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  1. mm482

    Vogel 2021

    I plan to be there Wed. afternoon. I will be staying at the Seasons Inn.
  2. I am glad I got to shop by for a short visit. I wished I could have been there this weekend, but I needed to be back home yesterday to get ready for Debra and my 34th anniversary.
  3. Are there any rides planned for Tuesday or Wed?
  4. It looks like I will be able to make it there at least one day, Tuesday or Wednesday. I will be staying at Cragmount Assembly Camp Ground, it's about 3 miles from the KOA. Earl
  5. It's great to see back on a bike!!!
  6. I waited to make sure everything was clear for Maintenance Day before I committed. I am so sorry, but now I have to back-out. I had forgotten about another obligation on the 15th that I have to attend. A poor memory will mess you up. I will not be there physically, but my heart will be there.
  7. I cleaned the windshield and checked the air in the tires, she is ready to head south in the morning. I am planning to be at Hamburger Joes in North Myrtle Beach at 11:30 AM.
  8. I plan to be there. Wade is going to ride down with me, he came last year. We are going to stay overnight and help work at the CMA booth Friday. Earl
  9. Yes I am scheduled to be in Maury Prison Thursday night, hope to get someone to stand in for me.
  10. I want to go, but now it looks like about a 50/50 chance. Earl
  11. Standing with you in faith for a complete healing, prayers up. Earl
  12. Fantastic article submitted by Lynn Nicholls. Lack of power was the main complaint about the original Royal Star and according to the Dyno tests...this certainly solves that problem. http://www.venturerider.org/carbswap/
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