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  1. Pearl white Motor Trike. 57,500 on the odometer. Heated grips, heel-toe shifter, AM / FM /CB, intercom (don't have the cables. We use bluetooth) Sirius XM receiver if I can find where I put it. Running boards, full floorboards, cruise control, passenger armrests with cup holder, have cup holder for rider also. Trailer hitch with 5-wire round plug ready for your trailer. Fender bras. Hartco seat covers (nothing wrong with the seats).Very good condition. No body damage. New front tire. Ready to ride.
  2. I have ordered a new 5 to 4 converter for the original 5 wire harness already on the bike to see if that fixes the problems with the trailer lights not working correctly. Should be here Tuesday. Really don't want to get into removing the trunk as I understand that is a bit involved. I do appreciate all the input I've received from both forums. Would be nice to have a Wing mechanic here local. The local motorcycle shops don't seem to want to work on the older Goldwings so I rely on these forums for how to's and advice.
  3. Trying to get to the wiring harness that would be behind the license plate. Have a Motor Trike kit on the bike and see no other way to get to the harness to install the adaptor harness for the trailer wires. Seems like these trike kits would have some strategically placed access panels. Been working on the trailer lights all weekend with not much positive to show for it. Have a 6 pin round connector already mounted on the bike but doesn't want to give me all the functions with a 6 pin to flat 4 adaptor. thought maybe we might have some trike riders out there that ran into the same issue. I will admit up front wiring is not one of my better know how to's.
  4. That is nice. Thanks for the pics.
  5. Yes, I would be very interested to see how that looks and how they are built. Thank you
  6. Need a pull behind trailer for the Goldwing. Not looking for to small of one. Would prefer white but will consider all. Live in SC. Don't want to get to far away. Would make a day trip to pick up if it's what I'm looking for.
  7. That's what it is. I played with the switch a bit and they came on. I'll get some contact cleaner and see if we can free that switch up some. Saved a trip to the shop. Awesome job guys. Thank you for the help.
  8. Anybody have an idea what might be causing the headlights not to come on?. It's happened before. Sometimes I could flip the bright / dim switch on and off to make them come on or restart the bike would sometimes work. Couldn't get them to come on at all yesterday or today. Depressing when you can't take a ride. Any help greatly appreciated.
  9. So how much trouble would it be to change my unheated seat to another seat that is heated?
  10. Stock seat not working for me. To hard. Using air cushion to get by. Will get this customized if I can't find a comfortable seat.
  11. I'm looking at a 1 pc rider/ passenger pillow top seat with backrest from Mustang seats. Does anyone have this seat? Share your opinion of it? $630 is a big chunk of change. Sure looks comfy.
  12. Anybody help with what I need to use the intercom connection between rider and passenger? Where I can get it?
  13. I see what they did. I have 2 H7 single beam bulbs in a box marked H4. I reordered them. Should be here tomorrow. Riding up to Hendersonville in the morning, should be here when we get back. If it happens again I hope they have a contact number so I can tell them to check their stock. Thanks
  14. Did your BEAMTECH come with the 3-prong plug like it shows in the picture? Maybe they sent me the wrong part.
  15. Let me show my ignorance.......PO? Just got the BEAMTECH H4 LED bulb recommended today. Has a different plug (2 small prongs) instead of the 3-prong plug shown in their picture which is what I need. Bummer, was looking forward to try that one out. Sending it back.
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