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  1. Doing well here in Minnesota..still riding both my 88 and my 01...Just got in a fall color ride today...checking in on VE every now and then, but a few projects on the docket will be looking around a bit more.
  2. I've seen the article on how to make your own, and that will be my next option of I can't find any, but wondered if anyone has taken off their links after deciding they did not work well for them..I'm 6'4", and the extra inch would be nice. Easier to buy than make if I can find any.. Thanks Clay
  3. That's my plan..Its been years since I did my clutch..Bleed that right at the slave cylinder bleeder?
  4. Flushing the front brake reservoir and lines until fluid was clear did the trick..amazing how crappy brown the fluid was... No more grabby.. Thanks
  5. Picked up an 01 RSV the other day..Beautuful bike, and since I've ridden First Gens my whole life, the brakes are a bit different.The right front seems very grabby and catchy...any advice?
  6. Cleaned carbs and synced them...correctly this time..running great again... Skydoc drain plug fix next item on agenda
  7. Never had the chance to meet Dan , but have observed all the connections he developed on the site over the years. Whenever I posted some obscure problem with my first Gens, Dan was always an early contributor of ideas. Sad to hear this news. Sympathy to his family and all his friends on here. The great reminder...Life is short, and we are never guaranteed tomorrow.. Clay
  8. Ran perfect after carb rebuild....Ran like a raped ape...could not believe the torc and power it had...Its a crazy thing....I give it gas and it goes fair, but then suddenly surges and take off much faster...same thing in each gear....seems to kick in about 4000rpms..and the MPG have just tanked
  9. Thanks...Yep..As always. the diaphrams could have an issue..I should double check them....just in case....any idea on where to get replacements..I know the factory ones..if available are super expensive, but have not had any experience with aftermarket ones.It's a bit of a mystery... have ridden these ventures for 20 years, and have not felt this surging sensation nor lack of power .....
  10. Hello, Still experiencing an issue with my 89..Carbs have been professionally redone, new plugs and wires , sync is good, slides are working well, starts perfect, idles and purrs like a kitten, but has a lack of power, especially as I accelerate..tends to surge..especially around 4000 rpms..The bike is rideable, but my mileage has dropped from 40 to about 34. I've been doing some research, and it appears that the spark advance could be the issue...which points me to the pressure sensor vaccum or a bad TCI. Anyone who has dealt with a pressure sensor issue? What are/ were the outward symptoms....I've looked at the mannual on how to test it, but I'm not much with that skill.. Thanks Clay
  11. Thanks a lot for the post and the diagram...hoping it might be as simple as this..Really appreciate all the advice
  12. Does anyone know the location of the gas tank vent...where it is located and where the tube runs???....I filled the tank to the brim last night for a long ride...wondering if the tank is not venting, and i'm getting a type of vapor/ vaccum lock?
  13. Excellent....Hoping its a fuel filter or something else ...since the pump for the 84 has been in a box for 7 years.. not sure all the rubber inside would still be good..
  14. Ugh......I've about had it with my new 88 VR....If its not one thing, its another. this morning heading to work, the bike just quit running...Rode 200 miles yesterday and all was fine..today 5 blocks from home..stops and had to be pushed back home...up hill.... Will start, but give it any gas and it stalls..starving for fuel..Click the on/off switch and the pump seems to click for much longer than usual....7- 1o seconds, then stops clicking....do it again and the same thing...just not getting fuel to the carbs... just had the carbs all cleaned and done professionally a few weeks ago, so that's not it-- has been running like a charm just put a new fuel filter on 3 weeks ago when doing a spring tune up. Seems like it's not getting gas to the pump...Will have to check out tonight after work, ....but in case...I have an extra pump off my 84... My question...Are the pumps off the early first gens the same as the pumps off an 88? Are they interchangeable???
  15. Thanks for the thoughts.. Had put in new plugs...Going to try new wires too , but really dont think that's it.. I've been thinking about the TCI possibly..wondering about a spark advance.don't know though..the PO was not really much of a rider..Did not know a whole lot.. did check for all possible vaccum leaks...checked the spark advance line too...seems to be working Also thinking about a compression check, but bike only has 40,000 miles.. would not think valves could be too tight yet. I'm thinking about taking carbs apart and having them ultrasonically cleaned, then try again..
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