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  1. Heard this on the news last night. Appears They will be making several different off road models here and the 3 wheel slingshot. Tiny north Alabama crossroads of Greenbrier is excited, wary about new Huntsville Polaris plant | AL.com Bringing 1,700 more jobs to the Huntsville area. Want a job at the new Polaris off-road vehicle plant in Huntsville? Here's what we know now | AL.com
  2. http://www.motorcycleshows.com/atlanta-brands 3pm Friday Sat & Sun at the Cobb Galleria I was hoping it would start early Friday. I had plans for the weekend but would like to see someof the new bikes. STAR will be there as will Triumph and BMW. All with models I want to check out. Discounts on admission availoable via Progressive web site I imagine as well as Triumph. I will likely try to go early Saturday.
  3. Will the stator from a 99 or 03 Royale Star Venture fit a 90 Venture Royale? What years and models are interchangeable with the 90?
  4. I have a 96 royal star. The front rotors are pitted. I was wondering what years and models would work for used replacements off ebay. Thanks Dave
  5. Don't know if any one has noticed the price drop on the Venture in Canada.... Taken from Cycle Canada Site.... Yamaha Motor Canada has announced sizeable price reductions on many of their 2012 motorcycles, including models like the Raider, V-Star 950 and R1. This brings suggested retail pricing on Canadian products more in line with U.S. prices, says Yamaha. “Due to market fluctuations and inventory levels, we weren’t able to address the pricing gaps of the last few years as quickly as we would have liked,” commented Peter Swanton, National Sales Manager, Motorsports for Yamaha Can
  6. Check out this model....especially the night scenes. I used to be in the sign business, selling scrolling poster signs and if you watch at the 3:04 min mark and again at the 4 minute mark you can see models of what I used to sell! So Cool!!!!! EDIT: forgot the link!!!!!! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qz4NcTnQedo&annotation_id=annotation_781794&feature=iv]Knuffingen Airport: Kleinster Flughafen der Welt // The world's smallest airport - YouTube[/ame]
  7. Of course I forgot the lock in the front wheel, put her on the side and destroyed my speedo wire...unbelivable. Does anyone know which speedo wires work on our bikes from other models? Looked for XVZ1300TD and could find none but plenty for other Yamahas, should fit anyhow I guess but which ones?
  8. I'm sure this has been asked, but, I'd like to add highway pegs to my 06 RSTD. I have no other accessories mounted down there....looking at Kuryakin...any suggestions on brands, models, mounts? Thanks!
  9. For those looking for a new helmet or a modular helmet. Motorcycle Gear (New Enough.com) has their HJC Symax IIs on closeout for 129.99 with free shipping. Thought that was a pretty good price. Other models are also low priced. http://www.motorcyclegear.com/street/closeouts/all_types/hjc/ May want to click through the banner at the top of the page so the site gets credit.
  10. I'm beginning to look for a newer 2ng gen. Have heard some 2007s had a head casting issue. Is this real and any other issues on 2005 and newer models?
  11. Today was the 5th annual Emily Keyes Memorial Parade. In No one remembers, you can go to www.iloveuguys.org and read the story about "the ride". According to the police, there were OVER 5,000 bikes there today. After walking around, I found 5 other late 80's VR!!! I KNOW there were many more newer models and possibly more of the older models. It was Amazing. It was my Brother-in-laws FIRST ride with more than just 2 or 3 people. He loved it. We met a wonderful member of Venturerider.org, Bob, i think his name was. I had a small problem with my kickstand saftey switch and he tried to h
  12. I have a 2008 Royal Star Venture & just finished a SpeedoHealer v3 installation in about 1 1/2 hours... calibration is set for -10%. It is great to have an accurate speedometer. The v3 models can be found on eBay for 55 to $70. I recommend it to all. JohnB
  13. Were getting close to the 2011 models coming out, has anyone head anything yet?
  14. Someone sent the Sales Book on the 2010 Harley Davidsons,I've only ridden one in my life time and it was Police Special, anyways 3 models strike me that I would consider in buying if I were rich The Rocker c..XR1200 and The new FLHXSE CVO Street Glide
  15. For those of you contemplating buying a Garmin, yesterday in Motorcyclist magazine that they are offering a $100 rebate on 4 different zumo models. The address that they posted in the mag was www.garmin.com/zumorebate
  16. Thinking about getting one for my 05 RSTD, but of course they don't list a mounting bracket for this bike. Does anybody know if any of the other models will connect to the stock windshield quick disconnect mounts? Didn't know if maybe the Roadstar or Vstar brackets might work.
  17. Hi all I'm new here and am looking to replace my '85 Goldwing with a new touring machine. I've been riding for about 16 years and usually pack on about 20,000 kms a year, spreading it out over my CBR929 and my Goldwing. I'm more of a sport bike rider but bought my Goldwing almost three years ago, mostly as an experiment off of ebay (my first ebay vehicle purchase as well as my first touring bike). Obviously it turned out well but now that my cheap-o Wing needs some expensive repairs I have to decide what makes the most sense financially. The wing only cost me about $3200 to put on the r
  18. Hi Everybody; Just traded my 96 Royal Star for an 01 bagger: Old guy owned 11K mi example...sweet Picking it up tomorrow Couple ??...I've owned most of the touring models: 83 Venture 78-91 GW Voyager Just about everything except an HD and this RSV Couple questions you experts can answer: 1. How topheavy is it? Surely not as bulbous as my 91 Aspencade! (That thing was like trying to mount an elephant and was absolutely scary in a parking lot with rocks...I kept my 85 Aspencade and was glad I did...still have it) 2. I read some threads on here saying there was a difference betwee
  19. I was on ebay and found this software that is supposed to cross reference parts for yamaha models. Has anyone used this and would it be beneficial for finding xref parts for my 83'? Yamaha XVZ1200 XVZ1200A Venture Royale Part XRef Manual What fits what software 3117 models 187,770 part #s Thanks
  20. Ok guys i know they are out there I need a set of chrome control covers for my royalstar tour deluxe. Kuryakyn make them for close 2 all yamahas models roadstars,silveraldos can 1 that fit one of these models fit mine help me out & thanks in advance for ur help
  21. spotsy

    ATV 4x4

    I'm sure some of you have a ATV and more knowledge than I do. I have always wanted to small tractor with a bucket however I just can't justify it. So after this last snow storm we saw a ATV with a plow on it on a trailer. Just wondering how they do pushing snow? With all the models does anyone have any neat web sites that explain which models are 4x4 and which modles are sport ATV's? When I do searches some are just 2 wheel drive or they are a sport ATV when I'm looking for an utility ATV and 4 wheel drive. Any info is appreciated? Also, anyone have a Wildfire brand? Thanks.
  22. Today's special on Amazon is the Nuvi 785T for $199. Does anyone know the difference between this model and the 765T that several of you already have? There are just too many models out there to figure out the difference!!!
  23. Says in the specs that it does not include Where Am I which allows you to find closest hospitals, police stations, gas stations, etc.... Can't believe something that cost so much back in the day you wouldn't be able to find a gas station if you needed to. It might not be part of Where Am I, but I would think you could find a gas station. Anyone with these models confirm the information? Thanks
  24. Does anyone have access to a readable copy of the 90-93 wiring schematic. The one that is in the 86-93 service manual is unreadable. I am nearing completion of redrawn schematics for the 86-93 models similar to the one I did for the 83-85 models. I can see that the three major changes to the 90-93 is the pick up coil change, fuel pump control relay & TCI unit. I need a readable schematic to get wire colors correct. Gary
  25. Just got XM in a new tundra and really like it, so I'm thinking about getting an XM for the bike. anybody got any ideas/positive experiences with these? Which models work well with our bikes? THANKS!
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