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    2013 Royal Star Venture S
  1. He/She had the same bike with three different mileages and sale locations in Ontario. SCAM!
  2. Thanks for all the input guys and gals. I think I might take a look at the Slipstream bagger. When I purchased the bike I had them put on a full glass (the previous owner had a homemade cut bagger on it). Now I think I might go to the switch out.
  3. Like most, age has made me want the comfort and ease of riding a touring bike. I love not eating the bugs or having my eyes water the minute I hit the road! 2013 RSV
  4. I'm thinking of swapping out my full wind screen for an eight inch tinted bagger wind screen. Pros/cons????
  5. Hey everyone! Just picked up a 2013 RSV. Had a 1700 Vulcan Classic last year, .....What a difference! The Venture is so smooth and comfortable. I am trying to locate an ISimple IPOD adapter here in Canada, but none of the dealers here in Ottawa have been able to help. I found one on Amazon, but they want almost $700. I would rather run an MP3 or SD card than an IPOD (can't stand Apple products). Any ideas? Right now I have my MP3 hooked up to the cassette adapter. It works OK, but the only thing I can control using the bike is volume.
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