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  1. I bought my own xmas gift today. Had to replace that rear shock because it was getting a bit sloppie going into the corners. After doing my research within most of you are staying away from the yamaha product and going with the company "Shock". I called 1-818-701-1010 and talked with Tom. He provided me the VentureRider 10% discount and said it should be about 2-3 weeks at a cost of $ 620.00. Thanks for the info.
  2. I was going to order a ct this week but I will wait now because I would like to keep the www look with my bike. Please let me know how your research goes! thanks Human4m.
  3. Thinkin of going with the CT. I do like the looks of my white avons thoouoo Has anyone seen a CT with white walls that will go on the RSV?
  4. Thanks for your inputs, red rider-I will look into the aria helmets. what I liked about the nolan N-43 is that the chin section is removable. I did go to the J&M site but could not find any technical data that would tell me what is the differance between the two. I will hem and hau about it a bit longer and then just dig deeper into the (I just want it) money pocket and get the elite model:happy-emoticon:
  5. ya, i had j&m sets with open helmets and had to turn it up to 18 and that allows us to talk at the stop light. when we got going the wind and my fishtail pipes.. we could not talk. I think with their aeromike III microphone it will do a better job at canxing the noise. Both the elite and performance adds say the same thing when it comes to the hardware with no mention what is the difference.
  6. I plan to purchase the N43 trilogy helmet with a J&M headset. I have looked and looked but I can not find out what is the differance between there Elite (584) headset and the Performance (279).. except the price! Do you know? or is there a web site that does a side by side comparison/review. I welcome your inputs toward other headsets. The helmetshop.com has the helmet at $249, the elite headset for $209 and the Performance headset for $180.
  7. While at daytona this weekend I was looking for a new helmet for my (cold) night driving up in Jacksonville, FL. I was at the Helmet Shop and found the new Nolan N43 Trilogy. Now I tried on Nolan's in the past and they alway rubbed on my forhead but this one has been changed to fit my noggon great. Price-eee at about $240 bucks but take a look into it and tell me what you think of it. I didn't buy it... only because I had not done my research yet and I stepped away from the counter when I started thinking about putting my intercom onto it. If I installed the set I now have (J+M) I would have to cut a chunck out of the new helmet so I am thinking hard about putting an other $175 into a head gear that will fit right into the helmet (like their n-comm unit does). Anyway, I did find out that this new N43 helmet over in Europe is called the N43 Air. That one has a better air flow then the trilogy but is not sold here.'''' Now that is the one I would like to buy! So if anyone has the nowhow on how I can get it...(like some of our venture buddys over in Europe) please help me out. ken
  8. i have that kinda slight numing vib at about 70-80. When i was rebuilding the bike after it was totaled one of my dog bone bolts would not align. I am thinking that is my problem with the vib's so you might check out you engine dog bones and make sure they are torqued down.
  9. ok jeff, I resent the email with the pic again. go look for the bear... I'm telling the truth here! I have the picture but you all will just have to b e a r with me:rain2:
  10. I sent the pic to jeff. (ruffy) to load it up for me. JEFF where are you! help me out.
  11. sorry... still can't get pic's to load up. I'll try again when i get home from work.
  12. Maineac, thankyou for the info.. will you be attending these?. I will let you know if I am riding up in your area . ken
  13. My wife and I will be zooming up to Standish, Maine to check up on my house and put togeather a suprise birthday party for her mother (80). From the 18th to the 26 we will be putting on some RSV miles. If you Main-a's know of any motorcycle or local events happening during that time please let me know. Thanks. ken
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