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  1. Dumped nearly an entire bottle into my half-full gas tank. After a couple of rough starts and a little gas squirting out of the tubey-things, Boom, yo. All good. Saved me a trip to the stealership and a bundle of cash!
  2. I started up my '05 RSTD for the first time this season and noticed to my horror gasoline spewing out everywhere, including the left exhaust pipe. This thread suggests a stuck float which a friend also suggested, for the same ethanol reasons. My only question is: How much Seafoam is too much Seafoam? Thanks...
  3. I used the RS rack for a number of years before changing over to the RSTD rack. I did so because I found the RS rack was narrow; my bags were sagging on either side of it. The RSTD rack may not be the best, but it is a little wider and integral to the backrest which makes the load more stable. It has solved the problem to a degree. Also, the RS rack left a dent in the rear fender.
  4. Okay, they don't ALL do it. But you won the whine lottery if yours doesn't. I've been through a few clutch baskets myself. I looked up some fix a couple of years back (may have been on this site) that involved cutting some shaft and affixing something somewhere else. I took that fix to my dealer who just shook his head. If there is an unorthodox mod that takes care of it, that's not really a fix in that it would probably void the warranty. I can modify my riding habits to minimize the noise, but don't feel I should have to. I think Yamaha should be making the modifications. They've been aware of the problem for years. I have no clue why they wouldn't fix it. If some dude in a machine shop somewhere can, I'm betting they can, too. No doubt that noise cost Yamaha a whole lotta sales. Hm. Where will my next motorcycle come from? A new fi 1700cc RSTD with no whine? Hope so. There ya go. Whining about a whine.
  5. Loud pipes. No, really. Anybody who gets a new basket or lubricates whatever and gets rid of the whine is lucky. They all do it. Always have. Always will until we get a new motor.
  6. Thanks for saving me a bunch of time!
  7. I have a plug leaking on my '05 RSTD. I want to replace all four while I'm in there. I can't find them in the Yamaha Parts Fische. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a part number? Thanks!!
  8. I hate starting a new thread on an old topic, but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I bought a set of Baron Nasty Boy 4-2-4 pipes for my RSTD last year and ran them for about 1/2 the season. Just about every thread I found out here says they sound great, but mine sound raspy and a lot like the glass packs I put on my old Mustang. I thought they came without glass. They also feel like there is more back pressure than my old Samsons (which sounded and performed much better). When I goose the throttle they are much slower to respond than my old Samsons did. Before re-chroming and putting the Samsons back on, anyone have a cure for me? PS How do I get the freakin' baffles out? They get stuck at the end of the pipe. Much thanks to anyone who can help out..
  9. Yamaha would not build a 3rd generation fuel-injected 1700cc DOHC V-4 just to put in some boutique bike like the V-Max. The younger generation might like cruisers and crotch rockets, but the biggest (and richest) population segment is boomers. Boomers is where the $$ is. My dealer has a room full of R6's with no place to go. I just don't see touring bikes going away. You should see that new Kawasaki! She's pretty!
  10. Yamaha would be nuts to get out of the touring market. Madness, I tell you! Kaw just put out a full dresser. Victory has one now, too. (in addition to the Vision). Suzoooky may not have a big touring bike, but they're about a trunk and a fairing short of one. AND we all know that every serious rider ends up on a touring bike sooner or later. Yamaha's V-4 is their ace in the hole! If they want to compete with Harley they will have to stay in the game. Cmon, man! 2011! Keep the faith!
  11. I hope not. I'm pretty fond of this V-4. I've been down that V-Twin road before. Have to admit, the s'liner with the bat wing looks pretty cool.
  12. It's probably not a bent rim since the rims are cast aluminum. Think I'll pull the rear fender.
  13. I'm sorely disappointed too, but I'm going to give AHAMAY a wee bit o' slack. The have some major re-tooling to do - probably not only from an engineering standpoint, but an economical one, too. I'm guessing they didn't build that new 200HP v-4 just to put in a few V-Max's. A couple of years shakedown on a new motor, perhaps? Of course they'd also have to "dumb down" that motor for a new Venture/RST . . . no, wait. There is no longer a RSTD in their lineup. wtf. Anyway, there are a lot of other things about the Venture that needs updating. (IMHO) May as well bypass the CD altogether. Build in an MP3 player, stick a couple of memory ports in it. An aluminum frame might be nice, too, eh. I just hope if and when we see it it doesn't come out looking like a Victory Hallucination (er, Vision, I mean). Where did my beloved Tour Deluxe go??
  14. Thanks, guys. Bike (and I) landed left side. Bike stayed on its left side. I didn't. Ha. Have you ever seen a "squished Blackberry?" Blackberry pie anyone?
  15. Well, it sure sems to track okay. But the fender just looks to be in line with the body. Maybe I should try one of those laser level thingies. Sure hope it's a relatively easy fix, 'cause the dealer just whacked me $2,300 for parts. $340 just for the left front engine guard. $289 for the right one. They want $1,700 for a gas tank. Anyway, thanks for the feedback, guys. It's been 5 weeks yesterday. Blasted ribs STILL hurt!
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