyone has won bids and are pleased with the site before I spend $60.00 to get a bid package. Thanks.
  15. I am looking for a Garmin V GPS. For what I use a GPS for it is perfect ( basic Speed o ) If you have one that works, and is reasonable let me know. Email: revgp@starband.net
  16. The trailer has about 20 miles on it. Other than that it's unused. It's in California, and I'm open to reasonable offers. Comes with spare tire and extra bearing kit.
  17. Anyone have experience with this fairing for a 2006 RSTD? It is pricy, but looks great and having a sound system would be a plus. I would like to see one on a bike before I purchase. I live in the Cincinnati, Oh area and do not mind taking a ride to see one within a reasonable distance. Thanks
  18. I've been thinking about going with the MKII bags & trunk for my MKI. Anybody have all the goodies for the conversion at a reasonable price? I would also be needing a hitch. Right now I'm skimming through eBay and finding a few goodies. So far I'm up to about $500 without the trunk, trunk bracket, tail lights, and trim. I found a complete trunk that's the right color that would add another $250 O $300 to the total. I'm thinking it could be $1000 or more if I can find all the parts on eBay. You guys think that's reasonable? I would later turn around and sell all the old goodies to try and offset the price. That would help a bit. I'm not sure what they would all be worth though. Thanks, Bill
  19. Anyone now where to get a trailer hitch for a 2007 RSV for a reasonable price?
  20. I have a 99 RSV, yesterday the tail end started bouncing up and down like an old Chevy pick-up with just leaf springs... It's holding air OK, so I am assuming I have an oil leak...as the boot is covered with what looks to be old dirty oil. Can the rear mono shock be rebuilt? Does anyone have one(good one) reasonably priced? By reasonable I mean...the dealer here want $718...I want to spend a lot less. Any help about how to fix it or locate a decent priced replacement would be greatly appreciated...
  21. Our MTA group is headed for the Letchworth State Park in New York the weekend of July 16th. I have been looking for some place with 7 or 8 rooms available that don't cost an arm and a leg. Is there anyone here that may know of a good local place in the area (willing to ride 20-30 miles to get to the park) that is clean and reasonable. thanks, bob
  22. Hello all, OK... It's Sat. and I'm about to start going through my new 1st gen VR (fluids, plugs, elec. system check, etc.) I started looking her over last night and found a few minor concerns, just minor mechanical and cosmetic but am having trouble finding links etc. so I will put my initial queries in this post and see what shakes loose. Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give. Mechanically for starters... I noticed the shift shaft (shifter input shaft if you prefer) has got some play, checked a couple other bikes around (not VR's) and they are solid. Is this normal for 81K miles, or is there a fix for this? I know the seal needs replacing, that's no biggie but the play has me worried. Leaking oil a little from top of lft rear cyl. appears to be cam cover gasket and half moon, any little oddities to beware of here? Will there be any problem switching to full synth on the oil change, or any oil change tips from the masters? Second... cosmetics: The windscreen is "peeling"? and kinda yellow, is there a fix or is this a new windscreen? Needs some odds and ends... side vent, reflector, etc. any good places to get these at a reasonable price? Finally... I'm perplexed, I've seen pics of the '86 VR with and w/o a lower fairing piece or "scoop". Is there a good reason why some have them and some don't? If possible... same as trim question, where can a guy find one at a reasonable price? Thanks for reading and indulging an enthusiastic new owner! Look forward to hearing from you all. Kelly
  23. front fork deflectors they would want to part with for a reasonable price? We have the brackets, I just need the plexiglass parts. The hubby is going to put them on my Virago.
  24. Im looking for an upper fork cover for my 99 RSV. I accidentally dented mine and its driving me nuts, so, if anyone has one thats in good condition for a reasonable price, im interested. Left or right side, its the same part #. Thanks.....
  25. Some of you may have seen my ad in the classifieds for my 05. I have decided to try to sell her before winter sets in so I dont have to worry about winterizing, etc. So if anyone is looking for a very clean, excellently maintained 05 RSV ....shoot me a PM and we'll talk. REASONABLE offers will be considered....remember REASONABLE...
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