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  1. I became a grandpa today for the second time. Another Swailes kid. This time a girl. she came a little early.
  2. Saturday we had my daughter Kelly's baby shower. Saturday night her water broke and she was rushed to the hospital. Shes now in the NICU (neonatal ward) and will remain there until little "Gavin" decides to make his entrance. Shes at 29 weeks and the baby weighs in at 2.5 lbs, which surpasses some benchmarks for weight and size minimums. The longer the kid waits, the better it will be. Original due date was Dec 9th but that would be a miracle if the baby waits that long. Could be any day now, we just dont know. Were all just hanging in there right now. Please keep Kelly, Chris and baby Gavin in your prayers.
  3. :cool10:This 11 year old kid created a social net work site that is kid friendly. His Dad was tired of all the bullying and curse words on face book and cut him off. So he got creative. If you want your kids on a safe site check this out. Please leave your thoughts here. http://www.gromsocial.com/ Joe
  4. Today was a beautiful day, clear, sunshine, not even a sniff of a possibility of rain in the forecast. In general a great day for a bike ride, and there ain't many good days left till the salt trucks come out to play. So I go out to the shed to start getting the bike out and I get this weird feeling that says I should take the truck to work today. So I finally give in to my feelings and take the truck to work, about a half mile from home I see red and blue flashing lights up ahead. So I am pretty much paying attention to what is going on up ahead when WHAM I hit something that I never saw. Of course I stop immediately to figure out what happened and hear banging on the bottom of the truck. So I shut off the engine fearing that I just ran over some kid I never saw. This happened about 2 blocks past the school right in the middle of town. I jumped out of the truck to see what is under me and there is a deer kicking and squirming like crazy. Well that was a big relief to know it was not some kid. At which point my brain immediately switched gears into thinking of fresh venison steak for dinner tonight. But before I could do much else the deer wiggled out from under the truck and took off running full blast right down the middle of the road. The stupid deer took all of my fresh venison steak with it. The deer did not appear to be injured and there was no damage to my truck other than a clean spot where the deer rubbed off some of the dirt that was carefully placed over the last year. When I was thinking it was a kid under there I think I was to scared to need new shorts, so no damage there either. But had I been on the bike right there and then this might be a very different story. Sometimes it pays to listen to that little voice in the back of your head. It is the silly season for deer. They are coming into the rut and will be running everywhere like crazy. Keep your eyes open for them at ALL times of the day and night. Those bucks only get lucky once a year and they will not let you or anything else get in their way.
  5. One kid has a really special play toy in their back yard..........Mom and dad built this and the kid has a blast on it.!!!!!! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBWloE7EKzQt]back yard pvc roller coaster with a 12 ft drop - YouTube[/ame]
  6. I've posted this before. I have a niece Taylor Paige Woods that gave blood at school months ago. Most of the time since then has been in a hospital with a infection they can't nail down. She was just rushed to ICU with oxygen levels in the danger zone. This was a good kid trying to do good. It shouldn't work like this but sometimes. If you are the praying type she could use a few words and just good thoughts couldn't hurt. Come on Taylor, we got a ride to take.
  7. http://www.flixxy.com/amazing-17-year-old-rc-pilot.htm If you've seen this - watch it again. If not - ENJOY. This kid IS amazing.
  8. Contributed by: Mike McCaffrey, Admiral (retired USN) Never forget this, a Chief can become an Officer, but an Officer can never become a Chief. Chiefs have their standards! Recollections of a Whitehat. "One thing we weren't aware of at the time, but became evident as life wore on, was that we learned true leadership from the finest examples any lad was ever given, Chief Petty Officers. They were crusty old bastards who had done it all and had been forged into men who had been time tested over more years than a lot of us had time on the planet. The ones I remember wore hydraulic oil stained hats with scratched and dinged-up insignia, faded shirts, some with a Bull Durham tag dangling out of their right-hand pocket or a pipe and tobacco reloads in a worn leather pouch in their hip pockets, and a Zippo that had been everywhere. Some of them came with tattoos on their forearms that would force them to keep their cuffs buttoned at a Methodist picnic. Most of them were as tough as a boarding house steak. A quality required to survive the life they lived. They were, and always will be, a breed apart from all other residents of Mother Earth. They took eighteen year old idiots and hammered the stupid bastards into sailors. You knew instinctively it had to be hell on earth to have been born a Chief's kid. God should have given all sons born to Chiefs a return option. A Chief didn't have to command respect. He got it because there was nothing else you could give them. They were God's designated hitters on earth. We had Chiefs with fully loaded Submarine Combat Patrol Pins, and combat air crew wings in my day...hard-core bastards who remembered lost mates, and still cursed the cause of their loss...and they were expert at choosing descriptive adjectives and nouns, none of which their mothers would have endorsed. At the rare times you saw a Chief topside in dress canvas, you saw rows of hard-earned, worn and faded ribbons over his pocket. "Hey Chief, what's that one and that one?" "Oh hell kid, I can't remember. There was a war on. They gave them to us to keep track of the campaigns." "We didn't get a lot of news out where we were. To be honest, we just took their word for it. Hell son, you couldn't pronounce most of the names of the places we went. They're all depth charge survival geedunk." "Listen kid, ribbons don't make you a Sailor." We knew who the heroes were, and in the final analysis that's all that matters. Many nights, we sat in the after mess deck wrapping ourselves around cups of coffee and listening to their stories. They were light-hearted stories about warm beer shared with their running mates in corrugated metal sheds at resupply depots where the only furniture was a few packing crates and a couple of Coleman lamps. Standing in line at a Honolulu cathouse or spending three hours soaking in a tub in Freemantle, smoking cigars, and getting loaded. It was our history. And we dreamed of being just like them because they were our heroes. When they accepted you as their shipmate, it was the highest honor you would ever receive in your life. At least it was clearly that for me. They were not men given to the prerogatives of their position. You would find them with their sleeves rolled up, shoulder-to-shoulder with you in a stores loading party. "Hey Chief, no need for you to be out here tossin' crates in the rain, we can get all this crap aboard." "Son, the term 'All hands' means all hands." "Yeah Chief, but you're no damn kid anymore, you old coot." "Horsefly, when I'm eighty-five parked in the stove up old bastards' home, I'll still be able to kick your worthless butt from here to fifty feet past the screw guards along with six of your closest friends." And he probably wasn't bull****ting. They trained us. Not only us, but hundreds more just like us. If it wasn't for Chief Petty Officers, there wouldn't be any U.S. Navy. There wasn't any fairy godmother who lived in a hollow tree in the enchanted forest who could wave her magic wand and create a Chief Petty Officer. They were born as hot-sacking seamen, and matured like good whiskey in steel hulls over many years. Nothing a nineteen year-old jay-bird could cook up was original to these old saltwater owls. They had seen E-3 jerks come and go for so many years; they could read you like a book. "Son, I know what you are thinking. Just one word of advice. DON'T. It won't be worth it." "Aye, Chief." Chiefs aren't the kind of guys you thank. Monkeys at the zoo don't spend a lot of time thanking the guy who makes them do tricks for peanuts. Appreciation of what they did, and who they were, comes with long distance retrospect. No young lad takes time to recognize the worth of his leadership. That comes later when you have experienced poor leadership or let's say, when you have the maturity to recognize what leaders should be, you find that Chiefs are the standard by which you measure all others. They had no Academy rings to get scratched up. They butchered the King's English. They had become educated at the other end of an anchor chain from Copenhagen to Singapore . They had given their entire lives to the U.S. Navy. In the progression of the nobility of employment, Chief Petty Officer heads the list. So, when we ultimately get our final duty station assignments and we get to wherever the big Chief of Naval Operations in the sky assigns us, if we are lucky, Marines will be guarding the streets, and there will be an old Chief in an oil-stained hat and a cigar stub clenched in his teeth standing at the brow to assign us our bunks and tell us where to stow our gear... and we will all be young again, and the damn coffee will float a rock. Life fixes it so that by the time a stupid kid grows old enough and smart enough to recognize who he should have thanked along the way, he no longer can. If I could, I would thank my old Chiefs. If you only knew what you succeeded in pounding in this thick skull, you would be amazed. So, thanks you old casehardened unsalvageable son-of-a-*****es. Save me a rack in the berthing compartment." Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain.
  9. Today Robin and I meet up with several members from Virginia and the Carolina's. We cut our Washington dc visit short and headed down to the land of warmth. We took in the International Motorcycle show in Charlotte NC. Friday night, then hooked up with ETCSWJOE,the KID, SYLVESTER, 1JOERANGER and family at there meet and eat. We enjoy meeting everyone and hope to see all you all again.
  10. Took the bike out today to run some errands. On my way home I had to stop at COSTCO to pick up a few things for CHRISTmas Eve dinner. Traffic sucked as everybody was turning left into the parking lot. Went past COSTCO to make a u-turn back into the lot. A young male (18-22ish) was in a small red car in front of me. I could tell he was on his cell phone, I was ticked as I wanted him to concentrate on making his u-turn so I could make mine. It was then that I saw a guy in a wheel chair coming down the sidewalk, crossing the entrances of a couple of business on that side. I had to wonder where he was coming from, as there was nothing to the east of where he was coming from. You see, this guy had one arm, and one good leg. He was pushing with his right leg, while pushing/spinning the rear wheel with his right arm. He was working VERY hard at each push/spin. I watched how much impact some gravel on the wheelchair ramp had as he went up the 8% wheelchair ramp slope. I think I was just in awe on how hard this guy was working to get somewhere. I kept wondering where he was coming from and how far he had already gone. The kid in the red car finally made his u-turn. About time ! Then it was my turn. As I turned I saw the red car turn into a business parking lot. Next thing I know, the kid had jumped out and walked up to the wheelchair guy. A brief conversation had the young man pushing the wheelchair up the road as I passed. I pulled into COSTCO. As I ran inside I kept thinking about what I had just witnessed. That kid committed to pushing that wheelchair.. How far ? A couple of blocks ? A mile ? I ran through COSTCO grabbing my stuff while thinking about that kid pushing the wheelchair. It was then when I decided that I wanted to get out of there ASAP. I wanted to see if I could either push the next mile, give the kid a ride back to his car, or at least shake his hand. I got in line and kept thinking about what I had seen. I only had three small things to buy. The ladies in front of me turned to me and insisted that I go ahead of them. ( 2nd nice gesture I had seen in the last 15 minutes. ) I checked out and ran to my bike. I rode my motorcycle up a mile to the west, turned around and then to the south. Couldn’t find either of them. Don’t know where they both went. Finally went back to where the car was parked and couldn’t find that either. All I know two things now; There is a mom and dad somewhere that should be very proud of their son, and that the next time I want to be the guy who does it, not the one who just thinks about it.
  11. She said hello to the world at 8:10 pm last night. 6lbs-7oz. Her name is Tirzah (Tear-zah). In Hebrew it means "She is my Delight". Her middle name is Joy... Okay, now say them together and roll your eyes. Hope it doesn't scar the kid for life. (Christy's middle name is Joy also) Pictures are of my daughter, Christy and Tirzah and Luke Tirzah and Christy.
  12. No, I'm not kidding. They played fair on the price negotiation. When the time came for first service they got it in at the appointment time, and out when they promised, for a fair price. Over the last few days I'd been hearing a ticking in the rear that sounded a lot like what has been described here as the 'spline problem'. Drove by the dealer, spoke to the service guy, who called a technician out to listen. The kid (Highly Qualified Yamaha Trained Technician) (I'm 51 - everyone looks like a kid) listened for a minute and said "Yup. I know what that is." Went in and got a copy of the bulletin describing it and the fix. Explained the problem in detail, and what he would do to remedy it. Assured me that driving it wouldn't damage the machine in the short term, but I should make an appointment to get it seen to. Went back around to the service desk. While I was bringing my bike back to the parking lot the kid (Technician) had gone out and briefed the service writer. when I got back to the service desk my apointment was all written up. We agreed on a day to get it in and I was promised 'first in first out' if I'd like to wait on the day. Did I mention I like my dealer?
  13. I just can't imagine!!!! I really feel sorry for the kid!
  14. Some of these are before my time, but many I remember from when I was a kid. http://oldfortyfives.com/DYRT.htm
  15. What is the best gauge set to use for the 2nd Gen. the sunpro 2 inch or 11/2 inch to put into the cassette area. Who had the mod kid for doing the install? Thanks
  16. Two little kids are in a hospital, lying on stretchers next to each other outside the operating room. The first kid leans over and asks, "What are you in here for?" The second kid says, "I'm in here to get my tonsils out and I'm a little nervous." The first kid says, "You've got nothing to worry about. I had that done when I was four. They put you to sleep, and when you wake up they give you lots of Jell-O and ice cream. It's a breeze." The second kid then asks, "What are you here for?" The first kid says, "A circumcision." "Whoa!" the second kid replies. "Good luck, buddy. I had that done when I was born. Couldn't walk for a year."
  17. I'm hoping that some of you older guys in here might be able to help me ID an old Polaris Star engine I have hiding in my shed. I'm trying to figure out what size it is and what year. The ID tag has been cleaned of all the important information except for some numbers that are stamped into it. I remember riding a few of the old Polaris sleds that had these engines in them when I was a kid. I want to put it into the go-cart I used to drive when I was a kid and get it back up and running for old times sake. I haven't driven it since I crashed it doing about 60mph when I was about 15. That was 24 years ago. I'm gonna have to chop off the roll bars and weld on some new ones and stuff. Anyway, I've attached some pics to help with the ID. Maybe someone knows where I can find some good info on vintage sleds and such that will help? Thanks, Bill
  18. Get your mind out of the gutter! I am riding up to the Upper Peninsula in a couple weeks, showing my bride some places I visited as a kid. One of my childhood memories is of the pasties we enjoyed. Unfortunately, as a kid I didn't pay much attention to where we got them. I vaguely remember getting them from trucks or stands... something only sort of permanent. So, does anyone have a recommendation for a good pasty joint? I think timing-wise, some place close to the Mackinaw Bridge on the St Ignace side would work. Otherwise, we are headng up to the Soo Locks, camping at Brimley SP, then heading across to the Keweenaw Peninsula via Munising and Marquette. Ideas? Dave
  19. Screamstone (Rob) and his two boys, Caleb and Danny, stopped by for a short visit on Friday on their way to Boone, NC. It was our pleasure meeting the little Kid Stones! Caleb is wearing green and Danny has on blue. Such great little guys!
  20. Guest

    One of my favorite videos...

    This might get yanked, but I feel like this is one of those songs that deserves to be heard. I'm not much of a Kid Rock fan, but he hit the nail on the head with this song. I'm pretty sure the song is PG, but if there's a slip in there don't blame me! It's a bit gloomy at the beginning but gets better... Enough babble, here's the vid. (There may be a 15 second Ad before it plays, be patient.) [nomedia] "]YouTube- Kid Rock - Amen [OFFICIAL VIDE[/nomedia]
  21. The Kid came down from Charlotte to get Sleeperhawk do a carb tune on his bike and Pecker came over to assist. The guys first helped work on some rewiring on Sleeperhawk's bike and then Sleeperhawk did the carb tune. :happy65:Each time I looked at The Kid's bike, I found more Jack Daniels on there! Then it was time for a lunch ride to try a new BBQ place called Hudson's Smokehouse in Lexington. (This place is on our list for the next SC M&E). What a beautiful day for a ride! :dancefool:After a great late lunch, it was time for everyone to go home! Too bad they missed out on the cherry pie waiting for them at home! We really enjoyed the visit and hope The Kid will come back down to see us!
  22. This is funny... [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VH34xzIdY58&fmt=18]YouTube - Motorcycle Safety Ad[/ame] Probably not kid or work friendly.
  23. http://www.frogsoda.com/video/coolest_kid_ever
  24. Got a great suprise Sat!! One of our twins (he's in the blue) and a friend of his rode up from central Iowa to give me a mother's day present........leather half gloves and a leather doo rag!!! Gotta love a kid a kid that gives his mamma chrome or leather for holidays!!!
  25. Be carefull out there everybody. Although it was a bit cold today I decided to take the bike for a ride. Just after I got on the highway a trailer came lose from a truck in front of me. No big deal as I was cruising along and had plenty of time to react and move to the farthest lane. Heres where the fun began. After I moved over, a kid with his head in a cell pjone moved over on me. Says he never saw me. He put me on the shoulder of the road and almost hit the guard rail. luckily I had already slowed down or that would have been the case. The kid actually hit the guard rail. All of this was caused by the driver of the truck useing the wrong size ball on the truck hitch. 2 inch instead of 2 and 5/16. No one was hurt thankfully, but the kid and the driver of the truck got tickets. Failer to yield wright of way for the kid and failer to properly retrain a load for the truck. Please all,be carefull out there in a cage or on 2 wheels. I feel very lucky to be here now. I dont claim my prowless on the bike or the bike itself had anything to do with that. I just think my angels were looking out for daddy . Be safe and good riding. David
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