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  1. My dad had a silver Honda hawk, that was the first bike I ever rode on.
  2. Thanks sleepy, I actually saw that post and for whatever reason it didn’t click that it said up to 2011.
  3. Ok just found this on partzilla, looks like 1999 is a separate bolt and seal. Bolt: 90109-066F0-00 Seal: 5EA-1111G-00-00 Also, partzilla appears to have the best price at $10.61 ea for the seals.
  4. Follow up dumb question, does anyone have the part number for the valve cove bolt seals for the 1999 RSV. I’ve been searching the net and still unclear. thanks
  5. Alright dumb question time. Are these the bolts with the rubber seals that have been mentioned? bottom picture with the arrows?
  6. I’m just floating this out there to see how much interest there might be. I always see the pictures of freebirds maintenance days and it looks like a great time. Unfortunately it’s a bit to far for some of us to be able to make the trip. So I’ve been thinking it would be nice to try and get some of the west coast guys together. I don’t have a big spread by any stretch of the imagination (small house on a cul de sac) but pending approval from Household 6, I could have a few bikes here before the neighbors start to get upset. i don’t have even a fraction of the knowledge that a lot of memb
  7. Don’t know what barrel you’re running but that must be a trick to conceal. 😉
  8. When I first saw the post title I thought it was going to be some kind of a fancy wrench or socket for the bike tool box or a meme about 10mm wrench. And I’m a gun guy, lol. I carry an XD40 for CCW.
  9. Hey Squidley, that would be amazing, I probably won’t be able to get to the maintenance until mid March or even April. Anyway if you can get to it and are willing, let me know how much you need to ship and anything I could do in return.
  10. Does anyone have a valve shim kit and tool that they would be willing to loan out, I would of course be happy to supply some shims for the kit when done.
  11. And just in time for her birthday.
  12. That’s awesome pasta, thanks for posting this.
  13. I used the rotella for a good while, never any issues, always ran well, but I read a while back that they had changed their formula, and decided to try something else. I have been using Castrol Actevo 4T for a couple of changes and Sylvia (1999 RSV) seems to like it just fine. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Castrol-Actevo-4T-20W-50-Part-Synthetic-Motorcycle-Oil-1-Gallon/467873859 Wally World has it for about $23 a gallon.
  14. Finally got to use this bad boy to put some new tires on. Worked like a champ.
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