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  1. I would like to wish this fine collection of misfits, kooks, and wonderful people a very Merry Christmas and a super New year! Thanks to everyone for a ll of the help and fun times over the last year! Brian
  2. looking to put roadking pipes on and need to know if our stock brackets can be used to mount roadking slip ons or do i need different brackets and if so where can i find them Thanks Brian D. ps have 07 rsv
  3. Please join me in welcoming Ad Custom Chrome to the list of vendors who offer us a discount. Brian manufactures the carb covers for the RSV and RSTD. I had to give this one some serious thought because we already have a long time member here, slowrollwv, who makes and sells the carb covers and also twinky covers. Brian understood my hesitation and desire to be fair about this and offered the solution that he would not market the smooth finish covers here but only the ball milled and custom engraved covers that slowrollwv is not selling. I think that was very fair of him. He seems like a great guy and I have no problem welcoming him to our family. You can find his ad with links to his website here: http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?p=726638#post726638
  4. Just wanted to post a big Thank You to Brian (Golf&Venture) for hosting the Washington State Meet & Greet today. We had about 12 people there, on 8 bikes and one car. It is always nice to put a face to those you communicate with on the forum. We had a ton of food, and Brian will be eating left-overs for the next two weeks. We did get his very damaged Gen One Venture unloaded from the trailer, and parked inside his garage. It only took 6 or 7 guys to do this. So, a day of hot weather, dry roads, good people, and lots of food. Thank you Brian, Miles
  5. Okay, I cannot help myself. I am sitting here waiting for Brian (Golf&Venture) to get back to me, but since he went down 2 months ago, he moves slower than...well...you know. So, I am going to put it out there asking for responses. Brian would like to host a Meet & Greet at his house in Buckley, WA. next Sunday, August 12th. Yes, we know this is a short notice, but...it is the best timing we could come up with. Brian needs several hands on board to assist in unloading his totally crashed '91 Venture from the trailer. It is all at his house now, and he needs to get it unloaded. I offered, but he thinks we will need about 4 people. The idea is to have a barbeque at his house, next Sunday, August 12th, from noon to 4 pm. There will be burgers, chips, and drinks provided. If you would like to make a small donation to defer costs, that is appreciated, but not required. It is also a chance to have many of the Washington State riders, and anyone else from the Great Pacific Northwest...meet & greet. I will be bringing my new Carbtune Pro, and am willing to adjust/balance the carbs on anyones bike, or assist them if they want to learn...all for FREE. So, we are asking anyone that would like to attend a Meet & Greet at Brians' home in Buckley, WA. to please respond, so we can get an idea as to numbers. The address is: 23318 123rd St. Ct. E. Buckley, WA. 98321 If this works out well and we get several members to attend, we would like to make this an annual thing, and I would host the alternate year event at my own home. We will NOT be barbequeing any of my Llamas, Alpacas, or miniature Goats. Thanks, Miles
  6. I got a private post from Brian (Golf&Venture) today. He is doing better. He is able to function fairly well on his own, but tires easily, as would be expected. After such a severe accident, and all the broken bones he has, it will take quite awhile. He says he is doing very good on all of his physical therapy. His '91 VR is toast...totaled out. It was a nice looking bike...emphasis on...was. He also has an '89 VR that he was in the process of working on, and then decided to buy the '91 VR. His riding aspirations are a lot in the dump right now, and there are considerations of giving up riding. It is an individual choice, given what he has gone through. He has a wife, daughter, grandkids...to think about. Let's all keep Brian in our thoughts, and hope he returns to 100%, if possible, and gets back to riding if he can, and if he chooses to.
  7. What is the diameter of the handle bars on my 86? I'm looking at aftermarket grips and not sure which ones to get. Suggestions are warmly welcomed Brian
  8. Got the 89 loaded and ready to leave in 6 hours with the family to attend and funeral and PGR Mission for a friend. Sgt Brian Walker, Military Police , Airborne, gave his life on Mother's Day. Brian was a personal friend and was recently married to my daughter's friend Ashley. Brian and my daughter served together in Afghanistan 2009/2010. It is such an honor to be asked by the wife to serve in the PGR Escort. I hope I can at least ride straight with the blurred vision attack I am sure to have. Brian was a great man, husband, soldier and friend. RIP Sgt Walker, we'll take care of Ashley for you, I know you are pulling double guard duty from above.
  9. Has anyone tried this Digital plug in device that uses sd cards to store the music? Wingstuff has a good deal on these if they are a direct plugin. http://wingstuff.com/pgroup_detail/29640?utm_source=MailingList&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Black%20Friday%20-%20Our%20Best%20Deals%20EVER Brian
  10. California PGR Riders: A personal friend and Hero.. If you are a Patriot Guard Rider in the Lucerne Valley California area please know that you will most likely have an upcoming Mission for a Sgt Brian Walker, U.S Army MP, Airborne. Brian gave his ultimate sacrifice today for his country. He served with my daughter and her friend Ashley during her last deployment. It was after that deployment that they married and was on his second deployment with his wife Ashley and her sister, all Airborne. It seems it was a family deployment. Sgt. Brian Walker was a great guy, husband and friend to anybody who knew him. They just returned from mid-deployment leave and he was on a mission when his vehicle hit an IED. Sgt Walker; you served our country proudly. You will be missed. RIP my friend. We will keep you and your beautiful Hero wife and family in our prayers.
  11. Hey all have searched this site all day and can't seem to find where I can upload new photos of 07 midnight venture, anyone point me in right direction? Thanks Brian D.
  12. Wondering if I might have a couple of guys that might want to tackle a valve adjustment on the iron horse before we get into spring? I do not have any experence at it but with the write up from VGoose it looks to be fairly easy just time consuming. We could do it in my garage or at someone else's. I do not have a carbon one lift adapter but I do have a craftsman jack. Should have all the tools needed accept for the shim kit and special tool. Also would need a carbtune for after we adjust the valves. If we get some intrest maybe we could round one up from another member or I could just buy one. Let me know what you think out there. I know I have a grill that cooks some mean steaks, and the garage refrig has cold beer. Brian Shoemaker 706-635-1580
  13. It looks like the people over in England and the UK are having big problems with Seafoam. here is the link to the website. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-16354575 Brian
  14. A friend of mine is putting his baby up for sale and its a 2001 Valkyrie Interstate in a gorgeous red and all the safety chrome. I am disappointed that Honda didnt put Cruise on these machines, but Audiovox makes a universal unit that will work that I can install if I buy the scoot. Do any of you knowlegable experts know if these units have any gotchas that I should be looking for? This Interstate has about 35k miles on it and has been garaged and has new tires on it, with no scratches or marks anywhere. My total price will be 9000 bucks. Brian
  15. In the 40's the US govt decided they needed to hide Lockheed during the war. Its interesting how they did it. http://stories-etc.com/hidden.htm Brian
  16. We dont realize how fast things change until we look back at an old ad. The stuff that has probably changed the most is the computer related stuff, so here are some old ads to enjoy. http://uneasysilence.com/archive/2010/10/15478/ Brian
  17. This video is one of the best I have seen as far as showing why mandatory retirement isnt for everyone. THis woman is 88 years old and most of us (probably none of us) could keep up with her. http://www.garynorth.com/public/6791.cfm brian
  18. For a long time I have considered changing my name, but the name I was interested in, Venturous, was already taken. But it has been almost two years since they were on and no longer a supporting member, so Freebird has changed my name. The other reason I wanted to do this is my son Brian, who has joined as Lil Venturous and I am very happy about that. So, I am now Venturous and I plan to be a lot more active than the last venturous. RandyA
  19. Is the company SPORTMAX that provided VMAX parts still around? I can't seem to get to their website. This is the outfit that Freebird got his VMAX rear end from. Anyone know? Brian
  20. I am a numbers guy, so I find this way of showing stats so amazing. They show health and income numbers for all countries over the last 200 years and actually made it show something that we can understand easily. http://www.talkingpointsmemo.com/archives/2010/12/200_years_in_4_minutes.php/ Brian PS PLEASE dont let this get political, i only put the link here because I thought it was neat.
  21. As it seems most of the continent has had more than enough snow to go around, I thought it might be a good idea to see if we can get folks to post their best Venture in the snow picture. OOPS!!!! that last one snuck by me...... Brian
  22. Does this magnetically driven Fuelless Engine look usable to you? This caught my attention when stumbling around the net. There are so many hoaxes and crap on the net I am skeptical, but for some reason this one caught my attention because of its simplicity. One of their uses is to charge batteries etc depending how big you build it....... Opinions? http://www.docstoc.com/docs/9641978/The-Fuelless-Engine-Plans-_362 Brian
  23. While stumbling around the net using Stumbleupon, i wandered onto a website (looks Russian?) with a few interesting pics of some RSV's and young ladies. http://rrrinka.35photo.ru/photo_150138 Brian
  24. I was wondering if there was a way to include a date a thread was posted for the first time beside the heading or title? ive just noticed quite a few old posts come to life lately and am wondering if that date addition might help eliminate postings on a stale dated thread? Brian
  25. OK Who is at Sturgis with their RSV? A few friends are down there and sent back a pic of a trike, but it looks like a nice RSV i beside it. Brian
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