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Found 20 results

  1. Has anyone had any problems with their TPS? I have the 07 RSTD which has been in the shop for waaaaaay to long. Anyhow as mentioned before in another thread they finally got the head gasket fixed and put it back together. But it is running like crap! Idles fine, rev's fine in neutral. Put it under load and open the throttle and it feels like hitting the Rev limiter. Does it more in higher gears where the load is greater due to gear ratio's. We have checked everything we can think of and everything others have mentioned here but to no avail. We have pretty much ruled out the carbs and timing. They checked the TPS and apparently the resistance was all wrong like no resistance. They are suppose to have one ordered and hopefully be in this week.. Has anyone else had a problem or can shed some light?
  2. I am compiling the true facts of the Pork in the Pines to be posted later today after my two brain cells get back from vacation. OH the stories, we laughed, we cried, we ate, we gave thanks, we remembered, we were thankful for friends, life, liberty, and our way of life, we bonded, we watched and took care of each other. We all realize what a great and special group this is and that it is a treasure that is priceless. No names will be mentioned but I am sure you will know any way. I have to go off to start my new job so I will get-R-done later today. Just wanted to warn the guilty parties. And no I don't have pictures so you are safe there! :whistling: :rotf::rotf::rotf:
  3. Just received my latest edition of Road Runner and it had a review of the 2013 Star line. The only change I picked up on was the possible deletion of the standard cb/radio/intercom. The article mentioned that the bike comes pre wired for those items. However, the photos clearly showed both antennas present. Dennis
  4. so we went for a ride saturday down to jasper indiana to check out obermyer yamaha and came away impressed. talked to the owner about a valve adjustment this fall and price seemed reasonable to me, evem mentioned a loaner bike since were 130 miles away, won't be a venture but something for the day while they work on the bike. he mentioned a fuel additive yamalube ring free additive, only 1 oz. for every 10 gals so i said why not, just wondering if anyone has tried it and what they thought. just filled tank and added a bit so we'll see. If your in jasper checkout obermyer, yamaha only so they know what there doing.
  5. Found this in a dealers newsletter I received this morning. I'm sure these recalls may have been mentioned before but want to put it out there as a reminder. http://www.psnnewsletter.com/images/clients/570/Safty%20Notice%20Word%20D_575.jpg
  6. Hello Everyone: Weather here in W. Nebraska was very nice today. Sunny and warm, temps in the 40's. I got called out on a service call this afternoon. I mentioned to my customer that it was almost nice enough to ride my bike. That started the conversation, I soon learned my customer and his wife just enjoyed their first season on a Yamaha VStar 1100. I mentioned this wonderful site to them. They wrote the website address down and hopefully we will see another member on here soon. I love my job and the fact that I meet new people everyday.
  7. I bought a HJC Sy-Max II about a year ago and have been happy with it. BUT......the other day the release button for the flip up chin acted weird and took a few trys to get it to release. Today it would not release at all. Dang! I thought at one time someone had mentioned a problem similar to this with the Sy-Max but I can't find anything on a search. Any thoughts? I'm checking the HJC site for a fix or where to send it in. Mike
  8. Ok, I give up... where's the fuse located for the 12 v cigarette lighter plug? Interestingly enough the fuse box itself is not mentioned in the official Yamaha manual. What's up with that..... thanks
  9. This may be old news to some, but I just got a copy from the chief Yamaha instructor at MMI in Orlando, thought it could be of use to someone besides me. I mentioned to him thay my CD portion of the audio system was working intermitently, so he sent me the bulletin. 59085.pdf
  10. His name is Tony and he has a nice blue 1st gen MK2. I told him about the site and he will most likely become a member. Also mentioned some of the upcoming M&E's and he sounds interested...
  11. Got a Garmin 550 off of fleabay last night for $38.59! Now I am looking for handlebar mount and a waterproof container although I think someone mentioned that they are waterproof!? Thanks All!!
  12. The Crusty Riders of Wisconsin? Aka The Crow? If I remember right anyway. I found them while looking for a sidecar on Craigslist a month or so ago. Then I was able to find their facebook page they mentioned. But now I can't find them again. Anybody here a member or have the link? Thanks, Bill
  13. Yammy


    I mentioned I was having a problem with my cruise control, when at the meet and eat in talbot ville last saturday (24th). Great bunch. Sorry, I'm bad with names they will come later. They mentioned the clutch lever. Right on, the second switch was still ingaged. Thanks. Weather held, even got in a small ride. Thanks again Mark
  14. OK, Lone Eagle will probably get a little miffed at me for doing this, but hey that's life. For those of you that don't know, Vic is going under the knife to take care of a bulging disc and 2 or 3 vertibrae in his neck tomorrow around noon. Being the unassuming guy that he is I don't think he's mentioned it once on the board. Vic's a giver in life... far to few of them... and will be your best friend. All ya gotta do is ask. Anyway you might toss up a prayer or two. One for the surgeon, and one for Vic and Barb. He's admitted to getting a little nervous about the whole thing. I'm sure your wishes will help.
  15. :starz:I had the most bizzard thing happen on the weekend. I came home after teaching a motorcycle crse and decided I would change my oil/filter before my trip to Toronto this week. No problem, done it before all was good......until.....I ran engine to circulate the new oil for about a minute....topped it off and fired it up again just to double check.......it ran for about a minute - rpm dropped - it chugged then died. Every attempt to restart that bike failed.:puzzled: I began my troubleshooting.......I figured with all the attempts to start the thing (maybe I flooded it - although I couldn't smell fuel) I would start by pulling one of the plugs to see if it was wet.......nope = dry. There's plenty of gas in the tank......lets go to the fuel filter/pump area.....fuel doesn't appear to be moving.....so.... There are two leads that go into the pump (checked the manual which says there should be x number of volts and alas there are none). Started pulling connectors cleaning them up, tore the entire fairing off to get at the relay etc, etc etc. I had also removed the fuel filter and blew it out, blew fuel through the pump to the carbs. I had done everything that the manual mentioned except diagnostics for the "ignitor unit" which I didn't know what it was or where it is located. Once I had blown fuel into the bowls it fired right up. Since this little episode I've ridden about 150-200 km's with no further problem. I spoke with a mechanic who said that obviously I fixed the problem but my big concern is that I don't have the foggiest idea what I did. He also mentioned that electrics either work or they don't and the problem was probably one of the connectors that I pulled apart and cleaned. Folks.....I put it to the floor.....should I be concerned taking her on a road Wed????
  16. Well now that the monies have been presented to St. Judes....it's time for some pain The Date - November 8th The Place - Odyssey Tattoo 439 S. Marine Blvd. Jacksonville, NC. http://maps.yahoo.com/;_ylc=X3oDMTExNmIycG51BF9TAzI3MTYxNDkEc2VjA2ZwLWJ1dHRvbgRzbGsDbGluaw--#mvt=m&lat=34.751664&lon=-77.446757&zoom=16&q1=439%20S.%20Marine%20Blvd.%20Jacksonville%2C%20NC.%20 The Time - 10 am It would be great to have a bunch of folks be able to show up and watch the circus being in town. So if you dont have anything to do that weekend and want to watch Bobbie and I become forever marked with color....show up! There isn't really some grand plan besides getting the ink on and going someplace to eat afterwards. Beer 30 mentioned a Golden Corral restraunt in the immediate area and if we have a large turnout that will work out nicely. So come one and all and we will have a great time, and Thank you again for all that donated to the cause and for Beer 30 for all of his efforts in getting us inked
  17. I was just sittin' here reading what some others had posted regarding the way people look, young versus old, and aliens versus those who have been here a while. It seams to me that we have been dealing with those problems since this country was first settled at Jamestown, VA. The older generation has always been inventing new stuff that made life both better and and more difficult for the younger generation. We often did'nt like the way they looked or dressed, hell we didn't even like the music they listened too. Now some of it has become classic. My dad (now gone) could not stand men with long hair or mustaches, now it is the fashion. Well, things change and we have to change with them and learn. When we came back from Viet Nam, we were not welcomed home and were harassed. Now when the troups come home they are heroes, and they are. But we are not taking care of them, just like before. We see, kids with spikey hair, illegal immigrants, different religions that we have known about but never met their believers before. A black man running for president, that is credible candidate. Wow, things are changing and staying they same all the time. These people and things I mentioned earlier are our furture and we should embrace it. We don't know where it will go, but go it must. Ain't it wonderful. Please think about the people I mentioned earlier, it is not what they look like, or where they came from that is important; it is what they will do with their lives that will be important. It is our responsibility to help them develope in their own way that is important. We must open our hearts and minds and accept them and their ideas. As I am sure our parents and grand parents accepted us. See these changes as opportunity. I am not sure what caused me to write this. I hope after you have read it, you will think too. Maybe it is just because tomorrow is kind of a big and anxious day for me. After I get home late tomorrow it will be interesting to see what some of you have to say. I hope I did not ramble too much.
  18. As part of the tear down on looking for the engine rattle, I found an o-ring that was broken and looked like a worm sticking out. I mentioned this in my post and Squeeze was nice enough to post some very interesting information that was taken from a V-Max site, but the 1st gen Venture was mentioned a lot. Mine was just like in the pictures, except mine was not bulged out, but broken. There is a lot of information about the cause of this, such as the design, not warming the bike good before reaching RPM's above 3000 and running oil that is too thick. I have probably done all of this. The link that Squeeze provided is: http://www.angelfire.com/ia/z/vmaxoilring.htm RandyA
  19. i have read ,in different threads and posts, that the carb. diaphragms,DO have a direct bearing on "engine idle." i have also read, here, that the diaphragms have NO effect on idling. so which is correct? also , today, i read a thread or two that mentioned "enrichment diaphragms"! first time i've ever heard of them. where are they located, and do THEY have any influence over "smooth idling".? just jt
  20. I'll thank everyone in advance ...Thank you ...now the question ...Could someone tell me of a cheaper headset that you can get in Canada...I remember someone mentioned getting them in Canada for around 89 dollars?? If you know of a place could you please tell me !! Thanks Again
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