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  1. I'm looking at a 1 pc rider/ passenger pillow top seat with backrest from Mustang seats. Does anyone have this seat? Share your opinion of it? $630 is a big chunk of change. Sure looks comfy.
  2. Anybody help with what I need to use the intercom connection between rider and passenger? Where I can get it?
  3. I see what they did. I have 2 H7 single beam bulbs in a box marked H4. I reordered them. Should be here tomorrow. Riding up to Hendersonville in the morning, should be here when we get back. If it happens again I hope they have a contact number so I can tell them to check their stock. Thanks
  4. Did your BEAMTECH come with the 3-prong plug like it shows in the picture? Maybe they sent me the wrong part.
  5. Let me show my ignorance.......PO? Just got the BEAMTECH H4 LED bulb recommended today. Has a different plug (2 small prongs) instead of the 3-prong plug shown in their picture which is what I need. Bummer, was looking forward to try that one out. Sending it back.
  6. Mine does it during the day. Solid when it gets darker. Sensor in it maybe, safety feature for daytime visibility?
  7. Done. Don't like the bulb in it now. By the way, is the headlight pulsing a normal thing? Any bad effect on the LED bulbs?
  8. Amazon has a feature on it where you can filter the results according to your make/model/yr of bike to see if that part is compatible
  9. I ended up just putting an LED bulb in the original headlight, I did replace the passing lights with new LED's. Can't remember the name of the bulb but it listed a bunch of different Harley's it would fit as well as the RSV. The new LED headlight(has it's own bracket that the light mounts to) was going to need some modifications to fit even though the website said it would fit my RSV. I was looking for a replacement that require no modification. The bulb I put in is much brighter but I can't tell any difference from low beam to high beam. Don't know whats up with that.
  10. Wife wants quiet, she gets quiet. Got a set. Thanks for the lead.
  11. Gut at the shop said he thought they were Barons.
  12. Agreed. Don't know what these are but just too loud. Don't mind a little rumble.
  13. Looking for a set of stock oem mufflers for my 2008 RSV.
  14. Well, I guess I'll call the shop this morning and see what they have. What's on here is too loud and probably part of the reason for the popping and backfire when I let off the throttle. Maybe changing back to stock might help with that as well. Just finished getting the armrests, grill guard and LED lights put on, so this should finish it out (for now).
  15. No Way.Can't listen to music on this ride. Ok, I guess my next modification will be to unmodify it. Have to see about getting it back to stock.
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