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Found 17 results

  1. We are in the process of rebuilding our VR Assistance List. If you can and are willing to offer assistance to a member who is riding through your area, please edit your profile to include that information. Simply click on "Settings" at the upper right of the page and then scroll down to "Edit Profile". Near the bottom you will find a place to select "yes or no" in regards to offering local assistance and then a place to select services that you may be able to offer. Cowpuc just mentioned in another thread another, and maybe easier, way to get to it. Click "forum actions" in the small menu at the top. Select edit profile. Scroll down and you'll see where to select your information.
  2. Here is the list of winners: 1. Solodadof2.................$16.00 2. YamaMama.................$16.00 3. Playboy.....................$21.00 4. Dingy.......................$10.00 5. Painterman67..............$10.00 6. Westdyke.................$15.00------2 auctions won 7. Adventurer08.............$28.50------3 auctions won The totals include shipping, Thanks again for your support fot the Kids at St. Jude. Dont forget to include your shirt size and your shipping address in the comments section of PayPal and please mark it as a gift so no fees will be deducted. Here is the addy. partin_guy@yahoo.com Congratulations to the winners and thanks again for your continued support!!
  3. ... and those from the East as well.... Kruis'n The Kootenays regional rally is ON!! June 29 - July 2, 2012 in Nelson, BC We want to see you all there ... "the more the merrier" ... "there's power in numbers" .... and whatever other cliche` applies I will have a website up this weekend and will post the web addy URL in here... http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=65031 The site will include a form for registering, etc. Please add your name to the following thread if you think you can make it. This will assist us in planning coz we sure don't want to run out of food ... or have too much for that matter! (too much food???? nevah!) http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=67021 Any questions, feel free to contact me or Brian
  4. This is to see if there is any interest in having engine side covers made. The part #s would be: 41R-21731-00-00 and 41R-21741-00-00. They are a 1st gen part only. Will be made from Mirror Finish 18 gauge Stainless. The right side will not be dimpled for the screws, but I figure a couple of nylon washers glued in place should work just fine. Cost would be about $100.00 for the pair and may include shipping. It maybe cheaper, depending on how many we need. We just worked out a maximum price today. The ones shown are chrome, so for identification only.
  5. OK folks...I know it's kind of late notice but I had posted before that I would try to see if we could get a discount on Dyno runs at a local shop about 4 miles up the road. I had noticed a new sign in front that said "Dyno now available". I stopped and talked to him today. He usually charges $90.00 for a Dyno run that does not include tuning. He said that if we had enough people interested, he would do them for $40.00 each. I personally don't see the need for one but if enough of you are interested, I will call him back tomorrow and let him know. He has to do them in the late evening/night due to the noise and the fact that there is another business next door to him. So...it's your call.
  6. Pappa Bear


    I just picked up a Bad Boy Horn. Is it nessesary to use the relay they include or can I just plug in my stock wires?
  7. I realize this is subject to varied points of view, but perhaps there will be a consensus on a few states which are favorites for motorcycling in. Please explain WHY you think the states you chose are the best and include any EVIDENCE or PHOTO's to support your valued opinions! Thanks! I'm lookng for a few new places to travel this springtime! Sunrayman:scratchchin:
  8. in Hanover, MD. At least it will be home for the next 60 to 90 days or so. Didn't bring the bike as it seems I'll be here thru most of the winter months, but you guys in this area please include me in what ever is going on. I can always "cage it:95:."
  9. Anyone have an idea about how many of our members are serving in the military? Active duty of any country that we have members in. I have something I want to do but need an estimate of the number of people we are talking about. So if you know of someone post their user name and lets see if we can get a head count. I think that I would like to include those working as private contracts that might be in "harms" way also. What I am thinking of needs to be done by December 1st, so lets get the list rolling! Thanks everyone for your help - now who's going to be first? SGN
  10. While reading a post about who's going where when and taking what, it occured to me that I had no clue of where some of the places mentioned were at.. It also occured to me how really cool some of the places sounded and that if I knew what State the writers were talking about I would make a point to visit them to see for myself.. I am going to try and remember to include the State abrieviations with my ride storys in the future, if you think of it please do the same. Thanks 'Puc
  11. I've nixed the uni wheel pullers and after all the looking and checking other boards, Aluma trailer look like the great value and great pullers. Any comparison neg or pos between these alumin trailer vs fiberglass Bushtec). Does Aluma have less in the way of wheels bearing etc I've also heard they are re designing to include a fold back platform system with supports to make into a platform/table for tail gating, BBQing etc. That would be the "cats meow" if that works thanks in advance Max
  12. I have a set of 2003 RK SE mufflers that have end caps that are starting to have the chrome peel off. I've spent many, many, many hours trying to find replacements, but to know availe. Can anyone help me? I've include a pic,, just to make suree we are talking about the same thing any help would be appricated. [ATTACH]26460[/ATTACH]
  13. Didn't want to do it, but I just dont have the room for two bikes, a car, a truck, and a trailer. So I posted 'Big Red' in the classifieds here and on Craig's List for the Dayton, OH section. There used to be a link to a program that would allow us to resize pictures for uploading, but I cannot find it. I would like to include some more recent pictures of the bike, but they are too large to upload. Does anyone have the link handy? Thanks.
  14. any blank note cards they would be willing to donate. I asked Grey Ghost for a list of items which he thought would be appreciated by the members serving in the Middle East. One of the items he recommended was blank general usage cards that they can write a short message in to send out to friends and family. I have contacted Hallmark to see if we can make a bulk purchase at cost. I am also going to contact Leaning Tree with a similar request. In the meanwhile, if you are like me (perish the thought) you are probably being bombarded with requests from every imaginable charitable group in the country. Well, in a lot of the solicitations I get, they include a stack of cards and note pads. So, I was thinking (and that is where I start getting into trouble) that if any of the members here had some of those cards that they would like to donate to a good cause, maybe you could just send them to me and I can include them in the packages we are putting together. If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated........
  15. Since the riding season is coming to a close in the north east, I thought I'd put together a compilation of pictures from the various rides that I was lucky enough to attend this year. Once the snow flies, I should be totalling about 25,000 kms on the RSV and another 5,000 on the Virago for the year - arguably, not too shabby for a working man. The new release is out now ... after much editing and head scratching about what music to play, what pictures to include and which ones to leave out, the "LAMP (London Area Motorcycle People) Production Company" has finally released its first film... To view it, simply go to the following link: The new release is out now ... after much editing and head scratching about what music to play, what pictures to include and which ones to leave out, the "LAMP Production Company" has finally released its first film... To view it, simply go to the following link: http://media.putfile.com/2007-LAMP-Rides So - sit back, grab a drink of choice, turn the volume up and watch our version of the 2007 in pictures in just a little over 10 minutes. Cheers,
  16. I have a 85 vr 1200, 2nd gear is slipping and need a shop or someone to fix ,I am not!!! mechanically inclined!!! I live in the panhandle of Fla. near Ft Walton Beach . No one in the phone book would work on the bike to include the Yamaha dealers in this part of fla and lower ala. please help ,the weather is great!!! thanks Bruce:322:
  17. I plan to take a long ride to the mountains next month so I will need to pack more than the RSV luggage will hold. What are the best options for a passenger seat bag and/or a trunk rack bag? I want something I can stuff full of clothes and extra gear, keep dry in the rain, and not have me kicking myself because I should have gone a step up. Please include pictures and websites if possible. And in case you were tempted to say so, a trailer is out of the question right now. With 3 bikes and no cars in the garage I don't want to push for more right now. Thanks.
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