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Found 18 results

  1. I have a set of TD on my 07 RSMV and have been wanting a little noise from them. Has anyone drilled the TD mufflers out for a "little" more sound? I have been considering buying the RK mufflers to get a little more sound from them but before I do, has anyone drilled the TD mufflers? If so how did they sound? Hard to take a drill after any of them before I know what it will do. I bet some of you have had some experience with this?
  2. Repeating a mod from previous bikes (and as posted a couple of times here), I wired in and mounted my garage door opener today. I put it on the plastic flange/cover just above the gas cap. Just wanted to share this mounting location in case people are looking for options other than mounting the button on the dash. There was plenty of room to stick the opener under there, the push button is pretty unobtrusive and I can get to it easily with either hand. Drilled a small hole in the opener case for wires which I soldered to the switch contacts of the opener. Drilled a 1/2" hole in the flange/c
  3. You folks have helped me more than I could ever thank you for! So, I'd like to make a small contribution that may have already been shared by someone else, I don't know. While trying (no telling HOW many) different epoxies (from fast to slow cure) with a certain amount of succuss, I finally discovered the one that is absolutely perfect! It's PERMATEX "PermaPoxy" Epoxy Stick Item # 84315. Can be found at WalMart for $4.00. My fairing had a corner chunk missing, various holes drilled for bogus switches and just about every tab cracked or missing. You just cut off a slice, knead it
  4. I cut out the back of the mufflers and went crazy with the drill. First two holes that turned to four holes that turned to six drilled holes. I am a reformed Harley drag pipe guy. I went mad I think. I kinda like the rumble of the small block Chevy sound. But as I age I also appreciate the quiet morning runs that do not wake the birds in their nests. I am converting back to stock. Question. How many here regretted drilling their pipes and like the stock sound? Anybody need some drilled pipes?
  5. ok, so if your tall like me (6'3), you might have some problems with 1st gen mirrors. i do. i see mostly shoulder, and that wasnt cutting it any longer. i had a difficult time finding mirrors for our ride that have a 1" center-to-center mounting. in fact, i couldnt find any at all. several hours worth of research later, and i decided to do this: i used the old mounts, bought some mirrors from Dennis Kirk (after looking through dozens of them!), and hooked em up!. the mirrors came in a pair for 16.00 plus shipping. i like the price as well as, the cool 80's look they have. they are EMGO ROADHAW
  6. I am installing Road King mufflers on my 83 Venture Royale.I had no trouble getting exhaust pipes between the muffler and the manifold.My question is does anyone know a way to fab the rear brackets?I have an idea but am looking for other options.Also can the mufflers be drilled out or will it cause problems?With the new mufflers on it sounds pretty good but is still quiet.If they can be drilled out,what is the best way?Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. tired of trying to get these on and off. Also don't like the idea of riding without them seat seems to lift off when getting off and on, or shifting position. Took a couple of small blocks of nylon and drilled holes in them and threaded them onto studs, finger tight. Aprox. 1/2 x 1/2 x 3/4
  8. Hi i got a 05 rstd from the states but live in England and looking at the forum i see some people have drilled out the Exhaust pipes. Is this a hard job? and how is it done.
  9. I've had my RK's on for a few month's now and they had all the baffles so today, I drilled all 3 of them out. Well, does she ever BARK now when I crank it on! Under normal riding, they're not that much louder and the funny thing is, before I drilled them, the sound seemed to come more from under me than behind the bike...now, the sound seems more behind the bike. I LOVE IT! If you got RK's with the baffles and want a bit more rumble and some great BARK, drill out those baffles! :thumbsup2:
  10. Just Bought these Mufflers on Ebay, what do ya think? A while back I posted about low power on my venture, especially on the highway... started to look into it and realized my mufflers (off Roadling?) are very different side to side. one is almost straight through and the other has almost a cup in it with holes drilled in the sides for airflow. Maybe I have to much back pressure or to little airflow on the side with the "cup" or dead end in it. I'm really hoping they sound like these. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eHD2pqzQ28]watch video clip[/ame]
  11. I am repainting my 83 this winter. In the process of prepping, I'm stripping everything off the painted parts for a color change. I drilled out the rivets to seperate the trunk and saddlebags into halves and got everything off them except for the aluminum sealing trim. I really want this off for the painting so that the final job looks it's best. I removed all screws and drilled out every rivet yet I still cant get this stuff to release fro mthe plastic trunk and saddlebag halves. any tricks to removing this without breaking the trunk or scraping up the aluminum trim/seal track?
  12. well i know ive been slow on getting my trailer hooked up but i got the wiring done today i just got to go to a buddy shop to get the rest of the hitch drilled out and a tag tomorrow i may take it around with me on my tour of the USA:banana:
  13. My 05 Midnight has started a weird habit of having an exhaust pop on each up shift through the gears. Just a single pop on each shift. It it also has started to pop a little on decel but nothing real dramatic. Nothing loud. Any ideas. I do have the HD Road King pipes with the drilled out rear baffle plate and 4 drilled out holes in the inlet cone. Moakster
  14. Do the stock pipes that come on the bike have any holes exiting the back except for the large hole in the center? I noticed tonight that my pipes have about 8 holes drilled into the back around the center hole (and they don't look very professional). So I'm thinking the previous owner drilled them out to get some more sound. Just wondering...thanks!
  15. Has anyone not drilled RK newer mufflers with the cat. converter? Is it necessary to drill the cat. converter?
  16. I needed some more room to stretch out on long rides. I thought about installing some crash bars and slap some pegs on 'em but they looked to be to far out and to high up. I want to relax not pull a muscle! So I saw some floorboard mounted highway pegs on a bike and started hunting them down online. $153 for the mounts! The ya had to buy the "mount specific" pegs. Screw that! I had some iso pegs laying around so what I did was bought me some hardened 1/8th in zinc plated L brackets from Ace Hardware for $8 and some nuts and bolts. All said and done right around $10. I cut the bracket to the le
  17. Lets see if I can figure out how to do this. Used the phone for this one. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HryrB5UpGeo]YouTube - drilled out RSTD pipes[/ame]
  18. One of the first things that I noticed, and others commented on also, after purchasing my '99 Royal Star Venture was the fact that there was simply not enough lighting on the rear. I did some investigating and found a number of LED light bars made specifically for motorcycles but the prices were crazy. Then as I was browsing through my local "Autozone" parts store one day, I happened upon a LED light bar with a price under $20.00. The LED bar contains 20 LEDs and is made by Pilot. The part number is WE6-197. It was the perfect length to mount under the truck of my new Venture so I bought
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