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  1. I've removed my fairing on my 2006 RSV for painting, as it has a few scratches on it. I need to get the 2 small pieces of trim off. Do they simply pry off? As they're only plastic I'm afraid I might break them if I don't do it right. Thanks in advance......
  2. I started working to modify my 2006 RSTD to make it more comfy for my wife and to add a little more storage space for long trips. It is a work in progress but so far I've added a Venture trunk mount with grab bars, a third party Harley tour pack and a genuine Harley passenger backrest. I also found a vintage Harley trunk trim piece that I bought on a whim, for little of nothing but it worked out pretty good I think. I also added Harley hooded trim rings to my passing lamps. I've added a nice and loud Steibel air horn that has gotten folk's atttention on more than one occasion. I plan to add so
  3. Yesterday I tackled the project of a coolant leak on my '86. The hose that went from the thermostat to the radiator was deteriorated and seeped fluid. The part number for that hose called "Hose 3" is 26H-12578-00-00. It has been discontinued by Yamaha, boats.net said they had it for $24.26 plus S&H. I bit the bullet and ordered it from them:mo money:, it did not ship and i heard nothing from them so I called and they said they don't have it and can not get it . So I went into AutoZone and gave the old hose to the lady at the counter and sure enough they had an almost EXACT one in stock! I
  4. Yesterday I tackled the project of a coolant leak on my '86. The hose that went from the thermostat to the radiator was deteriorated and seeped fluid. The part number for that hose called "Hose 3" is 26H-12578-00-00. It has been discontinued by Yamaha, boats.net said they had it for $24.26 plus S&H. I bit the bullet and ordered it from them:mo money:, it did not ship and i heard nothing from them so I called and they said they don't have it and can not get it . So I went into AutoZone and gave the old hose to the lady at the counter and sure enough they had an almost EXACT one in stock! I
  5. At the risk of beating a dead horse for you members, I have a couple questions. First, does the fairing come off in one piece. I've removed the luggage, side trim, left and right tops off the upper, the lowers and the trim around the head light. I can see several mounting bolts, but can't determine if the head light as well as all the wiring and the instrument panel will stay with the bike. Not much room in there for my big hands to start undoing plugs etc. Second one concerns the replacing the collector. Do you have to drop the entire exhaust? Whats the secret hand shake for getting the two
  6. We have lived in our home for over 32 years, and have never had problems with squirrels damaging our home. We live in a wooded area, and are used to seeing many critters. The other night before we headed to KC. we heard a loud noise which seemed to be on the roof. This is not unusual because we hear loud noises all the time, usually a squirrel or two running on the roof. When we returned from our trip, we are in bed trying to sleep. There was a noise coming from inside our bedroom wall. It sounded like a 10 pound mouse. Ron went around the house to see where this critter could possibly got i
  7. I just got a set of Troy Savoie saddlebag lid covers, thanks to a nice member here. What I need is the proper size trim for the edges to make it work. I was looking online at various u shaped edge mouldings and im a bit confused. Some of you have already mounted this cover so id like some suggestions on what I need to buy as far as trim goes. I did send an email to Troy but needless to say he never responded. Didnt really expect him to either based on his past record. Any ideas will help....
  8. Anyone have one chrome wheel trim hub from their RSV laying around they dont need? I need the non-weighted side. This is the hub that bolts over the front brake rotor. Thanks, Jeff
  9. Has anyone installed one of these Shield Edge Trimming? http://www.saeng.com/product.php?id=581&category=80
  10. Just wondering, has anyone mounted their stebel or bad boy horns in the left side leg fairing? I looked at the right side where the chrome horn is, but mine came off a previous bike and is not the fancy chrome unit. Dont want to spend the bucks for one either. So I pulled the left lower apart to see if maybe I can shoe horn it in there. Looks like I might have to trim a bit of the black plastic trim piece but we shall see.
  11. We've contracted to have new countertops installed in our kitchen. Currently we have a laminate top which is 3/4 inch thick with a 1 1/2 inch facing edge on it. We are switching to granite which is 1 1/4 inches thick. To complicate matters we have an appliance garage in the corner which rests on the countertop with the countertop screwed into it from the bottom. Because of the thickness difference I'm going to need to trim 1/2 an inch from the bottom of the garage. The garage is a full cabinet with sides and back. Does anyone have a clever way to trim that neatly while in place. I'm thinking o
  12. Just curious - has anyone painted the plasti-chrome headlight trim to match the color of their bike? If so, I would like to see pictures.
  13. Broke fairing open and ended up snapping one of the mount tabs on the chrome windshield trim - but it is the tab on the end with the screw hole in it. Saw the post for fixing the tabs on the inside part of the trim...Will that also work for the end tabs, or do I have to buy a new one? Appreciate any help I can get. MnM
  14. One of the forward bolts in my saddlebag trim rails vibrated out and I lost an end cap. Does anyone know where I can find a replacement? Thanks!
  15. My Beast is painted and re-assembled . . . .Finally! Paint Color = Machine Gray with clear coat Gloss Black Painted = windshield trim, mirrors, radiator trim "Tire Shine" on dash panels and other black plastic The saddlebags and top box are still in primer. I hope to get them painted soon. I think I will go for a lunch ride . . .
  16. Purchased a replacement windshield for my 96RS from CBaileys and realized that I need the rest of the windshield , chrome trim and acrylic piece that adjusts down to headlight.
  17. I am trying to install the two moles on top and bottom of the front chrome windshield trim. Has anyone come up with a good adhesive to hold these in place?
  18. Ok.....I still have one thing that irks me about the looks of my bike. The tops of the dash panels where they mount to the stays. Both of mine are damaged at that spot only. Otherwise they are in fine shape but the right side has both holes broken through and pieces missing. The left side only has one damaged. Since I got the bike I have used chrome washers with bib washers under them to cover the damaged area but would like to do something to cover the whole top of panel with an angled lip to drop down to cover the area above the speakers. As there is somewhat of a curvature there a simple
  19. Has anyone fitted the Genuine Yamaha Saddlebag Lid Trim Rails ( Item STR1D6725000 ) to their bikes. I'd be interested in seeing some photos to see what they look like
  20. I am going to install a set of Kuryakyn 6261 flame ISO grips. I have the info from here http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=28613 that shows how to trim the grips to fit the weights, but what do I need to do as far as spacers and such? If I open up the ends of the grips, is that all that is needed? Do I still need longer bolts? anything for the throttle?
  21. Anybody out there have any saddlebag lid trim rails they want to get rid of? Used is fine if the chrome is still good. I need ones that will fit my 06 RSTD . . . although I think the lid trim is exactly the same for the RSV and RSTD. Part number is STR-1D672-50-00. Please give me a shout and how many razbucks you'd be looking for if they are available. Thanks ps I've already added the side saddlebag trim rails . . . they're just not in this picture.
  22. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Yamaha-Venture-Royale-chrome-trunk-accent-rails-1985-90_W0QQitemZ280436483720QQcmdZViewItemQQptZMotorcycles_Parts_Accessories?hash=item414b512688 This is a nice set of new trim pieces for the trunk for a 1st gen. I have them and they are nice. This looks like NOS.
  23. the trim, or emblem ive seen on 86+ VR's have a trim piece on the front fender. does this fit the 83-85? if so, does anyone have one in good condition lying around? i tried classifieds, but didnt find anything.......... irydasteelhorse
  24. Well, I took the venture out for its second short jaunt, just to get a feel for it. The fork seals are so bad they wont hold air, and the oil SPRAYS out the right seal. It has a definite miss, that comes and goes. It idles erratically, from 900 up to 3000 and back down again, even after synching the carbs. It overheats. I used a thermostat from a Geo Metro (I think) I saw somewhere that it woudl work, maybe its too hot of a thermostat. The oil warning symbol is always on, but it doesn't sound like there is an oil issue. IIRC its a level sender not a pressure sender. My hea
  25. OK folks...one of our members who wishes to remain anonymous has donated two riding jackets to be given away. I've been thinking about how to do it though and have decided to give them away as door prizes at maintenance day. I'm not 100% sure of the brand but I think they are Texport Duratrak. Whatever, they are very nice jackets. 3/4 length heavy cordura nylon with removable armor. Both are black with yellow trim. One is a large and the other is an extra large. I'm really just posting this so that the member doesn't think that I'm KEEPING them for myself. Now you have another in
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