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  1. UPDATE!!!!! Over 6,000 miles, 30-110 degree rides and its still going strong! I also wanted to announce that I have simplified being able to get one of these through my new Etsy shop. Anyone whose interested can purchase it here ( https://www.etsy.com/listing/872563342/first-gen83-85-yamaha-venture-specter? ) and it still comes with the 2 year warranty! Happy Riding!
  2. Hey all, I'm looking to get out there finally and do some motorcycle camping with my lady. Anyone have any good recommendations for a good tent? I've been eye balling this one ( https://redverz.com/atacama/?utm_medium=googleshopping&utm_source=bc&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIvpbl8-a37wIVEhvnCh1_ewcfEAQYAyABEgKLC_D_BwE ) Also, any tips on how to gear up the bike for a long trip like that? I tried before and had way to much weight on the back, wondering how I can maybe put some gear (tent and tarp at least) on the front end. Stay safe out there! -Zach
  3. You can check your wires first but it sounds like it probably is the TCI, my bike did something similar and it got progressively worse. Would definitely recommend doing the relocation and upgrade to the Ignitech replacement. Its a couple hundred bucks but worth every penny. Being a "boom" dead instead of a puttering out sounds more like sudden stop of ignition rather than the puttering out of low fuel pressure.
  4. Thanks for that great advice Puc! I was hoping you might chip in here. The videos are a huge help to see it in action. I dont have any bike off roading experience so I think i'll avoid actively seeking out those trails this time but feel much better about the prospect of accidentally ending up on one. I do have great gear and will be riding mostly empty as I'll be leaving my gear at a base camp and ill be going single, dont wana try doing all the for the first time with my lady on the back and risk her getting hurt. I also have survival skills and day gear to survive a few days should something go horribly wrong, Though I hope the SPOT satellite tracker I just got will allow my family in the area to come get me if I need a hand. Would you recommend airing the tires down as well? Thats a common practice for me when 4 wheeling. I'm not to worries about getting a puncture from doing so since I put "Ride-on" tire balance and sealant in my tires when I replaced them a few months back. And thanks to everyone else for your input, its great to hear all sides of this idea and is making me cautiously confident that I'll be alright out there next week. -Zach
  5. Its kind of hard to tell, it almost seems like a mix, I do think my pump is a little high so I'll check for that. Thanks!
  6. That would make a lot of sense, I do get quite a bit of oil in the box, been meaning to do some kind of upgrade to keep those gasses from ending up there. I have the oil about half way up the sight glass when on the center stand, is that right?
  7. Hey everyone. So I've been noticing that one of my carbs (the left rear if your sitting on the bike) and only that carb seems to be wet from the airbox down. I cant figure out for the life of me why that is. Anyone have an idea? Will post a photo later today. -Zach
  8. Hey All, I'm about to take a trip up in the the Yosemite area (wild fires permitting) and am looking at some mountain peaks I want to get up to, but there area lot of fire roads up there and google maps does not differentiate between what is paved and what isnt. So I am wondering what you all's experience is with riding on dirt roads and if you have any advice should I decide to make a go at it, or more importantly end up on one I don't want to be on. Thanks, -Zach
  9. I was thinking $30 + shipping and I'll back them up with a 2 year warranty.
  10. Hey all, Its been a few years since I put this up, but after doing some overhaul work on my bike this weekend I decided to take a look at the adapter plate I made and am happy to report that it is still in just as good of shape as the day I put it in 2 years and over 5k miles ago! I've already cleaned the filter twice which has been great and keep my 83' purring like a kitten. If anyone is interested in getting there hands on one, shoot me a message
  11. Hey all, So a few years ago a took a shot at prototyping and making an adapter plate to use an inexpensive and readily available Specter 8166 air filter for the first gen venture since the original filters are hard to find and the K&Ns are pricey. After 2 years of service with over 5k miles in all weathers from below freezing to well above 100 degrees and long duration of hot traffic idling I feel confident in putting it out there for the rest of the community. It has not affected the performance of my bike at all and has not warped or deformed since the day I put it on. See pictures for what it looks like and how it fits in. The part is 3D printed using PETG which handles the high temp and oil just fine (I even have PETG printed parts that have survived multiple years in my 87' Ford diesel engine that are in direct contact with heat and oil unlike this air filter plate) If you have any questions, would like one, or would even like to see if I can make other replacement/adaptive parts just shoot me a message.
  12. Thanks man. Just the perk to having a 3D printer. I'm going to be making a lot more parts for this bike for sure. I know making some custom storage doors for compartments under the handlebars are on the list for sure.
  13. FIRST UPDATE: OK, so I got the prototype adapter printed out and put in. Needed to do a little sanding on it because it looks like I was about 1mm off on the large curves. Regarding air flow restriction, my super rough measurements on the factory filter came out to 54sq inches of surface area and the specter filter has roughly 45sq inches. So I think given the superior air flow of the specter, the two filters end up being equal (someone who is more patient and better at math than me please dig into these measurements so we can all be sure)! Pardon the sloppy print, I did it quickly to make sure it works and fits and also had to manually drill the screw holes. It mounted in great and WOW what a difference in performance. Bike no longer smells rich and the power is great. I already have the updated version printing out with the screw holes designed in this time and more top layers so it is more solid. Will update again once that's out. Otherwise the images are as follows. (1st: Original air filter mount, 2nd: prototype mount, 3rd: mount with specter 8166 filter, 4th: prototype mount and filter in factory air box) The air box cover also mounts on with no obstructions or need for modification.
  14. Injector lines on an 83'? I may need more coffee in me to see those. At any rate, shoot me images and if you could use a caliper (avalible at harbor freight for $20) to give meaurments in mm, I'm sure I could make something up. I print almost exclusively in PETG which dosnt melt till 400 degreed. And if that happens let's face it, you got bigger problems. Lol
  15. Wow this thread really blew up! But I love it. It's great getting down into this technical stuff because I think it will allow the community to come up with solutions to parts that that are hard to find before they are impossible to find. As a note to everyone, I am keeping the original air box. I am simply replacing the small plastic peice that the filter itself sits on. So from what everyone has said. I think it should work just fine. I got the prototype printed out last night and will mount it today along with posting pics. From there we can fine tune for airflow (if needed). Otherwise I'll just go straight to adjusting print setting to get a cleaner looking final product.
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