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  1. This is at least two states that have said no to the Slingshot. Texas also gave it the thumbs down. I think it's ridiculous but I wonder what it means for the future of this trike? I hope they get it worked out. There's not one in our immediate future but Eileen really wants one. Connecticut DMV says no to Polaris Slingshot | Fox News
  2. I can't remeber if this was posted before but I think it is fairly cool. http://autos.yahoo.com/blogs/motoramic/lit-c1-bets-future-driving-gyro-balanced-two-212825259.html
  3. Well, looks as if a new bike is in my future......... All is ok, just bruised up, but just damn................
  4. http://www.watchersweb.com/sub_preview.php?sub_no=4rkcv1345472537
  5. I found a decent looking one with only one sm crack online, but for $149 (and a future entire bike repaint), I'd like to know it will fit my 85 VR. It looks the same. Thanks!
  6. Got 85K miles on my RSTD. When I had a rear tire replaced a few weeks back we notice the rear disk was about end of life. (Yes I use the rear brake,, cause it's there!) Anyhow, so, I will need to get one in the future. Anyone bought one in the last year. OEM or aftermarket? How much for the part? Other? Thanks, Mike G
  7. During my day long yesterday, while riding on a rolling hilly road, i let off the throttle and went into the scary wobble that i have heard about. What is the best way to handle this scary event in the future?
  8. http://venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=65462 I replied to Atldragonslayer and my reply went into the thread in front of an older post. I noticed the previous post actually had a timestamp that was 1/2hour in the future. So subsequant posts were showing up (text-wise) prior to the quoted post, out of sequence. ie: I posted at 9:15am clock time, but Bob's prior post had a timestamp of 9:45am.
  9. Hello Everyone: We are back home safe as of 9:00 last night. It was so nice meeting many of you in person. Personally we logged a little of 1500 total miles. A new record for us. We took a 300 mile detour to the Saratoga WY. to see out Daughter and Son in law. We found a ladies zippered wallet along the highway about 50 miles south of our home. (Likely would not have seen it in a car) It looked like a chuck of black rubber. I turned around to take a second look. I made a few calls and aquired a cell phone number for the owner before they even noticed it missing. They were on their way to Yellowstone and were passing threw Scottsbluff. They were very thankful for a couple of "Bikers"!!! I am sure we will now plan our vacations around VR.org events in the future. Thanks Everyone!!!!!
  10. is it possible to test TCI or the coils off the bike? If so...how? I've got my blonde torn apart (VERY apart!) which is VERY scary! Anybody in Ontario got an 83 that they would be willing to try my TCI on? How do you open it to see the condition of the diodes etc....cut it? you are gonna see a lot of that emoticon in the near future!
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=BdrIVAsz_HY
  12. i need help, does any have the blue print for a gook ark? with all these rains and storms we may be in dire need of one in the near future. steve:confused24:
  13. I traded my VR and Sporty for a '11 Ultra Classic Electra Glide today. I'll still hang around and hope to ride with some of you in the future, though.
  14. Ok,here is my CMS mod. Due to failed tail light I tracked problem to the CMS and decided to complete the mod I had been planning to do... I kept all high,low,tail,brake current running thru the CMS per stock(had considered bypassing wiring external CMS but trying to not modify stock wiring),but wanted to keep the fail indicators working, but change to LED lighting that would cause fail indicators to turn on. So instead of the fail indicators being activated by the reed switches-I extended the reed switch wiring external the CMS for external input 1st pic the corrosion causing my tail light problem First removed all 4 coils and reed switches second drilled oversize holes for 14ga solid copper wire where the coils were third installed 24ga solid telco wire in place of the reed switches then I mounted canabilized RJ11 phone jack to rear cover of CMS, and connected telco wire to RJ11 with screws mounted on rear side of CMS cover 2nd pic schematic of CMS input circuits for these 4 items and modification next 4 pics removed coils and drilled holes next 2 pics RJ11 jack install last pic I sealed board with finger nail polish to prevent future corrosion Simple phone extension cord plugged into RJ11 brings wiring where needed for future direct light monitoring, and allows easy disconnect for future dash removal Now I need to apply a frame ground to keep the warning lights off- easy to build future circuit to open frame ground during a failure of direct light monitoring circuit of hi,low,tail,brake. I also replaced all dash indicators with LEDs from superbrightleds.com found I had to reinstall 1 158 back into reserve light warning, due to small current always on lights up LED full. I put in blue back lights, and white warning lights. Only problem is Green neutral looks blue. Would suggest green LED here. All tested and works as advertised.
  15. Does anyone out there know of anyone who would like to sell their shim kit?? If not, do you know a good place to order one with the special tool in the kit. I plan on sharing my kit with our members. I am also looking at setting up a maintenance day at my residence in the near future. We can all learn from each other and make new friends. DanC
  16. My pipes arrived today along with a few other goodies. Cannot wait to get them on. I believe I hear air tools in my near future
  17. So I have the one TomTom RAM Mounts dosent make a base for....go figure! SWMBO says there is no new GPS in my future. Any mounting suggestions? Anyone want to trade for something I can mount to my RSV w/o difficulty? Thanks!
  18. I have been visiting this site for the past four years mostly for the technical / modifications aspects and found great ideas and have applied a lot of them. Now I was wondering how many members are around the Montreal area? It would be great if we could arrange a meet and great in the near future. Kevin
  19. Has anyone heard what is in the future for the Venture? I think something is up as they have dropped the Tour Deluxe.
  20. I posted this morning asking for help locating the part number for some bolts that came out of my fairing. I looked at the drawing on the yamaha site but couldn't tell which bolts I needed but Squidley replied promtly along with some other members. I just went to my local dealer with the drawing to order the bolts. There are six bolts for the fairing but even thought I only need three I thought I would order six in case I lost one in the future. Besides, it can't cost much for a few bolts. I also ordered six washers that go with the bolts and I also orderd a bolt that goes in the right cowling where you get to the fuse box. The parts clerk entered the order and said that will be $47.50. I said hey I don't want the gold ones just the regular ones and I asked how can they be so much. He said the washers were $4.50 each. I told him to cancel the order for the washers and just give me the bolts. It was $8.50 for the bolts. That is too much but I can stand to spend that much but $47.50? When these bolts come in I'm going to ace hardware and getting bolts the same size as the ones I ordered in case I need them in future. Yamaha is out of their mind.
  21. Just joined this site a couple minutes ago. I'm looking to buy a touring bike within the near future. I happen to see a blurb about the new Stratoliner Deluxe but after going to my local dealer found out that the release date isnt until later this summer (???) Picked up a brochuer and found the most amazing bike Royal Star Venture S I was just hoping some of the members here have this bike and could give me a "review" of their own. I need a bike I can be comfortable on for long trips. I'm planning a trip to Alaska within two years. Also my girlfriend wants to start riding with me and her comfort is also a huge factor. What do you like/dislike about this model. Does anybody know if this model will be getting fuel injection in the future?? Hows the power and fuel consumption. Also I noted the seat height at 29.5 inches. I'm only 5'8" with a 30" inseam. Are there any other vertically challenged riders out there with this bike?? Thanks for any info you can send. Ride safe. Stubby
  22. At least now you will know where all the missing socks end up.. :crackup:
  23. For those of you that have replaced your tall(OEM) windshield with a shorter one, have you noticed any difference in the way the bike handles? By that I mean, does it reduce the buffeting effect? Can you tell a difference at high speed(in excess of 80 mph)? What type did you get to replace the OEM? Just your general thoughts. I'd like to know because I'm thinking of replacing mine in the near future.
  24. I found this on patent storm maybe future Venture? W/O bags etc Patent issued 10/27/09 http://www.patentstorm.us/patents/pdfs/patent_id/7607504.html
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