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  1. Thanks for your feedback I will talk to my friend and try to convince him not to lower the rear of his RSV.
  2. Hello, I have a friend that owns a RSV 2007 and want to lower the back end, is there anyone on this board that knows the lenght of the links required to lower the bike? Many thanks,
  3. Just received a PM from Marcarl, he is almost done will send me the dvd's shortly. If nothing changed the next in line is Spear, from Australia.
  4. This is COOL, I hope it is not too late to be put on the list, I would really like to learn from this dvd. Thanks in advance
  5. Hello Wayne, I bought the Marshall mod a few weeks ago but will not be installing it on my 99 Venture (second generation) because I just bought an other motorcycle. Let me know if you are interested in buying it. (FL4B-Firestick 4 feet black Firefly antenna, 203EZ-valor antenna fold over, JBC930-heavy duty stud, 18SMMPL-PL289 Motorola cable 18" long) Hermann
  6. Zumo 550 is the way to go, mount it on your handle bar with the Moto cradle, hook it up to the battery, to your auxilliary audio input and let it guide you to your destination. The 550 let you create your own routes, let you exchange routes with fellow riders, has MP3 reader, picture viewer, bluetooth, XM capabilities . Great unit for bikers.
  7. The Zumo 450/550 is a great gps and a lot of your questions (maby all of them!!) will/could be answered on the following web site dedicated to the Garmin Zumo. http://www.zumoforums.com/index.php?action=forum
  8. The Zumo 550 has an internal memory of 1.2 Gig and has an extention slot for additional memory that can contain maps, mp3, and pictures. For sure each and every model of gps has different characteristics and options. As far as updating the maps I did a pre-test with my Zumo and the ability to load new maps with Mapsource is present the only thing I didn't do is actually complete the process, reloading over 1 gig of data in the gps could take some time.
  9. If you are a Mapsource user you will have to install City Navigator V8 (I presume this is what we are talking about) on your hard disk, then connect your Zumo, then select all the maps you want with Mapsource, then download all those maps into your gps. I beleive that the actual maps in your gps will be overwritten, this is the way it works with my Gpsmap 60CSX but I have not tried it yet with my Zumo 550. (latest maps aboard)
  10. Hello again, Please note that there are 2 articles on the main switch on that site, both under Tech Lib, Second gen, Electrical. Also please note that removing the 2 screws, holding the switch assembly on the bike, could be quite a challenge, I remember having a hard time and having to use a punch to start them unscrew. (blue locktite used)
  11. I had the same issue with the ignition switch on my 99 RSV, what I did is I removed the switch opened the bottom, clean the contacts (they were pitted), and reinstalled. Working fine since. For more info look at the following link: http://www.venturers.org/Tech_Library/index.php?action=article&cat_id=002007&id=245
  12. I had the opportunity to test drive a Spyder a few weeks back and really enjoyed the ride. I own a Bombardier ATV and I my personnal feeling is that it drives like an ATV except the Spyder is more powerfull and stick to the road in tight corners, thanks to their advance technologie. Good acceleration, good suspention, solid engine, very neat looking, advance abs and stability systems, priced right (around $19000) and you don't have to worry..... you will never drop it. On the negative side.... not much protection against wind, not much comfort for the passenger and limited options available for the moment. I wouldn't replace my RSV with a Spyder, it's a different class machine, but I would own both if I had the $$$.
  13. Thanks Bill, Your article looks good, I will certainly make one this winter an sync my carbs.
  14. Good question, the CB antenna is on the left hand side when you are sitting down on the bike.
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