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  1. Don't overplan your route, allow yourself to change it up on the fly. Don't insist on a set daily destination; if you tire, find a place to stay, if you feel good, keep going.
  2. My wife got her second dose of the vaccine yesterday, we couldn't be happier. I'm not old enough to get an appt yet, but am anxious to get mine.
  3. If you drink enough WD-40 you will not die from Covid-19. I'll stake my reputation as an idiot on it.
  4. That was a very nice obituary, it makes me wish I'd known him. Condolences to his family.
  5. Goldwing was going to be my bike of choice back in '08, but being long in the legs, I couldn't fit behind the bodywork. My knees would be slamming into a row of switches as I went down the road. I was really disappointed until I found my RSV. All the leg room I need!
  6. I'd have to verify, but I'm pretty sure we get to use one ear only here in WI.
  7. Thanks, those look interesting. Do you have any issues with the detachable cables while putting helmet on? Also, do you get the ones with a mic to receive phone calls?
  8. I'll have to practice that putting on a helmet with earbuds a little. Got a lotta time before I ride again (dang winter).
  9. I'm pretty sure it varies by state. Some only allow one in at a time, others don't regulate at all. Also, going over the speed limit by even 1 mph is not legal either
  10. I've started wearing a helmet more than not at the request of my wife. The music from the speakers is muted and I have to turn it way up to listen, so I'm considering earbuds or speakers in the helmet instead. If any of you do the same, I'm looking for recommendations. Also, it is not my intention to start a helmet vs. not discussion, just a music in the helmet query.
  11. I brewed for a while 25 years ago. Gave up on bottling after a few batches. Bought 5 gallon soda kegs and hooked up CO2 canisters to pressurize them, worked great. Then I met my wife and.......
  12. Had the tar and chip thing done to the residential streets in my neighborhood this summer, including the one I live on.
  13. I do the sta-bil and run the carbs dry routine, and have battery tender leads hooked to battery.
  14. This is a pretty cool idea. I think I would have a hard time renting out my bike to someone, but would like to rent someone else's. I've considered flying to a destination and renting a bike when it's too far away to just ride to. Time doesn't permit a long trip or I might get the wife to go for it.
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