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  1. So, it looks like there is a very slight seeping leak around the top of the thermostat housing. But, the biggest leak that showed up is where the tube that comes between the "valve" and goes into the side of the thermostat housing. This seems to be a pretty good leak that just started after changing the coolant. Is there a "kit" that has all the o-rings and gaskets for the thermostat housing, or do I need to purchase each one separately ? Any input from others that have done this, what looks like a real pain in the @$$ job ?
  2. I need the metal tube from the thermostat housing that has the bypass valve in it. The interface on the RSV/Hybrid 1st gen motor to 2nd gen cooling system is in the MvGyvering process. I am going to keep both the 1st gen & RSV thermostat housings on bike, but only have a thermostat in RSV housing. I need to do this to get the water pump hooked up to the lower radiator outlet. Plumbing is different between the two. Where the line enters the water pump is not going to accept the RSV water line, so I have to use the plastic elbow from a 1st gen, which is locked in place by the thermostat housing. This tube will be cut off between the selector valve & the thermostat housing and brazed shut. I need to do this to block off this port on the 1st gen thermostat housing. Out of all the parts I have, I can't find this one. Gary
  3. Ok got my bike today and radiator is not busted but looks like footpeg was driven into thermostat housing. I think its the thermostat housing its a plastic tube with a 90 about 4 or 5 inches long.I am including photos is this a hard part to replace? Or does someone know the exact term for it so I can ask aroound. Thanks, Hamdavid
  4. Ive got a 1984 1300 voyager that is having overheat problems. Ive flushed the system, replaced the thermostat. any help will be greatly appreaceted.
  5. With a little bit of searching, I found a cooler thermostat that will work like the Napa THM156. Part THM111 for Napa or Stant part number 14157. This is a 170 degree thermostat. Don't be surprised if Napa, Autozone, Advance, Carquest, etc don't have it in stock. Napa had it in one day for me. If you try another local auto parts and they can't locate the part by the number, the vehicle that this comes from is between 1990 - 1994 Subaru Justy. [ATTACH]70435[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]70436[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]70437[/ATTACH]
  6. My fan is not working, I have isolated problem to the thermostat switch in the coolant tee. Anybody have a spare one ?? I need an 1st gen MKII version with 2 contacts on it. See attached picture. I can bypass it for now with a switch. Gary
  7. This bike came with no owners manual and my search skills are apparently limited. I was wondering what the warning symbol directly below the side stand warning is. Maybe fuel? :confused24:Also I think I'm going to have to change the thermostat. Coolant is flowing through the radiator long before the temp gauge comes up. Then there's the battery warning mod I need to do, which I have found info on.
  8. i Here in Florida I take out the thermostat on my trucks and cars no nee for heat and that's really the only use for one in a car. But what about a 1999 1300 Venture will it effect fan etc... or nothing?????
  9. I'm sure this has been covered, but I thought it bears repeating. My starter cranked very weak. All connections were great and little loss through the solenoid. Skydoc_17 suggested that I install a VMAX starter (4 brush vs. 2 brush), which he sold me at discount (thanks). This Totally solved my problem-period! I read a tutorial somewhere that detailed removing exhaust pipes (it's not that involved and you don't need to disconnect the exhaust)! You DO need to remove the radiator and lower hoses. The bypass tube leading from the thermostat housing and the housing itself (remove the plastic elbow from the water pump and take the entire assembly out). Use new O-rings for everything and use some vasoline to lube them (or something similar). I have a first Gen and I needed to remove the air dam and it was easier with the right side crash bar removed. I spent about 3 hours, but I changed the thermostat and did some other things as well. I should have taken pictures, but that would have cut into my drinking time!
  10. Ok I looked at where the thermostat is in my 86VR and it looks like I have to take the front exhaust off does anyone know how to change it easy my owners manual just shows the thermostat not how to change it.
  11. I've been fighting with the cover on the thermostat housing leaking on my '89. When I bought it 2 1/2 years ago, it had a small leak. I took the thermostat housing off and changed all 4 O rings. Everything was fine---for a little while. A month or two later it started leaking intermittantly. Usually when left outisde in the cold, but not always. Last winter I pulled it off again and replaced the O rings again, and also the housing cover because it was mentioned here that they do warp from the exhaust pipe heat. BTW, I put it together with O-rings I purchased at my dealer. It was OK all last year, but this winter it started leaking again. The coldest my garage gets during the winter is about 32 degrees F. When I took it apart, I found that the O-ring was damaged (it looked like it'd been nicked). I remember that it was real hard to get the top on the housing last year and the OE O-ring is 2mm dia., so I installed a 1/16" O-ring. Now it seeps a little bit when it starts to warm up, but when it's hot it's fine. BTW, 1/16"=.0625" 2mm=.079" I will pick up a Yamaha O-ring tomorrow, but I think that something else is wrong because it's happening so frequently. I cleaned up the main housing surface that mates wtih the O-ring so there shouldn't be anything keeping the O-ring from seating. With the 1/16 O-ring, the top felt snug. When I use a 2mm O-ring, it is TIGHT. I'm pretty certain that on my 83' I used a 3/32" (.094") O-ring, but there is no way I could get that to fit this bike. I used a coating of Vaseline to keep from damaging the O-rings when things were assembled. Any ideas?? I'm thinking of heating up the aluminum portion of the housing (in hot water) to get it to expand so that the top will go on easier and not damage the 2mm O ring. Frank D.
  12. Do somebody knows if there is a direct replacement of the thermostat of a 1997 RS with a NAPA one? I already order one original, but probably will not be here before the MD, and I don't want to miss that weekend. Thanks
  13. My late winter maintenance this year is to change out all the hoses, thermostat, o-rings in thermostat housing and thermo switch at housing. As some of you know I have a lot of miles and it is past nine years old. I plan a 5,000 mile ride in April so I am going to start on this soon. My question is "is there anything else I should be looking at". Last spring I put new tires on and lubed the swing arm, pins, and differential. I change the rear oil when I change the engine oil and clean the K&N filters. After these 135,000 miles this bike has been flawless although I lost the CB last summer.
  14. My Tarus is acting up again. Don't want to warm up takes it forever for heater to get warm never gets hot. Driving down the road it will cool down at times til it is blowing cold air. Running at Interstate speeds it will stay barely warm. Thermostat junk?? Always just stuck on me when they went bad and cause thing to overheat. I guess this is better if it has to act up but a heater would be nice......
  15. After reading through some posts on the problems with the plastic thermostat top , here is my solution. I cut a support washer from a piece of 1/8 plate to fit around the housing. My old top was warped like most of them are and not mating flush with the base. After the washer was put on it is flush all the way around. I feel better about this now. Since I have the motor out its a good time to fix things like that.
  16. I need to pick a brain or two. I have a 98 1500 suburban 5.7 Vortec that I'm having some heating problems with. I had a new radiator, water pump, and thermostat installed early this last summer. I noticed that the radiator cap went on without having to push down on it. So I bought a new cap and the new one did the same thing, and I wasn't getting any pressure build up in the system. So I bent the tabs on the new cap a bit and then I got compression. So now, this what it was doing. Start off in the AM and the guage will run up to 240 degrees before dropping back down to around 160-170. Then slowly rise again to about 210 and then back down, finally settling in at about 190. I'm suspecting a screwed up thermostat. Also... it had that orange coolant in the system. Actually the coolant looked clear but the cr@p floating around in the system plugging everyting up looked like rust/orange. Anyway I digress. So I took the car down to a good mechanic and they flushed the sytstem, put in fresh 'green' coolant, and installed a new HD 195 thermostat. Not an 'el cheepo' but a good one. The one that came out was caked with the orange stuff. Ugly. Now this is what it's doing. It still heats up and drops back down, but not as high a temp as before, but the bottem temp is the same. Fresh coolant, new thermostat, clean system. It's still acting like a bad thermostat. Now I'm thinking. Could the sensor be bad, and sending signals to the computor, and the CU is retarding/advancing the timing and causing the problem??? Any ideas??
  17. Does anyone have a part no. for a 'substitute' thermostat to fit an '88 Venture. I have read past posts on a NAPA #156 substitute but went to my local NAPA store today and they can't come up with any number like that...the guy tried different number/letter/code combinations but couldn't get anything to come up. Is the OE thermostat 180 degree? And is /was the NAPA 156 the same temp. rating? Appreciate any input anyone has on this. Thanks!
  18. Well, finally had a problem I can't solve immediately. The old 87 started running hot- right up to the red zone. Sounds like a sticking thermostat to me. Then it would drop. Then run hot again. And I'm in Southern Mexico, with daytime highs in the 80's. Never run this hot... So I took the old one out.It is running about 1/3 to 1/2 up the green zone. Nice and cool. I think when I come back to the US and the cold winds howl, I'll have to do the trucker trick with a block in front of the radiator...I don't want to pull this ***** again without a new one on hand! Thanks for your comments!
  19. Well, I took the venture out for its second short jaunt, just to get a feel for it. The fork seals are so bad they wont hold air, and the oil SPRAYS out the right seal. It has a definite miss, that comes and goes. It idles erratically, from 900 up to 3000 and back down again, even after synching the carbs. It overheats. I used a thermostat from a Geo Metro (I think) I saw somewhere that it woudl work, maybe its too hot of a thermostat. The oil warning symbol is always on, but it doesn't sound like there is an oil issue. IIRC its a level sender not a pressure sender. My headlight trim ring from ebay is a MK2 instead of a MK1 so the rubber gasket and front glass won't fit. My windshield got messed up while in the garage. Methinks one of my "assistant mechanics" was trying to help out. In spite of it all, it seemed to run straight and handle ok.
  20. I searched but I couldn't find an answer. Everyone talks about doing this but no one has described an easy way to do it. After taking off all the plastic fairing pieces and radiator grill cover, it looks to me like you have to loosen the radiator to get at the thermostat housing. There has to be an easier way. When my VR sits overnight (and it is getting colder at night), I have a leak from the O-ring on the thermostat housing. While I am in there doing that, I will replace the thermostat (NAPA substitute) and all the other O rings that I could get from a Yamaha dealer. The only two I couldn't get (and they are the same) are for the elbow fitting (# 21 on the Yamaha Water Pump Part drawing) -- is there a commercially available substitute that anyone knows of? Last question on this subject, are all the hoses standard sizes? I'd like to replace all the front ones at the same time I take out the thermostat housing.
  21. Thanks to A1Bummer for providing this info and the pictures. If you need a new thermostat, there is a Napa #156 and on the Napa box was a #33708 that I was able to cross reference to a Stant #13758 at my local auto parts dealer. A stat at the MC stealer was ~$30 and at the auto parts dealer it was ~$7. All are 180* stats. Thanks, Bill
  22. This weekend I decided to change the fluids in my 99 RSV, including a good radiator flush. One thing leads to another and decided after 10 years and 120K miles, I might as well change the thermostat while I was at it, even though I haven't been having problems. First let me say this is not a job for those short on patience. To get the housing out of the bike it must be disassembled a piece at a time while still in the frame. Finally got the housing out THEN called my local stealer. Just the way I do things. Holy $#%@..., stealer said he could have the new thermostat in two weeks, that is if I would bring him the paultry sum of $57.40. "For a @#$% thermostat? are you sure you"re not looking at the housing?" "No sir, the housing is pretty expensive.":starz: Now I don't see anything special about this thermostat so off to the auto supply I go. "Hey buddy, you got one of these?" "Yep, sure do." Sure enough, it is a Murray, Part Number 3168. Cross reference says that it goes into a 2000 Kia, Mazda, and Mercury. Best of all, $7.60 later and I'm out the door. One other thing, when doing this on a bike with this many miles. The water pipes (3 ea) that go to the thermostat housing have an "O" ring seal. Mine looked good but refused to seal when I got it all back together. Take the rubber "O" rings with you and get replacements while getting your thermostat. Otherwise you can pull that housing twice like I did. Aw hell, they're $.30 each, go ahead and get them anyway, no mater how many miles you got! Anyway, I figure if I had all the parts up front and only had to do it once, this would have been about a 3-4 hour job. Took me a full day.
  23. Hello All Looking for the following parts for my 88 Venture Royale Driver's Back Rest Assembly New Thermostat Thanks Terry
  24. Hello, Does anyone know the part # or a replacement for the thermostat on a 1996 Royal Star Tour Classic 1300XVZATHC? I have noticed that some are using a NAPA 56 or 56T on some of their bikes but I am not sure if it would fit mine. Thanks
  25. Hey Guys, Well, it wasn't 2 days I'd had the new bike home and it started marking its territory with a few drops of green. A little investigation showed the thermostat housing to be the culprit. Now, I'd bought it at a shop where it had been kept nice and warm, whereas I only have cold storage, and of course, it had been around 10 degrees when I noticed this. I was wondering if this is something I might be able to expect as it looks like the housing is plastic, or am I gonna have to go in after it? If I have to go in, the manual that I downloaded seems to be a bit vague, how the heck do I get to it? They made that a little tight.
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