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Found 6 results

  1. I have a shop full of 1st gen Venture parts for sale. Body plastic, frames, seats, windshields, wiring harnesses, tires, wheels. If you need it I have it. Send me a picture of what you need and I'll let you know if I have it and a price. Did I mention I have it? The Fundi.
  2. I have a 1983 Venture XVZ12 I am trying to get it into daily riding shape. It is my fathers and it sat for 26 years until now. I have done the from fork oil and that fixed the front end dive so far. I now am looking for a rear master cylinder. I am also trying to figure out if my rear shock is shot or not. When I sit on it the rear just sinks but the pressure hold firm. The adjustment knob seems to do nothing and from what I can see the frame there is in good shape. It is holding pressure fine and I filled it to the recommended psi months ago and it hasn't gone down at all. is there something I am missing when I check the rear? Maybe a second shock or something. I am also looking for a led headlight for this bike as sealed beams are quite dim and I ride in rural areas quite often. Finally I have all the plastics for it but none of the screws to bolt them on with. Does anyone know the size and length so I can go to home depot and get some zinc screws for this.
  3. Hello, Everyone!!! Happy Friday! Below you will see an '86 Royal Venture I have that am parting out. Description: Mechanically complete 1986 Venture (Let me VIN it) for you guys Details: Main use as my parts bike for my Project '86. Remarks: Mostly have everything I need off of it. Special Notes: There may still be some parts I need to pull at my discretion. Unless I have made a deal with you already, please don't yell at me. That's just not cool. How much? Show me the part, part numbers don't always help me. I'm a quick learner, and not an expert on this bike. But I can find it pretty quick. Lastly, make me an offer. Shipping will not be included in offer. Parts pulled are AS-IS, No guarantees. Sorry, ya'll. Picture Legend: Red X = Items either sold or moved to my project bike. (Disclaimer: other pieces may moved throughout the restoration process. Although, if a deal has been and/or paid for IT WILL BE HONORED.) Shipping Details: Most will be provided via USPS Priority Flat Rate. So please use the calculator at USPS FR Calculator or UPS. Your Choice. Zip ship from is 72956. Either way please allow 2 weeks to remove, package and mail the part(s). I work full-time & have a senior in high school in the process of doing college visits. (and did I mention she is in marching band in the middle of fall competitions?) oO(Psst..Thank ya'll for understanding)
  4. This item has sold. This 2nd Gen Venture was in an accident last summer. The engine (1300cc V4) was not damaged and still runs. It has approximately 90,000 km. I believe the transmission, drive train, and wheels are also fine. The frame may still be usable as well. Most of the plastic parts and some chrome was damaged. The cost to replace all with new parts is too high. So, I'm looking for someone with a 2nd Gen Venture that needs an engine, transmission or possibly other non-cosmetic parts. I would want to sell it complete and as-is. Not for individual parts. Asking $1990, OBO. Located near Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Willing to help with delivery (I have a trailer).
  5. *** "SOLD" *** DossDan's Son Got It! Glad he'll get more use out of it. I'm moving this Summer and I don't have the means or desire to drag this parts machine and my stores of parts along with me... I have a 1989 Yamaha Venture Royale XVZ13DW WITH TITLE Free for Pickup by the end of May. Bike has been partially parted-out to feed my running machine. All body plastic still in beautiful condition (maroon). Engine blew head gasket in ~2010 and appeared to be seized on my last crank attempt in 2017 and remains in frame. I have 2 working rear monoshocks in addition to a blown unit from my running bike. The parts bike monoshock is included and works, it's just no longer attached . I also have multiple radios, antennas, CBs, floorboards, trim pieces, odds and ends and other items in addition to the parts I pulled off the hanger queen. I would love for someone to get some use out of all these parts, however 2 local salvage yards have passed on the offer due to the surplus of this make/model in their parts bins (which I find hard to believe). I'm located in Gladwin Michigan near the intersection of state highways 30 and 61. Reply to thread with any questions about what I've got and I'll reply the same way. Contact me with PM for date and time arrangements for pickup.
  6. Just starting this thread - I'll add more as I find it . . . If you are aware of any other alternatives to expensive factory parts, especially if you have used one yourself and had satisfactory results, please message one of the moderators to have the information added here. Where a particular part has a related Tech Library article, that link is the last one. Clutch - More of an upgrade than just a replacement, PCW Racing sells a stronger spring and an upgrade kit at very reasonable prices. Their link is below, but at last check they didn't have on-line ordering. Another option (and more expensive) is the Barnett pressure plate. Most slipping clutches on the 2nd Gens can be completely fixed with just the stronger springs - no need to replace the friction or steel plates. http://www.pcwracing.net/ - call them at 518-346-7203 and tell them you want the spring upgrade kit for a Royal Star Venture http://www.barnettclutches.com/ Clutch Upgrade - VentureRider.Org Coils - really should be a number of alternatives here, but I do not have any details. Fuel Pump - Most external low pressure/low volume fuel pumps should work - stock pump has a 3 PSI rating and costs over $200. Look for a solid state pump sold for old VWs or jeeps. Here are a couple of links for replacement pumps under $50: Autozone 4-7 PSI NOTE: since this pump is double the pressure of the stock pump, I would not use it unless I could not find any other. Autozone 2-3 1/2 PSI JCW 1 1/2-4 PSI JCW 1 1/2-3 1/2 PSI http://www.jegs.com/i/Mr.+Gasket/720/42S/10002/-1 http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/eppages/facetpumps.php Parts 40105 and 40171 https://www.napaonline.com/Catalog/CatalogItemDetail.aspx?A=BK_6101051_0067330545&An=0 General note on available pumps - most (probably all) of these pumps are Facet brand fuel pumps, and the correct Facet part number is 42S (also goes by 40105). Facet has recently replaced their old cube pumps with new Posi-Flo pumps, and the correct part number for the Posi-Flo is 04S (also goes by 60104). Either part number may be preceded by "PRO" or "FEP". Also note that the 40171 pump is the ONLY one that has both a check valve and positive shutoff, so it would be the best choice for use on a motorcycle that does not have an automatic fuel shutoff when the engine is off (such as ours). All of the other pumps allow fuel to flow even when the power is off, so a leaking float valve could lead to engine damage if the petcock is left on. Fuel filter - http://www.oreillyauto.com/site/c/detail/MGD0/33011.oap?pt=N1219&ppt=C0262 - You need one with at least a 5/16" connection. Any universal filter will work if you just want to relocate it, but this one will actually fit perfectly in place of the original (and despite what you may have heard, it is NOT that difficult to change! Oil filter - There are lots of filters available; instead of trying to list them all, here is a link to a cross reference (we use Type 5 - the filters are at the bottom), along with several other links for information on filter quality: http://motorcycleinfo.calsci.com/FilterXRef.html http://motorcycleinfo.calsci.com/Filters.html#OilFilters http://www.tobycreek.org/oil_filters/index.shtml Paint - Not many options here other than ColorRite (www.colorrite.com), or have it matched by a professional paint shop. I strongly recommend the paint shop and that you avoid ColorRite (see my product report here:http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=36321&highlight=paint) Rear Shock - The only alternative is from Works Performance - costs more than stock, but it is rebuildable, where the stock one is just trash when it goes out. One source for the Works Performance shock is: www.buckeyeperformance.com Thermostat - Should be an automotive cross reference, but we do not have one confirmed yet. Front Turn Signal bulbs - Starting in 2005 Yamahaha went to weird 3-prong bulbs - but no need to waste your money on them. Just buy a standard 1157 and remove the lower pin! The remaining high pin is indexed correctly to install the bulb with the correct filament connections (low for running light, bright for turn), and it will stay in place forever. The pin is often easily removed by simply prying on it with a pcket knife, or use a file, or simply rub it on the cement curb. Valve shims - Any 25mm shims should work. Here is a link to a Sudco shim kit that lists lots of different bikes that use the same shims: http://www.sudco.com/25valveshims.html Valve Adjustment - VentureRider.Org Valve shim tool - 35-3462 .... $38 from http://www.justatv.com/pages/valve_shim_tools/valve_shim_tools.htm Wheel Bearings - Check the existing bearing - it will probably have a standard number on it that any bearing shop can cross. Be sure to buy only name brand bearings, such as SKF, Timken, Federal Mogul or NTN and get sealed bearings if that is what came out. You can save a couple of more bucks by getting bulk, un-boxed cheap Chinese bearings, but you won't like how fast they die! Front - 6004 (unverified), 2 each Rear -
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