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  1. Hello from SE PA. I ride with a number of other RSTD and Venture Owners and we've been talking a lot about "the whine" on the RS models. My '06 RSTD whines. Dealers have different responses, replacing the clutch, changing fluids, telling people there is nothing they can do about it and there have also been a wide range of experiences dealing with Yamaha. It's obviously a wide spread, well known issue on the RS models. It's not advertised - most people find out only after they purchase one and are frustrated that they have almost no options. These are touring machines that can be so loud it's no fun to ride them and putting them into the shop takes away time from the rider. I'm interested in finding out if there is a 100% fix and what Yamaha is doing about it. If there is no fix and Yamaha is not interested in taking care of their customers people will speak with their feet. After going through something similar with my old car (euro) I dumped it and went with a new one (japanese). With the new car I had a problem with 3rd gear - I told the dealer, they had gears ordered and installed within 3 days so getting rid of the old one was the right thing to do. Any input on a fix and Yamaha's response would be appreciated. Also see: Info on the Yamaha tech note http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showpost.php?p=55625&postcount=43 Tech Note: M2002013 (National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration) Regards, gp
  2. So thoes of you that have a leather flap. Where did you gt it? do you have pic's? (for second gen.) I can't seem to find any that I think would fit our wide fenders and look good.
  3. I need a windshield for my 88 VR:mo money: I looked up Clearview.... Acrylic, $213 plus Precision Plastics is Lexan, $161 plus a few on ebay for $120 or so... Any suggestions? I want an oversized one. 24" tall and as wide as will fit! What are the pros and cons of the different materials? (Acrylic, Lexan, Lucite, ?????)
  4. The manufacturing process will begin next week, so you can still order. For sample pricing of a 7 in wide patch is $10.00 including shipping. The group order will be much less per patch. See attachment. There is new size that was requested 14 in wide. Anyone want to be included for a 14 in patch or any other size for the size is not an issue in the computer age we live in. Just Specify the size in # inches and 1/4 inches.
  5. I have a chance to pick up a 2006 Little Guy 5 wide trailer for a steal from a dealer, he just can't sell it he has had it since it was new. My question is it too big for my 99 Venture? It pulls ok and I can see around it fairly well but it is tall. http://www.golittleguy.com/teardrops/models/5-wide-platform/
  6. Here are 2 "mock-up" drawings I did of 4 bikers at an intersection making a left turn. Bike #1 leads out ahead of bike #2 which is then followed by bike #3, etc.... (they aren't side-by-side) Intersection2 shows bike #2 cutting to the inside of the turn. Intersection3 shows bike #2 swinging wide. I feel that the "Intersection3" (swinging wide) example is the correct method because there is little chance of cutting off the path of bike #3 whereas in the first example, bike #3 gets cut off and can be an issue if they are too close to bike #2. Did I explain that clear enuf ? LOL What do ya'll say..?? Intersection2 [ATTACH]61747[/ATTACH] Intersection3 [ATTACH]61748[/ATTACH]
  7. Here is mine. Not boasting here, just thought it would be nice to see some different ideas. I know of at least two members here whom are in the process of building a garage. My garage has a small 4'x6' porch and the garage is 28' wide and 40' long. Used sheet rock on the inside walls,4" insulation in walls and 6" in the ceiling with insulated 10' wide x 8' tall garage doors . Never been below 38 degrees in my garage with out heat and at 5 below zero out side. Love my garage ...... [ATTACH]61037[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]61038[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]61039[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]61040[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]61041[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]61042[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]61043[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]61044[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]61045[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]61046[/ATTACH]
  8. I dismantled the starter switch and housing to clean all the internals of the switches. I'm in the process of putting it back together. There is a wide half circle clip that I forgot where it went. Any suggestions please. See picture. Please ignore the other 2 parts.
  9. I've got a great "BOSS" 3 pocket windshield bag on my RSTD, love it. But I would like to know, what 3 pocket bag members are using on their RSVs? Web links would be good for pics and price. I have a wide F4 windshield without a vent. But I would say anything that fits stock will fit the same. Thanks, Mike G in SC
  10. Last Chance to place orders Width Size 3 1/2 inch 5 3/4 inch 7 inch 9 inch If you need a very specific size up to 15 inch wide, they can be made to your specific request. Sample pricing is a single 7 inch patch will cost less than $10 including shipping.
  11. Last chance to order I will be placing the order tomorrow morning. The 5 3/4 inch are costing approximately $5.30 US Dollar The 7 inch are costing approximately $7.00 US Dollar The remainder size cost will roughly vary I'll figure out the shipping/postage later. After I figure out the cost per person I will email each. PayPal or check payment will work This is what I have so far. Ponch 3 1/2 inch wide Qty = 2 Bongobobny 7 inch wide Qty = 1 Camos 9 inch wide Qty = 2 Jazzmann320 5 3/4 inch wide Qty = 2 Bubber 7 inch wide Qty = 1 Golf&Venture 9 inch wide Qty = 1 Golf&Venture 7 inch wide Qty = 1 Golf&Venture 3 1/2 inch wide Qty = 1 Attached is a prototype of the patch. The smaller the size the details are not a crisp. The provider recommended that 3 1/2 inch width be the smallest. Last Call.
  12. Ok folks I have a laundry list of things I want to do to my 89 VR but can't seem to find a consolidated list of vendors so I figured I would come here and seek out the experts. Here is an abreviated list of what I want to do: 1. Convert oil filter from cartridge to spin-on so I need a good source for the oil filter adapter. 2. Install highway pegs so I can get a breeze up the old pant legs; with the VR having a 7/8" tube I am struggling to find something that works. 3. Delete the stock exhaust collector so I can run a wide range of mufflers.
  13. I am ready for new tires on my 07 Venture. I have decided to give Wide Whitewalls a try. - The wider the better. I currently have Avon Venoms and are very happy with them, but Avon doesn't make them in WWs Do any of you have a suggestion as to which WWs to go with? I also read somewhere on here about going with a narrower front tire for improved slow speed handling. So that is a possibility also. Craigr
  14. Tech note: Just replaced the stock handlebars on my 06 RSTD with a Flanders bar that has a 2.5" longer pullback. I went through desert and swamp to find the right bar. Earlier on this forum I was advised that the Flanders G2 Road Glide was the ticket. Wrong ticket! The advisor must have assumed I ride a Venture, which the G2 fits. The narrow center dimension on the G2 is only 6", which is NOT wide enough for the RSTD speedo to fit. I first ordered the G2 and they sent one that fits a sorry HD. I returned it and they sent the G2 that fits a Venture, which I don't own. The proper bar for the Tour Deluxe is the H-Bar Wide Max Pullback, part # 650-08783, which I purchased at Phat Performance for $127. I returned the second G2 and got the H-Bar in return. While not inordinately difficult, the installation is a bit fussy and takes an hour and a half or so. I did NOT have to buy longer cables, but did have to re-route existing cables . . . which included pulling the tank for proper placement. I also added Kuryakyn ISO Grips, which add a sharp look and dampen vibrations. The difference is very noticeable. I can now sit against the backrest and not have my arms fully extended and shoulder joints pulled forward. Haven't taken any long trips yet, but driving around town feels much better. To reinforce for Tour Deluxe riders who want a longer pullback: it's Flanders H-Bar Wide Max Pullback, part # 650-08783.
  15. I ordered a D404 WWW tire on Rocky Mountain ATV, because they had the best price. I was assuming that the D404 WWW had the whitewall to the edge of the tire. The tire that they sent, however does not look like the picture. The description on the tire is D404 WSW. When I look on the Dunlop website, it appears that the D404 only comes in a WWW, but this tire is definately not a Wide Whitewall. http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/productDetail.do;jsessionid=76C8C1F442BBE9670536DEE639C03ECB.westring1?webCatId=8&webTypeId=229&navTitle=TiresandWheels&navType=type&prodFamilyId=19444&stockId=140073&ref=gmc This is the site and the tire looks nothing like this. Did I receive the right tire? or did they change the Wide Whitewall Look? Thanks:confused07:
  16. I am a closet poet. I don't share much of what I write. After reading about Tom I felt compelled to write. I hope this came out Ok. For Tom E and all that are missed A friend was taken from me today He lived far away I never met him face to face Though he would visit me at my place Across cyber space we became friends Shared stories of ventures far and wide Chatted as if we sat side by side We joked and laughed late into the night I'd go to bed with a smile before I turned out the light He road off on a ride one day A careless person took him away A driver in a cage made a turn In the end a sad lesson learned With two eyes and two ears he failed to see, the friend he took away from me In gods kingdom he now rides Endless ventures far and wide One day we shall meet Face to face we will speak A warm place I do keep, for my friend as I sleep I dream of ventures far and wide With my friend by my side
  17. I have a Vizio HDTV which I really like. We have Direct TV. Our TV is defaulting to 480. When I switch it to 720 or 1080 the picture becomes so wide to make it not usable. Does this make sense in what I'm explaining? Any ideas how to change to 720 or 1080 without screwing up the picture getting too wide?
  18. I have noticed that my 2005 RSV 'seems' to have uneven acceleration. At highway speeds in either 4th or 5th if I roll on the throttle I think it is more responsive just before wide open. If I roll it wide open, it still accelerates, but I 'feel' it is not as strong. This bike has the power to pull out and pass, no problem. Gas mileage is good, and I have recently replace plugs and fuel filter, and air filters look good. Bike has about 24000 miles on it. New Elite III tires. I have tried it for top speed one day. Needle went way up there, but did not bury it (about 190 -195 km/hr or close to 115 mph). That doesn't matter to me, but I include that in case someone has any ideas. So anyone have any suggestions? I will ride the bike the way it is and be happy..it is just one of those things that I would like to address. I had an old 81 GW that had the same symptoms, but much much worse. Wide open it would barely accelerate. That turned out to be worn needles etc; and nothing a bunch of money wouldn't cure:mad:. Thanks.
  19. Nope....not that rack. You guys, always one tracking it. Well now that you're here anyway I'm looking for a bigger trunk rack. The one that came on the bike is of unknown make or model to me and as I don't get to see any 1st Gens around here so I'm going to throw this out there. Mine is only 12" wide and 9" deep. It is mounted on a set of Z brackets to the truck to raise it high enough to clear the backrest. The pattern I'd like to match for the mounting is 4" X 9 1/4" to use the existing holes and backing supports inside the trunk. If a larger one had longer support legs to give it some height that would work. If a larger rack had short legs or bolted into the frame of the rack as the current one does I could reuse the Z brackets and mount to a 4" X 11 1/4" pattern. I've got a trunk bag I'd like to be able to use but it's a bit wide for my rack. I'd be looking for something about 18" wide and maybe 12" deep but I could get by with 9" or 10" if needed. I've had not much luck on fleaBay for anything that might work so I'd thought I'd ask if anyone had a parts bike with a rack they aren't going to be using that might meet my needs. I'd buy outright or some horse trading for my old rack which is in very good condition. I'm open to any suggestions, advice or offers. Thanks Mike
  20. Well...I guess if you have to....You have to.....Ten rungs on this one...Isn't there a "WIDE LOAD" warning sign required? Enjoy... George In Virginia...
  21. Okay, hoping you all can help a friend of mine over here in Oz. He has a Goldwing 1500 with (wide) sidecar and wants to put a car tyre on the back wheel. What is his best choice for this please?????????????????:puzzled:
  22. Hey guys I am picking up my HF trailer today after work (I have had a rain check for the past month and a half.) My question is how much do I want to cut it down. How wide do I want to make it? It is 42 inches wide now by 48 long. Also has anyone set up their trailer to carry their pet (dog) and if so what mods did you make to carry him or her? I have a 5 by 10 sheet of 1/8th inch polished aluminum diamond plate that I am building my box out of. I have access to CNC machines at work so I will just program it in and cut it all out and assemble it. I was thinking of sliding truck cap windows on the side for ventelation but I am still not sure what to do for carring Ringo as he likes to and we like to take him with us when we can, and if I could figure out how to make a safe comfortable way to haul him in the trailer that would be great. Any ideas would be great and pictures would be even better. Here is a picture of Ringo he is a Blue Heeler (Austrailian Cattle Dog) Thanks in advance for all your help, Paul
  23. Ok, Having a problem with the bike. Seems to be Carbs. Letting it run out at 3/4 throttle it will go to red line just fine. But anytime I am above, say 4k, and crack the throttle to wide open the bike begins to miss over 5k. And I think I can smell fuel. Already did the seafoam bath twice. Any ideas.
  24. Okay everyone I need your help and advice.:bowdown: Because of the stiff leg I need to move back in the seat (removing some foam from back of seat) so the blessed thing fits on the floorboard BUT now me arms' aren't long enough!! :sign **** happens: I already have the Venture risers on the bike, but have been looking for handlebars with more pullback, so I don't lose grip on the bike when in full lock of the handlebars. And to top it off they can't be too wide either!! I'm not built like a lumber jack :crackup:Want something around 30-33inches wide. So come on people, thinking caps on and help this old girl get riding
  25. Has anyone bought and installed th Wide Leather Tank Panel with Pocket yamaha accessory. Do you have to remove the rubber strip on the tank or does it go right over the top of it? Any tips would be appreciated.:think:
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