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  1. Got it just before Christmas. Finally got around to installing it today. Only took about an hour and I was taking my time. GREAT product, Easy to follow instructions, and works perfectly! Thank you for making this safety upgrade so easy to do!
  2. Sent an email to stevemarilyn@hotmail.com to place an order. Thank you!!!
  3. I'm interested in one of these for my 2005 RSV. But can you add the wiring for a 4pin trailer as well? Thanks!
  4. If I could figure out a way to carry a spare engine on the bike, I might be inclined to making the trip myself.
  5. Looks like just over 2 hours away, let me know. I really don't want to scrap it, I'd like to see it go to someone that is able to take on the project. She only had 40K miles. If you're able to get down to the Hagerstown, MD area, or if you seriously think that you will be able to come and get it at some point let me know. I don't mind holding it for a bit, but my wife does want me to get "my side of the garage" cleaned up.
  6. I think I'm ok with just having the bike running with the other engine. I took the better "chrome" covers and have a great running RSV now. So I'm thinking I'll just get rid of the engine. Anyone around the mid-atlantic looking for a project? Maybe slowrollwv, you're not too far from me. Even better, I'll probably put it in the classifieds of the forum as free to good home, just come and get it.
  7. This all happened last year. Originally posted in https://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?139369-Engine-noise-possibly-timing-chain-slap I know that it was just fine until one day it wouldn't turn over. Starter started to turn the engine and then "PING!" it stopped. Tried again and nothing. Hooked up a battery booster start pack and it was slow, but it finally turned over and started, but had that ticking. I tried to isolate it with a stethoscope, but it was all over the engine. So when I found a used engine for sale Got it for $400, so I just replaced the whole engin
  8. Is Salvageable even a word? My engine started this ticking, I believe its as a result of hydrolock. Maybe a bent rod? Is it even trying to salvage? It only has about 40K miles.
  9. You must've been wearing gloves and a turtleneck with an open face helmet? Your face is a lot more tan than your hands and neck!
  10. Long time gone are those promises of "Free" medical and dental for life when you retire. I know that was what my father was promised when he joined the Air Force. I believe that went away right when I joined the Navy in 1993, and everything went from CHAMPUS to Tricare. I don't know much about the enrollment fee. I haven't gotten a letter, but I know as a retiree with TRICARE Prime, I'm paying a very small monthly amount for health insurance, but it's NOTHING compared to what others pay for their health insurance.
  11. Ebay. And if you're lucky, you'll find one the same color!
  12. Thanks! Thats kinda what I was thinking. I really didn't wanna tear into anything if I didn't have to. I'm just happy to be riding again!!! BTW, its amazing that you just happen to have a shift shaft laying around to take and show pics of!!! Thanks!
  13. Has anyone ever run into shift shaft friction on the clutch cover causing no spring return on the shifter? I got everything working and no leaks. :dancefool:I ended up just buying another gasket and using 2. Gave it just enough room for movement and allowed me to tighten the clutch cover with no leaks. Maybe it's not the right answer, but it works and for a $10 fix, and only 30 min of install (yeah, I had to loosen the right side pipe to get to the bottom hex bolts) Any potential problems that I'm not thinking of?
  14. If you ever run into the starter not turning over the engine, remove plugs (I hear the right rear is a normal culprit) and then hit the starter to clear the cylinder. I had a similar problem as you. Previous owner (my dad), said he found a puddle under the bike and started using the fuel shutoff petcock after that. I was not aware of this when he gave the bike to me. Unfortunately I was not as lucky, Instead of leaking out, it filled up one of the cylinders. I believe this caused me to bend something (rod maybe) and led to replacing the engine. Yes, I just kept hitting the starter even
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