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  1. Prayers worked, Glad to hear from you Earl! Thanks for the update
  2. Merry Christmas to all and here's to a better new year!
  3. Prayers sent for Earl, A true friend indeed!
  4. This will pass Jeff. I heard rum balls get rid of pain, I know last time i tried them there was no pain. Get Well!
  5. Thank you all Veterans for all that you have done and continue to do. Welcome home!
  6. Thanks Don, You do a great job and i'm glad and proud to be a member here!
  7. Heck, Im still rideing my 82 v45. Had her out this week!
  8. To soon we grow old, To late we grow smart!
  9. We can't wait, Hope there's a good turnout.
  10. Now that tops it all. Happy Birthday Don!
  11. I'll secound the seal all. Good product, got some at O'rilleys auto parts.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends in ventureriders. Have a great turkey day!
  13. Jeff. I have 2 antenna on my roof. There directional and are pointed 2 different ways so as to get 2 different paths to receive signals. There just tied together at the antenns with a splitter and coated with flex-seal. went from 7 or 8 stations to about 35 free stations. cut the cable cord this summer and its great. Good luck!
  14. Still around. have not ridden much this year on the Yamaha. The Honda magna saw much more around town miles this year, maybe next year more rideing will be in order. Love the site, love the group of people here. Thanks for all you do Don.
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