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  1. I am running the PIAA H-4 Extreme White bulb and am very happy with the results..... much brighter and clearer than the OEM replacement bulb. PIAA also just raised the bar with the New Extreme White PLUS series..... highly recommended. If the price scares you..... the New Sylvania zXe Series is very good and supposed to be their version of a (PIAA Extreme White bulb)......and the ever popular and reliable Silverstar Ultra bulb is still a very good choice as an upgrade to the OEM bulb.
  2. I too am running this BFG tire. Yes, I too will tell you it finally popped the last little bit of the bead on at 118psi. When it popped on at that pressure.....both me and my friend jumped out of our skin. We wrestled with getting it to properly bead up and seat for over 2 hours. I love everything about this darkside tire......EXCEPT high speed wobble. With this tire on our bikes.....you will have to keep the speed below the triple digits. Cruises beautifully at 75-85 all day and night. Take it from me and the fear that still lies in my heart..... the death wobble I got the morning I decided to try to bury the needle on a straight stretch of road.....I hit 105......and the wobble was so bad that I am still amazed that I am here to write this post today. I know the people driving in the cars behind me had to have been ready to see a 225 pound guy sliding on pavement at over 100 mph. By the grace of GOD.....I managed to get this beast back under control around 60 mph. Look, I love my BFG Tire and swear by all the benefits it offers, my advise to all, if your making the move or are thinking of becoming a Darkside rider...... the Cruise control can not be set higher than 80 MPH(electronically limited).....so use that logic with a flat tread tire and keep her rolling less than 85 mph. If you are the rider that likes to push the limits of the right side of the speedo cluster.....stick with a good MC tire.....your underwear will thank you.
  3. That is a very very good point. I just hate the fact that I can buy one for a car that is 3 times as big, for 1/3 as much. I am going to take it to a few local radiator shops here in the NW side of Cincinnati and see what the verdict is. In the end if all else fails, I will drop the $325+ for a shiny new one.....but certainly put some kind of a guard over the front of it. Thank you to all who posted.
  4. I haven't, and as that would be a good idea, this radiator since yamaha was kind enough to not have a guard on it from the factory so the fins and rows are all bent up and I would just like a new clean one that I can put an E-bay $45 guard on.
  5. Hello to all, I have a 2002 Venture Midnight and last year around late July my Radiator started leaking around the plastic top mounting pin. I tried sealing it from the outside and that failed. So then I attempted to Run Only Distilled Water with Redline Water Wetter and K-Seal radiator sealant. As it did SLOW down the leak....it did not stop the leak. I got fed up enough with it to justify just purchasing a new radiator, but WOW are the prices of a new one high. I really don't want a used one and like the idea of a fresh clean new one. I wanted to see if any of you all on here have shopped for them also and where to look for one for the lowest price. So far the lowest price that I have found is $297 + tax and shipping. Thank you for any help you can give me.
  6. Car and Home Audio has been my hobby for over 20 years now. The first problem with the upgrading of the sound of the Venture stereo is the fact that Yamaha decided to use small 4 inch speakers all the way around and a low power Clarion OEM amp. Harley uses 5 1/4 inch and 6 1/2 inch speakers of a little bit better quality and about double the wattage from a better designed amp, thats why they sound better to begin with. First off when looking for 4 inch speakers for the Venture...... if it will get wet EVER, use marine rated speakers. Not too many audio companies left making Marine rated 4 inch speakers these days. Polk Audio does make some nice ones (model # DXi 400), Bazooka (model # MCC4002) so does Fusion Audio (model # MS-FR402)......(I have these Fusions in my rear speaker location). Next thing to look at is the Senitivity rating or DB rating(same thing) of a 4 inch (4 ohm) speaker. A higher number will indicate that it takes Less wattage to make them loud (that number is the actual decible rating measured with 1 watt driving the speaker at the design stages from the manufacture. Now.......that, that is clear as mud...LOL, any questions, please message me. I will be more than happy to ANSWER any audio questions. FYI... I have none of the Original Yamaha/Clarion OEM stereo on my bike. My in dash Radio, Satellite Tuner, 4 speakers, 2 Tweeters, Passive Crossovers, 4 channel amplifier and AM/FM Ant. are all aftermarket and sound terrific. I did all the work myself in my garage last winter. Have not had one single problem with it this whole riding season. The tape deck and CB/intercom are no longer part of the bike, but fixing the OEM amp and tuner was way too costly.
  7. Hello to all. Question on this problem and wanted to see if any of you had this problem in the past. Radiator is leaking water and it appears to be from the base of the plastic pin mount at the top of the radiator. It leaks about 8 Oz. of coolant a week. I check it weekly. To me.....this plastic pin in the top of the radiator really seems like a bad design. Can this be fixed.... or do I need to look into a new OEM radiator. Does anyone know of a shop that builds custom ones? Thank You.
  8. When i do get an RSV....I to am thinking of going to the "DARKSIDE". I see that there are not many companies left making these size tires. I know Kumho Power Star 758 were very popular....but seem to have been discontinued. Could we make a list of current tires 165-80-15's that we come across as being available. So far the only ones i can find still available are made by (Nexen SB802) (Nankang CX668) (Federal SS657) (Vredestein Sprint+) (Kenda Kenetica KR17),and (BF Goodrich offers a Radial T/A in a 155-80-15). The Vredestein Sprint+ seems to be the nicest and most promising one......but are very hard to find here in the U.S and are like 110 - 125$. I really want to go with the Vredestein Sprint+ or the Nexen SB802. If any of you folks can find any other tires in this size and let me know.....that would be very helpful......thank you to all. A "sticky" of the brands and models would be helpful for all that want to go this route....I just don't know how to make them!
  9. Hello. I still am trying to get a loan on a RSV so yes...I still dont have one. I need to know what the distance is between the idiot light panels next to the cassette door. I am thinking of modifying the cassette hole and need a measurement from the right edge of the left window to the left edge of the right window. i am thinking of installing a FUSION MS-RA200 marine radio in the cassette hole and eliminating all the Clarion electronics. Please let me know if you can. Thank you.
  10. Hello again. i have another simple question that I would like to know the answer to before I buy a RSV. How simple is it to remove the rear trunk, passenger seat back and speakers and swap in the sissy bar from a RSTD. I like the trunk and speakers for long road trips....but for everyday commuting I think I would like the look of the OEM RSTD Sissy bar on the back. Is this like a 10-15 min swap or a major ordeal. I will be removing the 2 antennas since I don"t plan on using the CB and FM tuner....I will be using XM Satellite Radio. I was also going to put the rear speaker wires on quick disconnects .....so with that said....would doing this be an easy swap out. I would just buy a RSTD ...but I like the trunk for long trips and I love the fairing and stereo of the RSV. Thank you folks for your help.
  11. WOW.....Thank you all for the great info that you gave me on this subject. Because of my price range and want for a touring bike (that was NOT a V-twin) the RSV came up as the only candidate.....I am not crazy about the look of the first gens or the BMW's ....you know the more sport touring types......I love the classic 40's/50's car look of the RSV. I knew these motors were proven (bulletproof) mills. When I get the money together.....I will be buying one........what ever good deal and proper maintenance RSV comes along. I really like that Special look of the Millinium Edition though! Thanks Again to all of you for posting!
  12. I am in the market of buying a '99 -'03 RSV. My price range is 4,000 to 5,500 dollars. In that price I will be getting a RSV with 50,000 to 75,000 miles. To me .....that's higher miles on a bike.....but I know these Engines/Trans/Drivelines are good for 200,000 miles plus.....so I guess what I am asking is since I will be buying a higher mileage RSV.....what are the big problems that I should be watching for when shopping for an RSV with 75,000-100,000 miles? I am really beginning to like the look of the RSV Millinimum Edition......very different.....buy very classy in my eyes. Thank You.
  13. Thank you for your replies to my post. I do find them very helpful.
  14. Just wanting to hear from those of you who have replaced your OEM Clarion speakers with NON-Marine rated ones(Polk 4" speakers are Marine rated) I was considering Clarion 4" 2 way coaxials. They are only 22.00 a set on Amazon.com They are made of much better materials than the OEM ones. I like my music loud.....and I will just blow the OEM ones....plus I like the clarity of the tweeters in the Coaxial design. Thank You!
  15. OK....so I know that most folks are using Polk speakers because they are Marine rated. What other brands of 4 inch Marine speakers are you using? Also what is the depth on the enclosures for the rear speakers. I seen where someone tried to install Alpine 4" speakers in the rear and they were too deep.
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