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Found 16 results

  1. I've seen 2 different firing orders listed during a search. 1-3-2-4 and 1-3-4-2. Is 1st and 2nd gen the same? Mine is 2nd gen. Just putting an excel cheat doc together. Tired of rumaging though manual for little stuff.
  2. I borrowed a FLIR i7 Infrared camera and did some scans of the bike. Interesting, as I found that my left rear cylinder is not firing. These pics were taken in this sequence, Cold, 1 minute, 5 minutes in this order. FR, RR, LF, LR. Each pic is time stamped, the date is wrong. The left rear is dead. Readings at the spark plug also confirm this. Also notice the lower temp at the exhaust pipe on the left. pic 247, 249, 267, 276 are all of the left rear. Now to figure out WHY this cylinder is not firing. I'll post all the pics and maybe it will help someone who knows how to read an IR pic.
  3. Got the bike running today...thanks dingy . It has a couple of issues, though. It leaks more oil than the Exxon Valdez, it's got a water leak that I think is a bad hose, and 1 carb slide is a little sticky. But it's firing on all 4
  4. My gas mileage dropped by about 10 mpg. I checked and my left back cylinder wasn't heating up the pipe so I removed the plug and it was fouled I replaced with new plug but pipe still does not heat up So cylinder is still not firing. I can do some repairs but am not sure on what is the best way to trace this problem. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated. dale
  5. Ideas needed. I pulled my plugs out to check them. Number 2,3,and 4 were wet. Running down the road at lower rpm's it sounds like it was flooding. I have richened out the carps. Could it just be to rich on those cylinders. The pipes are all hot so it is firing on all four. When I turn the throutle it runs fine at higher rpm's. Do I just need to lean out those 3.?????????????????????? Thanks Richard
  6. :cry:l firing order on 2000 venture 1300
  7. Ok guys, the new cams are installed and the engine is back in the frame. I connected the battery and cranked it over. The front cylinders are firing, the back cylinders are not. The back cylinders are spitting out of the carbs. I checked and found no compression on those cylinders. I removed the valve covers and rechecked the cam timing. It looks right with T1 = back cams aligned and T2 @ 430 degrees counter-clockwise and front cams aligned. Any ideas as to why the back cylinders are not firing?
  8. Explain this one I contacted the previous owner..... When I took off one of the Vacuum house I found a ball bearing lodged in the tube(photos) The reason he gave me was that the bike was back firing and the Yamaha mechanics shoved a ball bearing in it resulted no more back firing I removed the ball bearing ( im not a mechanic but I find that this is wrong) The right side now is backfring.. Any suggestion what to do?
  9. Still tracking down the intermittent spark problem on cylinder #1. Pulled rear coils and checked them for resistance, primary resistance was within limits, secondary coil resistance showed an open loop on both coils. Just to be sure,to check secondary resistance per the book I should put one lead from the DVOM into the spark plug wire( with the cap off) and the other should be to ground at the coil mount. The DVOM shows open loop on both coils. The cylinder #2 that uses the other coil in the pack is firing as it should, or at least it is firing ( exhaust gets hot). This makes on sense.
  10. My 08 RSV feels and sounds like its only hitten on two cylinders. It won't even run in 5th gear without bogging down and I have to shift back into 4th. And then it will barely hit 50 MPH. I changed out the plugs, but I think it just made it worse. I may have some bad gas. I'm going to get some Sea Foam and try running it with that in it for a while. Any easy way to figure out which cylinders are not firing? Any ideas why it would quit firing on two cylinders? Thanks, Glenn
  11. So, I've been trying to figure out why # 3 is not firing. I have spark, I can see fuel flowing into all 4 carbs from the needle which holds the slides while bike is running. If I drip a little gas into the carb for #3, the rpms come up and the pipe gets hot, so it def. a fuel problem ANyone know why I can see fuel flowing from around the needle seat which holds the slides in the carb, but cylinder doesn't fire unless I drip some fuel into it? I am planning to put back together and run it that way to see if the cylinder is firing under riding conditions. Maybe an idle circuit problem?
  12. Was having problem with #3 not firing. I checked for spark, plug was good but replaced anyway, cleaned all plug wire caps and check resistance, all no help. While bike was idleing I adjusted the sync screw for 3 and 4 a little bit each way, no help. ( I have a carbune ordered) I let bike sit a day, bolted tank back up and was going to run it that way for the weekend. When I startedthe bike, it's running worse. ONly on 2 cylinders now. #3 is now firing. # 1 and 4 are not. Any thoughts? Ok, so after more troubleshooting here's what I've found. Pulled the air box, hooked up a funnel with gas, kept bike running, there is gas going into all carbs when running, fuel pump is working., So, must be electrical
  13. Just put bike back on road after 2 months, it was running rough, #3 ? cylinder, (right rear) was not firing as the pipe did not heat up. After searching this site, I took apart the spark plug cap on this and found corrosion on the spring. Cleaned it up, and now running like new again.
  14. During the last couple of weeks my 2004 Venture R/S has been back firing when I slow down, especially if the motor is hot. I have been doing a lot of traveling lately for the PGR and the miles are climbing. I'm sure some of you have had this experience; is it timing, plugs, or what? Need your help. PS: Leaving out this morning for Fayetteville, NC for a PGR mission. The mufflers will pop.
  15. Can anyone tell me what the firing is and where number 2 and 3
  16. Ok guys, I've searched and searched threads on this site and have gotten some good ideas (like setting the floats from V7Goose), but one thing I suspect and haven't been able to find any info on is testing procedures for the coils. The problem is after syncing the carbs my gas mileage went down and it still seems like the cylinders aren't all firing evenly. It's got new plugs in it (original NGK#) and all vacuum lines and plugs are good. I also run a can of Sea Foam regularly. Can anyone help with more suggestions?
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