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  1. what is the best product to fix cracked plastic parts on a 1st gen
  2. 20 hours to tentative departure (minus time to post this) for 3 week east coast trip and I find a missing piece of plastic and cracked plastic around backrest to trunk connection last night. I've read of this problem somewhere, should have payed closer attention to these threads. Get right to it, looking for any advice next 12 hours for temp fix to get thru trip & NYRally. Materials I've picked up : A pint of 2 part Dominion Plastic repair Rigid Flex Bonder, JB Weld putty stick, PF230 pinch&bond weld primer, 14 gauge sheet metal. Plan is to cut 2 pieces sheet metal, one for the missi
  3. Finally got my carbs back together and decided to make sure nothing else needed attention before putting them back on. There is a black plastic box (air chamber assembly on the parts diagram) that sits on top of the motor. there are 4 lines going from it to each cylinder. 2 of my lines are cracked/ split. Do I need to replace the lines or can I remove them and cap off the ports in the cylinders? What does this thing do? here is a pic:
  4. Someone PLEEEEEASE tell me that there is a way to remove the ignition coils from my 89 Venture without removing ALL the front fairing!!----I thought I saw a thread on here a while back saying you could remove the battery box and air filter and remove them that way--also--how common is it to have "cracked" ignition coils--bike started running like crap and a friend suggested plug wires---got ready to replace the plug wires and noticed that the first 2 coils are cracked all the way across the top--found a complete set on E-bay--but now need help removing the old ones!!--------Thanx------Larry
  5. :fingers-crossed-emoThe rear brakes are bled and are working pretty good.I seem to still have to pump them once to get super braking,but just hiting them does the job.I did the I.V. bottle trick I'd seen here long ago...I bookmark the problems I'd think I might be running into.Thanks to all that gave real good advice. Now I seem to have run into another problem.Keep in mind that I haven't rode this bike regularly,I usually rode the 89. I'd take the 84 out on occation ..maybe 4/5 times for a 30 mi. ride.Now, once it gets warmed up, it wants to stall at stops. It doesn't do it all the time. The
  6. I started to add this to collection because ITS BLUE!!! Good deal for someone that has one all cracked up. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1983-1984-Yamaha-Venture-Trunk-/160621025625?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2565c25959 Or if you have a MK ll http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/YAMAHA-87-XVZ1300-VENTURE-ROYALE-REAR-LUGGAGE-TRUNK-/250855693422?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3a682a1c6e
  7. I recently pulled the chrome trim off the fairing and found that the plastic around 4 of the 6 windshield mounting holes was cracked completely through. I emailed my dealer photos and he said to bring it in and they'll replace the fairing and anything else related to the problem. Off to the dealer tomorrow. Anyone else had this problem? Dennis
  8. I mentioned this in another post, but I thought I would post again and ask another way. The fairing tabs that hold the windshield are a known problem with the Venture. In fact, many of you have said that EVEN NEW VENTURES could very well have the tabs already cracked or broken. I had asked if it was important to have the fairing replaced, and a couple of you said yes, get it fixed or it would get worse. I have two issues with getting fixed...first, because I have done some wiring under the fairing I am afraid they will hassle me about the tabs and accuse me (like others have been accuse
  9. This one cracked me up.... [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuUQfBZJtJg]YouTube - Shake me Harley[/ame]
  10. Can anyone tell me the approximate size of the casstte player?? I'm going to get Quickstep to turn it into a storage area, and am going to go to the wreckers and see if something out of the dash of a car would work. But as the fairing has to be cracked open to get a look see I don't want him to do that till I've got something to fit Ta Muchly
  11. What the heck could have caused this? I am guessing someone hit it. The saddlebag guards are not damaged. Wife thought it might be stress from towing the trailer. I have towed it 3-4 times. 1st time for a couple hours. The other times were pretty much 30-45 speeds 55 or less. So not really sure that could have done it but never know. It is cracked all the way through starting top right and going towards bottom left almost all the way to the bottom. And the other question. How to fix? Can I use some epoxy on the inside as a temporary fix?
  12. Do the carb manifolds on a second gen have the enternal metal sleeve/liner like those on a first gen?? I just took a look at those on the '99 and they are cracked a bunch. Motor runs good tho.....
  13. Motorcycle Tom and us saw this in a parking lot this afternoon. Cracked us up!!!
  14. Took my bike to Tallahassee Powersports for the 48,000 mile service. Before taking bike to dealer I read the post about cracked tabs in the fairing that hold the windshield on. I have two cracked tabs. I printed the post on here about the cracked tabs and took it with me to the dealer. Dealer just called and said yamaha is going to replace my fairing under warranty but don't know how long it will take to get fairing as it is on back order. Even though it is backordered I am happy. I just knew they were going to call and tell me yamaha wouldn't replace the fairing. I have read many times
  15. Stood the bike up today and the left grip cracked in my hand. Called Kuryakyn customer service. All they did was to offer to sell me a replacement grip along with shipping costs. I have never seen one of these grips crack. Im just curious if anyone here ever had that happed to them.
  16. If, on your lower cover on a '04 or later, your outboard screw standoff is cracked, your can substitute the spring nut from a '99 and the screw will have something to bite. While changing my antifreeze I noticed the standoff that holds the rubber nut was cracked. No way was it going to re-assemble. But the older 2 gens use a spring nut instead of the rubber nut. I figure as long as the engine guard braces have been installed, there shouldn't be a problem with the hard mount.
  17. Does anyone have a head light frame they don't need? I want to install a Tribar lens on the Venture headlight frame, but don't want to destroy my stocker. It doesn't matter if the lens is cracked or broken, I'm going to break it out anyway. Thanks, Ponch
  18. i am lookin for a pair of sidecovers for my bike(83venture 1200) .. i dont care if they are cracked or broken... i want to cut them own if they are cracked r broken.. but if they are good then i will not.. i lost my sidecovers on the way to cody this year.. thanx.. and how much are you askin??:bang head:
  19. On the way home from Big Tom's M&E this morning, Earl (Skydoc) and Gary were changing lanes to enter a gas station and Gary got sideswiped by a car on the right side. They had just left an intersection at a light when this happened. Luckily this was a low speed accident and Gary is fine even though he did go down. The bike should be easily repairable with mostly plastic damage. The main problem is a ruptured plastic elbow for the water pump being cracked and all the coolant is gone. There is a trailer on the way to pick up the bike and bring it over here where we can piece it back t
  20. I am looking for a set of 84 VR front rotors mine are cracked but work. TOM
  21. I put a set of Longhorn Duallies on my RSV on Sunday, rode to work on Tuesday and noticed a crack on the clevis. Upon further investigation, both left and right pegs were cracked in the same place. The shop I purchased them from said they will swap them out. Has anybody had issues with Kuryakyn pegs?
  22. Does anyone have some 1st gen rubber intake boots lying around that they don't need? Cracked or otherwise garbage would be fine, because for what I want them for, I'm going to ruin them anyway.
  23. JB - did you get er done? I have my old one out and am just waiting on the big brown truck for my new one. When I took the old switch apart the wafer-like plate where the contacts are was cracked. That may have been part of my problem.
  24. I am leaving for Star Days on Monday, just noticed that the lower left side cowling/fairing as a horizontal crack starting from the outside and working its way inward towards the radiator. Need to hold it together for the week ride. This is the 2nd one I have gone through - first one (original) lasted 8 years, I just replaced it 1.5 months ago and now this one has cracked. Anyone have any advice? TIA
  25. Well it finally happened....I "gently" laid the bike over on it's side last weekend which happened to be right up against a tree and cracked the windshield. Would anyone out there happen to have a stock windshield they are willing to part with to fit an 02 ???
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