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Found 21 results

  1. I hate starting a new thread on an old topic, but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I bought a set of Baron Nasty Boy 4-2-4 pipes for my RSTD last year and ran them for about 1/2 the season. Just about every thread I found out here says they sound great, but mine sound raspy and a lot like the glass packs I put on my old Mustang. I thought they came without glass. They also feel like there is more back pressure than my old Samsons (which sounded and performed much better). When I goose the throttle they are much slower to respond than my old Samsons did. Before re-chroming and putting the Samsons back on, anyone have a cure for me? PS How do I get the freakin' baffles out? They get stuck at the end of the pipe. Much thanks to anyone who can help out..
  2. My local Drag Specialist distributor wants $15.00 for shipping for a $2.95 Baron Mini Lens. Something I can mail for about $2.00. Looking for a non cracked Baron Mini Lens like the small one in the picture. It can be amber or red and the color can be really bad for I will be painting it red to match the others that I've already painted. I will be willing to buy the lens and pay for postage.
  3. Hey all, I am the proud owner of an 06' midnight venture. The knucklehead before me gutted the ends of the mufflers with a screwdriver. They look like ass. The sound is good but there is alot of popping when the throttle is released or going down hill off the gas. I just installed Baron Bag Slash Slip-Ons. The factory baffles were not wrapped, Wow are they loud, can't hear my Jimmy Buffett cassette. The popping is even LOUDER now. I wrapped the baffles with fiberglass, took it down to almost bearable, still popping loud. Does anyone have a suggestion? Muffler Brand? Tuning? Etc. The Baron Mufflers are going to be returned. Thanks
  4. Ok, I asked this before with no replies, let's try once more: I receive my box with the AIR KIT STEALTH BARON RSTD 96-2000. I know that on one of the carburetors I saw a slow movement of the diaphragm getting back to the normal position, and I think that was also a little grasse or oily (I think that cilynder is the reason of some backfires). I'm trying to fix this problem and get better performance, so somebody has some experience with this??? Any help will be welcome. Thanks :detective:
  5. Did somebody installed the Air Kit Baron BA-00-2000 for RS or RSTD 96-2000? Any recommendation? Still cannot improve mileage on my 97... :confused24:
  6. I have a 2009 XVS1100A. I have fitted Baron Nasty Boy Mufflers. Now I have a missfire . It only seems to happen under full throttle. It missfires briefly and then clears it self. At first I thought it was the rev limiter kicking in, but it seems to do it intermitantly no matter what revs im pulling. Its driving me crazy. Mostly in first gear from the lights. Grrrrr I also fitted a Baron big air kit but bike shop removed this because the vaccum operated needles would not function properly, or so they told me.
  7. Well as best as I can search. There is no easy install Baron risers for me. I will have to go with the Flanders bars I suppose. Shucks, I thought all along that the Baron risers for the Venture would also fit the Royal Star Tour Deluxe.....Wrong... Fuzzy
  8. Hey guys and girls I recently replaced my full exhaust sytem on my Royal Star Venture (I picked up a full system on ebay for 189dollars which is amazing) My old muffler pipes were rotting inside so I had to change them. The only prob I have is that the pipes are LOUD! Not harley loud but louder than what I would like. They are original Yamaha pipes but the mufflers are aftermarket Baron Pipes with the clamp(I think) Does anyone know of a way to quieten them down, I don't live in an estate so no neighbours but I'm heading to France and Spain this year and I heard they crack down on loud pipes. They have a baffle but it's not great...I think they sound great but that's another matter altogether... Does anyone here have baron pipes? If so, any suggestions on quitening them down! Thanks
  9. Does anybody know if the Baron Riser kit will fit a 2007 Midnight? It is not listed in the fitment for the 2007 midnight.
  10. I saw a post about this from a few years ago. Just wondering if anyone has done a full on stage one upgrade? The baron big air kit lets it breath and give you more fuel and a full exhaust upgrade (2") will finish it off. http://www.baronscustom.com/catalog/display/254/index.html
  11. Just ran across a listing for a new set of Baron Nasty Boy Slash Cuts on eBay. New but one is missing a baffle. Says fits 99-10. Opening at $100.00. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170445062588&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT Just FYI.
  12. What do you think? Which are the better deal? Considering changing and don't know which way to go.
  13. All members I have 2 Baron tachometer's 1 is a 3" white face for handle bar mounting. The other one is the Baron color changing brake reservoir mounting system. See picture attachment for style. Brake mount one is slightley used and the 3" is new. Just decided not to use. Joe First with money gets it or them.
  14. I just finished installing my Baron Tach on my 03 but I went a different route. After trying a minifaced tach, I wasn't too pleased with the looks plus it was so small, I had a hard time seeing it. This one was meant to install on a 1 in. handlebar but it also didn't fit right on the RSV because of limited space so I bought a Ram Mount # RAM-B-346CU which has a 1 in. ball to attach different accessories. I have all kinds of up, down, right and left adjustment. The face can be programmed with different colors and the green matches the speedo color pretty close. Check out the pix and let me know what you think. Brian
  15. Fall colors are here. I was in the mountains today. Parsons,Davis, Canaan Valley, and Mt Storm WV. Grant County is changing fast. There is a massive Electric Wind Generator project building near the Mt Storm power plant. I have fond memories of the Red Baron riding through there with the Blue Beast. Those were the good ole days. Hey I need a ride soon. Today I was in a Ford.
  16. Nothing on Ebay for an 84. I need to tune up the baron a little. There's a new scoot in town fast to.
  17. I tried to find the installation instructions for the Baron risers but came up blank. Does anyone have the link? Thanks
  18. I need some help. I installed Baron risers and when I turn the handle bars all the way to the right it puts the throttle cable in a bind and it sticks. I have to manually roll it back. I assume I have to get some slack but from where and how? I have tried to pull some slack but I'm concerned about pulling too hard and screwing something up. I have not remove the fairing yet to see if I can re-arrange the cable some way but that was going to be my next move. Any suggestions?
  19. Has anybody installed the performance front lowering kit from Baron. It's a complete set with springs, valve emulators etc? If so, is there much work/money involved? Should this work be left to a dealer/bike shop? And, was there a considerable improvement in ride, handling etc? Thanks, chachi
  20. I'm 61 yrs old; 5'7" tall and about 175 lbs. I recently had a situation on our 07 RSV; riding two-up with the wife. I was in stop and go traffic; road slanted a bit; moment of inattention (I suppose) and the bike started leaning severely to the right. I was able to keep it from falling, but at the price of an injured wrist--not yet sure of the extent of the injury--awaiting the MRI. At any rate, I am concerned about the stability of the bike and do not want to drop it. I read of the Starbar Handlebar by Baron. Anyone have experience with this product? The ad reads like it may be the answer, but I follow the old adage, "If it sounds too good to be true, it is" Would a riser for the stock handlebars do the same thing? Appreciate any help. Jim T
  21. Besides the modified Road King mufflers, what is a good slip on for the RSV. I think I have it narrowed down between Samson Slash cuts or Baron exhaust. One style of the Baron exhaust... looking at the back of the bike you would see two pipes under each saddle bag. As with anything they are a little pricey, especially when you add the exhaust tips. If anyone uses these or is familiar with them, let me know. Thanks
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