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Found 20 results

  1. Here are some pictures we took at Pork in the Pines. We had a great time and enjoyed meeting everyone! good food and good friends. Thanks, Tom and Anne
  2. OK, bought the 2001 RSV back in September... I am so hooked! Even have a friend that I convinced and he now has a 99 RSV... I am now an Official Supporting Member as well... Have found tons of very useful information already, and have enjoyed stalking everyone for the last few months. Hope to possibly meet some of you soon. Merry Christmas from Oklahoma! Rod
  3. I wont upload my Cody pics here, but here is the link at Picasa https://picasaweb.google.com/friesman1/VROrgIntlRallyCodyWY I had a great time:cool10: and enjoyed every moment and loved meeting everyone, I hope to see everyone again soon!! brian
  5. Well what a great day in Central Illinois. 4th of November and it wa 62 degrees. Figured we don't get many of these so jump on The RSV and took a ride. Ended up riding 120 miles basically just around in a circle. Rode the country roads and just enjoyed the day. I really hate the thought of putting the bike away but it won't be long now.
  6. For_Paws and myself would thank you very much for taking the short cut when we crossed into Canada .We really enjoyed the ride into the tunnel that was wild and loud Man the Bub pipes on BradT scoot was FREAKING LOUD
  7. I made it back home yesterday from Huntsville after getting Jacque moved into her new apartment so now I am able to post some pictures of our meet and eat in Huntsville last Sunday! It was so good to see Eck and Konnie and Blackjack (what a surprise too!). Ben, Jacque and Brock enjoyed the group! The ribs and trimmings were outstanding. :thumbsup2:They use a mop to put the BBQ sauce on the ribs. And everyone enjoyed the banana pudding for dessert! http://s7.photobucket.com/albums/y26...ntsville%20ME/
  8. Brad and Lonna...Thank You. Debby is so happy and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Enjoyed the visit and next time..Ride Ride Ride!
  9. Just happened to see these pics in the thumbails at the top of the page. This is one of your countrymen that came to visit last summer. Doesn't post often but a great guy. We really enjoyed it when he and his wife visited. http://www.venturerider.org/forum/vbpicgallery.php?do=view&g=695
  10. We got home about 6:45 pm after riding a total of 984 miles in 2 days. We had a fabulous time in the 2 weeks we were gone and got to see some relatives we had not seen for a while, but the real fun began in West Virginia. We rode some great rides led by Skid. On one of them we did not have to put our feet on the ground until an hour and a half after we left his house. That means no stop signs or other traffic signals, just curve after curve. Skid and Leslie were the perfect hosts and my wife really enjoyed meeting them and spending quality time with them. She also enjoyed meeting everyone else as she has listened to me talk about many of them for the past several years. She thought it was cool that many of the wifes participate on the site just as the men, even though she is too busy taking care of me to ge on it. I enjoyed meeting all of the people I did not know from the past even though most of them were from the north. We were the only deep southerners there. Skid we saw the white mountain goat on the way out and almost had a deer run into our bike at the first light after the New Gorge Bridge but he turned and ran paralel to the road just in time. Thanks to both you and Leslie for the good times and I wish you both all the best with the new baby. We Hope to see ya'll in the future. Love Lyle and Pam
  11. For our first time, we went to a local restraunt 'Quaker Steak & Lube' for a weekly 'Bike Night'. WOW!!! There were MANY bikes there, much more than I expected. There had to be over 1000 bikes there!. After we ate, we walked around the 'bikes only' parking lot to check out the bikes. I have an 07 Venture, and was surprised that mine was the only Venture there - Unless one showed up after we left. It was probably 75% HDs with the rest being a mix of Crotch Rockets & everything else. It was quite an experience for us and we really enjoyed all of the people watching. My wife ran into a guy that she grew up with and hasn't seen in years. We plan to do it again sometime. craigr
  12. Foremost Insurance Company gave me two free passes to the race so I went up yesterday and watched the race. First time seeing a race in person. Really enjoyed it. It's awesome to see how quick those bikes accelerate down the straight away.
  13. Met Jerry, whose 2007 is ALMOST as pretty as my 2009. Nice to meet a fellow SoCal Venturer. Thought it was a HD from 1/4 mile back, then got next to him, gave a courtesy wave and SHOCK!! We puled into a Starbucks and enjoyed a cold one. Haven't seen another Venture on the road down here. Hope he sees this thread and responds... Kevin
  14. This last weekend Moto 400 (Dawsonville GA) sponsored the Triumph factory Demo Rides. I went there Sunday and rode three of the bikes: the Rocket III Touring, the Scrambler, and the Tiger. I somewhat enjoyed the Scrambler, really enjoyed the Tiger, and was overwhelmingly impressed with the Rocket III! That is one incredibly smooth, incredibly powerful machine; it has great throttle in all gears and, for a heavy bike (almost 800 lbs), was surprisingly easy to handle. 86er also rode this bike, so he will hopefully chime in and offer his opinion! For any of you that live anywhere near this dealer, they are having Star demo rides on all models this weekend. It might be a good time to try the Raider on for size... Terry
  15. Hi All, I have finally completed my trip report covering our summer sojourn thru WI, IL, IN, Canada, NY, VT, NH, ME, MA, RI, CN, NY, PA, OH, IN, IL, and of course, WI. Took it with a friend and my father. Enjoyed it immensely. This is a link to the ride report on ADVriders.com. http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=363843 RR
  16. I enjoyed watching this and thought some of you may too! sure brought back some fond memories and look how many are no longer with us http://objflicks.com/thoseoldwesterns.htm Dray
  17. This is sort of long, but I enjoyed the music and the cars. http://thefiftiesandsixties.com/CarsWeDrove.htm Mama
  18. They certainly enjoyed everything...I am going miss them...It is still getting to me and I had never met them. http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=12939
  19. Todd, aka 86er, stopped by today to pick up the tranny from Clays bike, which we replaced, and stayed a while and chatted. He tried out my V star 1300 while he was here. He told Charlene and I about his trip and how much he enjoyed it, sounds like the kind of trip I would like to make someday.......but not alone, I would especially like to get to S. Dakota and see Crazy Horse momument. Thanks for staying and visiting a while Todd, Charlene and I enjoyed your visit.
  20. I had known Don Spiker for about 15 years. He passed away while I was on my midwest trip last July, he was 73. Don and I have spent many Sunday mornings together and I enjoyed this gentle soul very much. We hung out at the Michaels restaurant parking lot, the usual gathering spot for about 300 motorcycles, in Chapel Hill, NC. Our backgrounds were very close, we both had two daughters, have ridden bikes since the 1960s, and both worked at carburetor factorys most of our working lives. I enjoyed his companionship and his wit. He leaves his daughters, and a grandchild he finished putting through college just this May. I think he hung on until this last great goal was completed. I watched as my friends health declined. I knew the end was near, however, I was still caught off guard by his death. Ride on dear friend, with clear roads, and the wind always at your back. I will miss you, and remember you until I die........
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