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  1. www.mecum.com sign in with email address to view. or channel nbcsp next week
  2. Preacher, another member here, and I had a fantastic ride yesterday on what some people call "The Arkansas Dragon." I didn't count the curves - got dizzy enough without trying that but I can tell you the grin factor was way up the chart. To get to the good section, find your way to Melbourne on SR69 (North of Batesville, East of Mountain View) then turn West on SR9. The curves from that point on are posted at 20-35mph and there are three beautiful vistas with paved pull-off points. Going in this direction, you end up in Syllamore just North of Mountain View and there just happens to be two GREAT catfish restuarants that also serve Rainbow Trout, steaks etc. To find the route from the West going East, just take SR5 North from Mountain View until you find SR9 East at the four way stop at Syllamore. Ride Safely Lynn http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1075674&id=639519006
  3. I was just reading a news article about a site called Glassboard? Anybody here use it? It is supposed to be a good alternative to Facebook. The biggest difference being that it is totally private and they don't sell your information to advertisers. Only those whom you invite can view the information that you post. I am NOT on it. Just curious as I had not heard of it before. http://glassboard.com/
  4. I have a copy of "RIDE LIKE A PRO" that I got from Leonard http://www.venturerider.org/forum/member.php?u=11085 when we were at the 'MARCH ON ROME" Meet & Eat. He asked me (when I was done with it) to make it available to anyone who would also like to view it. Just let me know and I will mail it out to you. Mark P.S. Thanks again, Leonard
  5. Just installed the Clear View windwhield. This one is 2" shorter than the original and does have the recurve at the top. This allows me to see over the windshield instead of through it which I like. The lowers are wider and have a curve to them as well. I had made some flat lowers from black lexan to more closely match the lower fairing and the grill cover. I tossed those and went with the clear view version. Here are some pics. Oh, I splurged for the vent, but don't have an opinion on that yet. Looks like a difficult item to clean once it is full of bugs.
  6. When she goes online and orders you a brand spankin new 5", direct sunlight view, GPS with a weatherproof case & handlebar mount...exclusively for the bike! http://www.gpstraveler.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/-574721906406500690.jpg
  7. I have been searching for over an hour trying to find an exploded view of a trailer hitch to fit my 85 with light bar, could someone help me out? I have been up all night working on the beast, putting her back together in anticipitation of warm weather, and if I had an exploded view with a part list I have a good friend who could weld it up for me. Also where would be a good place to order a clutch kit and fork seals to complete my mechanical problems? If I can get her reliable and safe I will worry about looks and my broken fairing next winter if possible. Thats the problem of riding on a budget, a lot to do in order to have it as right as possible. I'm just thankful that I have tools and a little knowhow to keep my costs down. If not, I will have to part with her. I do appreciate any help as always. I talked to someone this AM about these things but he was unable to help. May God bless all and keep us safe is my prayer!!! Jeff Boyter
  8. Has anyone installed a "Rear View Safety Camera System" on their Venture? If so how is it working for you?
  9. We've had way too much rain this year. All previous records have been broken for this area. We got another 3" down pour today. Here's a view of the golf course next to us. The little patch of green, centre right, is all that's left of the 16th green. The view is looking north up the 17th fair way. Normally the river is no more than a small creek on the other side of that tree line but when we get this much rain it turns into a real river. I'm guessing that the water is as much as 15 or more feet deep in some spots.
  10. Worth A Watch !! ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Subject: World War II Vets -will you help by just watching this 2 min. video? Keith Leibovitz's youngest nephew is working on a project for WW II veterans And enclosed is a trailer. Please view and forward. They are trying to get 5,000,000 views before Memorial Day. it is pretty poignant and is one of Seth's projects. Kindly forward so more can view it. You need to view the whole thing to be counted. Seth has been working on a full-length feature documentary about a program to honor WWII vets and has now released a trailer, and it would really help out if you watched it in full, and spread it around to other folks who would enjoy it. Working on this has been a very emotional experience, because the story is so, so powerful. I think you'll agree.-Pam Click on link below. http://media.causes.com/1060527?p_id=175378540
  11. Okay I have a request or 3. 1st and foremost for me. When I do a search or when I post a new topic it gives me a list of threads that have had similar parameters. I love this feature, it is very helpful ..... but..... it only allows me to view one of the listed threads. When I try to go back after reading the thread to view the other threads they are no longer there. Is there a way to make them stay at the bottom of the page so we can peruse all of them before we post? 2nd I see where it was mentioned before but is there a way to make a sticky type date for when each post was made, a time date stamp on each individual post? 3rd. My Valkyrie thread under our user names shows how many threads we have posted or replied to... is there a way to do that too. It is kinda nice to see who has posted . Thanks this is a GREAT SITE you have done a AWESOME job with it and deserve a huge pat on the back...
  12. In the 40's the US govt decided they needed to hide Lockheed during the war. Its interesting how they did it. http://stories-etc.com/hidden.htm Brian
  13. Even if you don't ski, this clip is worth a view. A new video technique called tilt shift. http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/2pJCXX/www.geek.com/articles/geek-cetera/whistler-blackcomb-miniaturized-tilt-shift-2011017/
  14. I finally got my new (to me) 83 VR on the road this last weekend and really enjoyed the ride. But, I couldn't get the rear view mirrors adjusted to suit me. It seems that their placement on the fairing is too low and too close to the centerline. I could only get a good view of my arm and the lane next to me on either side. I could never tell if anyone was directly behind. Has anyone else had this problem? And what did you do to correct it? Behind Blind in Tucson...
  15. If you like ice cream and we all know that we do you owe it to yourself if your ever down Florida way to seek this brand out and try it. I know we all love our DQ but this stuff beats DQ hands down....... http://www.workingcow.com/ Me and Jean have two shops we make a special ride to. One is in Fernandina Beach FL right in the middle of the downtown area. We get our Waffle cones and hang out on a park bench watching all the strange tourists. The other one is a roadside stand on the north end of Flagler Beach. Ocean view as well as bikini view. Just downright good stuff....
  16. Riders come from far away to ride the roads of Northwest Connecticut. Routes 4, 7, 63, 44 and a whole bunch in between are lined with forest, rivers, gardens and quaint houses. And right over the state line to New York is Route 22, another great ride. http://s170.photobucket.com/albums/u264/gibletdyckout/th_NWCTmap.jpg Here is the view from the top of Mohawk Mountain just down the road: http://www.ct.gov/dep/lib/dep/stateparks/forests/mohawk2.jpg And for you geezers it's helmets optional here. Come on over and check it out!
  17. I've been wrestlings with the thought of a new bike. I have some trips I like to take within the next couple of years and well, I love my Blonde '84 but I'd be insane to try my luck making these kinds of trips on the old girl. I've had my GW's before and ran them for all they could give me. My last one gave me 180,000 miles of pretty decent service. Great bikes. I've been watching the RSV since I bought my '84 and hoping for some, well, modern features to be added. Not going to happen soon I'm afraid. I've been out looking over the bikes that have caught my interest and the one I keep coming back to is the BMW K 1200 LT. Much like the GW it's got some stuff that is over kill in my eyes. Power center stand, yikes, reverse, maybe need it later when my knees blow out again. Floor lighting.......floor? The saddle bags are decent but the trunk looks a tad small. I've read of a few failures on the drive lines/rear end and wonder if it's double U joint set up that is the culprit. The bike fits me well and and feels good for it size. I like the riding position on it. The motorized windscreen, in the tall version looks like it would be the trick for protection and road view. I think someone here has one and was hoping for some insight on the bike from a riders view. I know the maintance is $$ but that comes with the brand. I like this bike for the long haul type of trip. At this point a GW would be the second choice. Any input? Mike
  18. N 46° 44.267¢ W 060° 55.175¢ This one comes with a view.
  19. [ATTACH]44505[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]44506[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]44507[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]44508[/ATTACH] Click on the link below to view the custom paint on my RSV http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=12970&id=100000690923753&l=ea517f50f9
  20. A great tribute to an Infantry Officer that served in Viet Nam. This got to me. Some of you may have seen this but I thought I'd post it anyway. http://rlhtribute.com/
  21. During a ride on my 2nd gen today, it occurred to me that the rear view mirrors are kind of small and insignificant for such a fabulous masculine machine. Has anyone replaced the originals with something that is functional, good looking and clear viewing? Thanks. Jdix.
  22. The windshield on my Royal Star has a hazy film on it. What is the best way to get a clear view again?
  23. I picked up one of these a little while ago and though I'd let yall take a peek at the performance. They sell for about $200 with all the mounting equipment, although I built a custom RAM-Mount setup to make it a little more rigid yet non-permanent like . And I kinda like the wide angle lens, gives you a good view of the road. This was filmed using a reservoir mount and was on a quick jaunt to wally world. On a side note...from my experience, they have excellent customer service. My first camera had a rattle from the view finder being loose. Once I told them what it was doing, they informed me of the "glitch" and requested I send it back to them. Without question, they supplied me with a new camera that works like a champ (hence the video above). The manufacturer's site is here, for those interested...
  24. .....but didn't you used to be able to view which members have viewed a particular thread? I'm sure that used to be a function. Did it go away, or has it somehow been disabled?
  25. Hello All, I have a medium clear view sheild tinted and vented. Looking for a large as I am 6'7" and catching a little to much wind. Anyone have that they are selling? Mine is for sale used 1 year no scratches perfect shape.
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