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Found 18 results

  1. Made a settelment with Progressive insurance on the 91 Venture yesterday. Couldn't believe how easy it went. They used the Nada and gave me $5300 for the bike and acessories. Even paid the sales tax and registration fees. Then they paid for two jackets and helmet. The total was $5984 after my $250 deductible. I took it and let them have the bike. They will pick it up tommorow. Can't complain about that.
  2. I've noticed that there are some items in the VR Store that are out of stock to be reordered if enough interest. Don was kind enough to scare up a couple of patches for me (which I have proudly put on our jackets) but, I also want Domed decals and a few more patches for our other riding jackets. I'm sure there are others who are interested as well. ESPECIALLY THE NEW MEMBERS! So... I have attached a poll to let Freebird know if there is sufficient interest to reorder more! VentureRider Domed Decals VentureRider Guardian Bells Small VentureRider Patches C'mon guys, I'm sure you've gotten new jackets or helmets. SHOW YOUR Venture Riders PRIDE!
  3. I wanted to share this with everybody here since I was SO impressed with this Ebay Seller. I just bought 2 Belstaff Zodiac summer jackets on Ebay for $49.99 each & they even REDUCED the shipping. (I paid $15 to have both shipped) The jackets I bought are made of Cordura with Hiena wear panels. It has reflective panels, vents velcro & zipper closure It also has a Thermalite liner. It's also waterproof and comes with ELBOW/SHOULDER/BACK ARMOR. Incredibly light & comfortable. They seem to run small so if you get one buy a size larger than your usual. The woman there Doris, was unbelievebly helpful on the phone. Here's a listing of their stuff, I highly recommend them. http://www.ebay.com/sch/roseburg.c.c/m.html?hash=item563fbb12f9&item=370436412153&pt=Apparel_Merchandise&rt=nc&_trksid=p4340.l2562
  4. Pioneer has a woman that will be available to sew on your patches at the rally for a nominal fee...so bring those vests and jackets with you if you want them done..
  5. EBAY's deal of the day. Not sure of the quality but I ordered one... http://cgi.ebay.com/Live-Mechanics-Leather-%26-Casual-Jackets---11-Styles/360356083612?_trksid=p1468660.m2000036
  6. Once we rode 1 hour north of Toronto. The Cold weather settle in And Myself and Four _Paws had to put on our weather jackets Oh Swifty.... Thank you very much for following the speed limit (The Canadian Way)
  7. Well, here goes. It may get a little bit long, but here are my thoughts. On March 17th I ordered two Scorpion Hat Trick jackets @ $149.99 each. They shipped them on March 22nd, and I got them OK. I was pleased with the price as they were lower than most other sites, and I had looked at the jackets at a local dealer (higher priced) and knew exactlly what I was getting. Last Thursday 04-22 I get an ad from them in my email and they have the same jacket for $114.99, $35 less than I paid, for a total of $70.00 less for the two. So I sent them a polite (I thought) email inquiring about a possible price match. Here is what I sent, and I also added my name, address and phone number: "Subject: Price of Scorpion Hat Trick jackets On 03-22-2010 you shipped my order number 1031756 of two of these jackets. I paid $149.99 each for them. You now have them on sale at $114.99 each. $35 each is a signifigant difference in price. Is there any chance that I can get a price match refund of the $70 more that I paid? If I had only waited a month to order my two jackets I would have gotten them for $114.99 each. Thank you for your consideration of this matter." Yesterday, Tues. 04-27 (5 days later) I got this reply: We do not go more than 7 days for match That's it, that's all they sent. I was not happy with how they responded. It is their choice as to how they establish their price matching policy, but I felt that they were rude and very unprofessional in their response. Following is my reply to their reply: "What kind of response is this? No name, no comment, no thank you for your business. Not even any punctuation. This certainly is not the way to promote your business. This response must be from someone who just doesn't give a damn about this business, only that they get a pay check. I checked as much of your web site as I could to find your written policy for price match against yourself and could not find it anywhere. Perhaps you can enlighten me as to where to find it. Meanwhile, I will post my feelings about your your customer service (and price match policy), and your lack of courtesy, to the motorcycle forums in which I am active. Some of them even list your store as a recommended source to purchase parts and gear, etc. Seems like they must not know the whole story. By the way, I sent my email to you last Thursday, 04-22-2010. Got the response Tuesday, 04-27-2010. Seems like a long time to wait for such a short response." Needless to say, unless I get some kind of positive response from someone in their customer service, managment, or ownership, they will never get another order from me.All this FWIW, and now I feel better. Mel
  8. I'm going to have to buy riding gear for my new passenger and will probably get something new for myself. I have a leather jacket and chaps. The jacket is too heavy for summer. Neither give good rain protection. I'm wondering about your opinions on the differences between leather and some of the fabric garments available concerning protection, comfort, warmth and cooling, weight, etc. Mel:Venture: UPDATE: I have ordered Scorpion Hat Trick jackets from MOTORCYCLE-SUPERSTORE.COM---MSRP $229, I ordered Black/blue on sale @$149 with free shipping. I made my decision after visiting two dealers, trying on different jackets and comparing features, quality, price,etc. These jackets are three layers with the inner two able to be individually removed. FWIW
  9. I was wondering if the charging system can hold up to a pair of Gerbing heated jacket liners? Anyone using 2 of these jackets with their RSV? comments?
  10. the wife & I stopped in a Honda shop today, to buy her another visor, for her helmet so, I'm in paying for the new one, and I don't see the wife anywhere., so I slowly look around, as not to miss, the Little wife of 5 ft., I come around the leather jackets, and find the wife sitting on the back of a 2009 Goldwing, trying out the back seat. So I stepped back and just watched. she got off, opened the trunk, checked out the gauges, touched the fairing, walk around It one more time. Then started looking for me. of course, found me, in the leather section, looking at jackets..... I said NOTHING....... GOD!!!! I hope this is a start of a new relationship (For both of us)
  11. Just a reminder for those who ordered t's, jackets, and sweats....orders will be in my hands wednesday...if you placed an order and have not sent me your payment ...please do so as I like to pay for them when I recieve them.....I did recieve some of the sweat shirts yesterday, but because they are only partial orders ...I will hang on to them until they are complete.....and a big THANK YOU to the members who have purchased items.....all shirts and fleece jackets will be available year round so you can always order them, but like you, I like to ride when the weather is nice... so this is a perfect time to place an order...and don't forget CHRISTMAS IS COMMING.. and I need at least 2 weeks to fill an order...
  12. OK folks...one of our members who wishes to remain anonymous has donated two riding jackets to be given away. I've been thinking about how to do it though and have decided to give them away as door prizes at maintenance day. I'm not 100% sure of the brand but I think they are Texport Duratrak. Whatever, they are very nice jackets. 3/4 length heavy cordura nylon with removable armor. Both are black with yellow trim. One is a large and the other is an extra large. I'm really just posting this so that the member doesn't think that I'm KEEPING them for myself. Now you have another incentive to make it to my Maintenance Day.
  13. Ok you guys and gals.. the fleece jackets are now officially going on sale..check it out on the Venture Rider merchandise forum........
  14. Thought I would pass this on. Rod -------- Original Message -------- Subject: Date: From: Paul Thompson Reply-To: To: http://rs6.net/on.jsp?t=1102181506928.0.1011190681102.45497&ts=S0346&o=http://ui.constantcontact.com/images/p1x1.gif http://www.newenough.com/neml_images/page_images/new_neml_logo.gif http://www.newenough.com/image/path/15212/small/Default.jpg?1208877284 Ladies PowerTrip San Jose Mesh Jackets Now $25 We bought a huge group of these full mesh jackets last fall. I knew when I bought them they'd be hanging around all winter. But now summer is almost over and I HAVE TO get rid of the rest of these jackets this summer. At this price I'm loosing about $5 per jacket. Abuse me! Take'em all! About the jacket: The San Jose jacket is primarily designed for hot weather riding. The entire shell of the jacket is a "free air" mesh design which allows wind to blow right through. To enhance the crash worthiness of this jacket, it comes complete with removable armor in the shoulders, elbows and back. To add to the useful temperature range of this jacket, it comes with a removable vest-type thermal liner too. These liners can be useful on day rides where it is cooler in the morning, but warms up in the afternoon. There are only about 400 of these jackets left in our warehouse and I expect we'll sell them all pretty quickly, so use the drop down menu on the product page to view the sizes and colors remaining in inventory. MSRP $124.99, Now $25 As always, thanks for your patronage... http://www.newenough.com/neml_images/page_images/paul_sig.gif Paul Thompson, President New Enough, LTD email: daniel@newenough.com phone: 888-530-7351 web: http://www.newenough.com Forward this to a friend! http://img.constantcontact.com/letters/images/safe_unsubscribe_logo.gif This email was sent to prhenderson@cox.net by daniel@newenough.com. Update Profile/Email Address | Instant removal with SafeUnsubscribe™ | Privacy Policy. Email Marketing by http://img.constantcontact.com/letters/images/cc-logo-color-sm.gif New Enough Motorcycle Leathers | 405 Clovis Road #83 | Shallowater | TX | 79363 31 PM
  15. I've always had trouble finding a good riding jacket that fit me well. Being on the heavy side when I find a jacket that fits at the waist the arms hang down to my knees. The elbow pads become forearm pads. Last weekend I went to the Atlanta MC show for the specific purpose of looking for a jacket and I found one that works. It is a Fieldsheer Aqua Sport. http://www.fieldsheer.com/2008site/IE/product/AquasSportsJacket.htm I spoke with the Fieldsheer rep and they make jackets in 2 cuts. One for cut narrower for trim riders and one that is more full cut for us middle age wide bodies. This is the first jacket I've found with pads that is comfortable with all of the pads where they are supposed to be. This is my first exposure to Fieldsheer. It looks like a well made jacket but I had never heard of the brand before. If this works as good as I expect I want to get a warm weather jacket also. They have a mesh jacket with a zip out liner that has the same cut. http://www.fieldsheer.com/2008site/IE/product/TourTempTXJacket.htm Seems like the only brands the local dealers around me carry are Joe Rocket and River Road which never work for me. I just wanted to pass this along in case any other riders have the same problem finding jacket with a little fuller cut. DT
  16. mother nature,had a good run at east texas last nite,but missed,through,even the turtles,had life jackets on
  17. silvercrew


    I was just wondering if leather or some of the other material would be better for protection. I have seen lots of jackets made of different materials at the bike shops and got to thinking would some of the other material be cooler and offer just as much protection as leather? I want to start replacing our riding gear with new stuff and wondered what we should go with. I am going to get new modular helmets and red wing boots so what about gloves, jackets and chaps?
  18. What do you all suggest as a really warm motorcycle jacket? Ron has a Wilson Motorcycle jacket with Thinsulate lining that seems to work for him. My leather jacket has a regular lining, and although I dress in layers, I seem to still get really cold. Especially if it is in the low 50's. It seems that most of the jackets for ladies are just more for looks. Hey, Fringe isn't really that warm!
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