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  1. Looking for a rear master cylinder and reservoir for a 1983 Venture XVZ12. I have started to work on the bike for my father and it sat for 26 years. The master cylinder is frozen and will not come apart the reservoir crumbled so it won't work anymore. I have rigged a universal one on it for the time being but the universal one only controls that rear brake not the front one. None of the junk yards or parts places have one and the dealer cannot find one either.
  2. It is a standard one and o did the air pressure on side stand I will got out and redo it on center stand right now thanks for the tip. I went out and did that made a huge difference it rides very good now thanks!
  3. I will take a look when I get a chance. The rest of the bike is rust free so I hope that the frame did not rust out or anything.
  4. Yes I have someone help me right now but even then its a challenge. With a person it goes half way and stops I have to give it one hell of a pull back on the handlebars and even then it takes a couple of tries. My friend has a 88 Goldwing and its fairly easy to do I had him try on the Venture and he could not do it.
  5. Ok thanks for this when i get to lighting I will definitely look into these.
  6. Thanks for the link! So as with the rear shock I have a real problem getting the thing on the center stand I was thinking that was the problem because my father was saying that it might be sitting to low in the rear. He said he never had a problem with it he would stand on the foot plate and the whole bike would just stand up onto it but when I do this it stops about a quarter of the way and begins to tip.
  7. It does hold pressure but once you sit the rear drops almost completely. I am use to riding super sport bikes so this could be normal but it does worry me of such a large amount of suspension travel from just sitting. My father did add some lights but they where added in the late 80's and I believe they are Camaro fog lights. They drain the battery at idle so you have to be careful with them on. I want to replace them with either led housings or remove them all together. Thanks for the tips I will definitely look into all of this today.
  8. Yes I can get it up on center stand it is very difficult though I need help from a second person. As soon as anyone sits on the bike the rear end sinks almost completely. Now for the rear master cylinder I went to the closest Yamaha Dealer and they said they can't find one and the few places around me I contacted said they also can't find one. Mine is shot it would not come apart and when I had a shop try it broke. I bought a "universal" one off amazon and it does work for the rear as a temporary fix but it's really janky. I will be checking partzilla right after i post this thanks for the tip!
  9. I have a 1983 Venture XVZ12 I am trying to get it into daily riding shape. It is my fathers and it sat for 26 years until now. I have done the from fork oil and that fixed the front end dive so far. I now am looking for a rear master cylinder. I am also trying to figure out if my rear shock is shot or not. When I sit on it the rear just sinks but the pressure hold firm. The adjustment knob seems to do nothing and from what I can see the frame there is in good shape. It is holding pressure fine and I filled it to the recommended psi months ago and it hasn't gone down at all. is there something I am missing when I check the rear? Maybe a second shock or something. I am also looking for a led headlight for this bike as sealed beams are quite dim and I ride in rural areas quite often. Finally I have all the plastics for it but none of the screws to bolt them on with. Does anyone know the size and length so I can go to home depot and get some zinc screws for this.
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