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  1. I just use 3/4" P clamps from home depot and a couple 1/4"x20 bolts in the HD factory bracket. Making those hockey stick bracket was going to be a day project. Once I checked into it the P clamps were easy and cheap.
  2. I went cheap and used hose clamps. Aint pretty but worked. Only thing on the HD pipes was there was a couple years there they had a Cat in one side. Somewhere around 2009 ish I think.
  3. Argh Man I feel for ya. I remember them days, ask CE all of what you think are right questions only to have a knuckle ball tossed at ya. No decision for me yet. Got some major out lays for fence and shed so I dont see tiles in my future. But There are some decent ones out there made by "the big guys" under different names. If your not doing 600sq ft or something it should work well. Easier to ask forgiveness than permission.
  4. Mine did same. I made it to a pull off at a parking area, sat 10-15 min and everything was fine the rest of the trip, although I did pay way more attention to my brake usage. I tried a carbon fiber pad and I actually had to learn to drag the brake to get heat to make them work well. Not conducive for most around town driving.
  5. +1 on fluid flush with DOT4. I had same thing happen in NC years back. We were following a flatlander that evidently had not driven in mountain's and rode the brakes going down the mountain. I ran up on him because he was slowing in goofy places pretty hard. So I had to brake more than I had and I lost the rear brakes. When we got back to Fla I flush and filled and have never had an issue since. Every couple years I do this.
  6. The reason these people show up at the ER for a cough or sneeze , sore throat IMOP is Obama care. The "medical care for all" thing drove costs. So for small business to afford coverage or someone to buy thier own they afford the "emergency" type. No preventative or Dr Office stuff. Have to go to emergency care (ER) or a doc in the box. To answer @ChiefGunner "When was the last time you were ordered to put down the ice cream spoon, push the bowl away and get off your fat lazy butt and exercise?" March by my Doc. "
  7. The early ones didnt have cruise control. But you may not want that. For me Its almost required for long trips.
  8. True you can get say a 10ga wire flat 1/4 terminal. But I dont know as it will fit in plastic housing/connector. Like I said I am not going any smaller than Yamaha so I am not to worried about it.
  9. I looked for over a week last time mine broke. Here in Fla I couldnt get anyone to sell me the springs. I have worked on the Todco doors on trucks when I worked @ U Haul and in some shops since. The paratroop doors on the aircraft I worked on had a similar system although it was a coil spring counter wound. Same principal. I hate to spend money on something I can do but those springs can kill you. When mine break, the door opener wont lift the door. With only one spring assist it just dont have enough. I disconnect the opener and go manual. Bad thing there is no way to lock if your going out.
  10. Steve I possibly could go to a larger wire, but not sure it will fit into the size connector required to be plug and play. Like I mentioned, Yamaha must be OK with wire size as I have only had a couple do this. And I agree these flat push connectors can loosen up over time. As other wise someone else wouldn't have come up with the post on the burned connector or the repair. All I did is make it a bit easier.
  11. Dont stay stuck on stick shift to long. They are going away. It kills the cooperate emissions and MPG. Ford hasnt put a manual in an F series under 400 since like 2015 I think it was.
  12. Relay says30/40 amp. The harness that comes with relay and plug is only 14 ga. So I suppose I could use 10ga but that size wire will most likely not fit correctly in the plug that connects to the bike harness. The main ignition fuse of the bike is 30 amp. I guess I could install a 20 or 25 amp fuse to trim down allowable current to switch circuit. In the probably 10 plus years I have been making these things I think I have had 3 maybe 4 have issues. One of those was a relay that crapped out, one had wires that pulled loose from connector (which I have changed and improved the crimp method) I have also had probably had half dozen contact me because the factory plugs have burned up.
  13. So was thinking about doing a garage floor in epoxy. The more I got to researching the DIY stuff is marginal at best and professional is spendy. So an option could be these snap together tiles like GarageTrac Diamond, Durable Interlocking Modular Garage Flooring Tile. Has anyone used these and how do the last? Does a jack hurt them?
  14. Sorry you had to give it up Steve. But that should be a good distraction. Had a 76 back a bunch of years ago. I had to give up my stock car and have gravitated more to sim racing. It sure is cheaper. Dont know about yours being cheaper. LOL Is that the regular V8 or the flat 8. Those sound freaky.
  15. Bluebeard and I got to test ride them in Daytona @ bike week a few years back. I thought it had good power, although I think I left it in "sport" mode most of the ride as we were in traffic and I wanted to be able to scoot if I needed to. In the video he talks about all his years only one RSV has showed up to his class. Guess who that was? (Barrycuda) I think I saw one of his videos where he rode another well riding bike few bought, A Victory. But Polaris decided to spend money trying to entice nostalgic riders to Indian. The problem I see with that is A: its not even the same bike they are trying to reminisce about B: Those that rode to "old" Indians are dead or aint riding anymore. If you look at their styling from when they started up to know they have modernized the look on some of the bikes. The Yamaha does ride "hot" to be sure, but any air cooled bike is going to.
  16. There is a fellow on here that rebuilds them if your went out. Or I think its Hagon makes a replacement, but its not an air shock.
  17. Obviously the Yamaha focus group didnt read our forum's here.
  18. Most times those plastic grills if "installed" can be removed by cutting or drilling of little plastic nubs on back side of speaker edge. Marine speakers are probably the way to go, but I remember seeing over in fix side of forums.
  19. I had an "Oh $hit" moment a few years back on the RSV. Never had any real problems except the occasional rear lock up. While in the mountains following a SUV he was on the brakes so much I kept catching him. Mine got hot and boiled the fluid. Scared the bejesus out of me. So pedal went all spongy like had air. I used the mighty vac and emptied reservoir then ran probably a half bottle of DOT 4 thru it.
  20. Since I had to change jobs a few years back it has killed my free time and getting out to ride anywhere it seems.
  21. Just dawned on me what I had read back when I was looking at the 66. Some info I read said they didnt have a long life on heavier bikes.
  22. You can buy replacement rubber ends. I had to buy some last fall.
  23. DOnt own any fire arms other than a .22 Remington my mom gave me when Step Dad died. My son has a 9mm carry. His father in law on the other hand uses a 45 acp. He might as well just holster that up as a side arm as you aint hiding that thing. Plus I dont see it as very portable or stealthy.
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